League of Legends MxF Roleplays

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  1. Some rules before we begin

    1. If you didn't read the title, or you think it might be open to negotiation, it's not, MxF only at all times, I play Males

    2. I only ever roleplay healthy relationships between MC and YC, otherwise feel free to ask me what other stuff you want to include

    3. I've lost so many friendships to people thinking that I dislike them, it is 100% PERFECTLY NORMAL for me to be very brusque in my communications, I'm a dude, that's just how I am, it does not reflect on you in any way shape or form.

    If you can't handle someone who isn't always super chatty or talkative, then...I'm not for you, I'm a friendly guy and it's very hard to get under my skin, but I'm also not super chatty unless it's on a chat service like Steam, or Skype, or something like that.

    4. via PM's

    5. Please be a good writer, you need to be able to write up to three paragraphs minimum, though such length is not strictly required at all times, as sometimes what's going on in the story means(due to not controlling each other's characters) that it won't always be that long.

    Also you need to be fairly legible, I will not accept low quality writing anymore, and if you can't handle that fact, and you get angry over it or something, then I will without hesitation add you to my ignore list, you have been warned.

    6. Please let me know what your kinks are, just be warned that nothing like toilet play, or incest will ever be accepted or tolerated


    Shyvana x Jarvan

    Shyvana has always struggled with the fear humans display towards her, and the outright hatred other dragons feel for her. Caught between two worlds and not really having a place, her only release thus far has been venting her fury and rage in the League.

    However, things are to change for her, one day a lone summoner approached her, and gave her an offer "I can teach you to repress the dragon blood in your body, it will not weaken your powers until you call on them, but can...instead, make yourself appear more like a human, people will not immediately think of your half-blood nature upon seeing you, and will see an ordinary looking human woman."

    With this in mind, she can help lessen the fear humans display towards her, and it isn't long before she notices Jarvan displaying more then his usual interest in her...

    Cool pic! (open)

    Katarina x Garen

    The violence between Demacia and Noxus has broken out again, though it is a short quick burst of it, nonetheless the intesity of the combat, and pressure from the Summoner's League has lent the two being required to make peace again, escorting General Jericho Swain are a number of other Noxian Champions, to keep him safe from assassination, while many Demacians are honorable and would never consider such foulplay, there are others with less qualms about striking a killing blow to the Noxian leadership.

    Since it goes both ways, both sides are on the lookout for possible assassination attempts, and it's up to some of the more pragmatic members of either nation to keep both their leaders safe.

    In the meantime, Garen uses this opportunity to spar with his rival, but can something more bloom in the midst of this?


    I want to do something with...








    I just don't have any ideas for them at the moment, if you have any please let me know! If you have any pairings you want to try let me know!

  2. UGH sorry for huge image size, I shrunk it down in my post and for some reason it won't save that
  3. Yea I had a feeling this was a bit too niche, oh well
  4. No love for Quinn or Lux? That's a shame. Anywho, I'd be up for a roleplay in which I could be Sona.
  5. I didn't think about them at the time, though Lux isn't really my thing
  6. I mention Lux because I've recently been playing her a lot, especially with obtaining the Star Guardian skin for her. Magical girl for the win. So, SonaXSomebody?
  7. I guess, It's been so long since I played lux or even know anything about her personality at this point

    And sure, honestly I wasn't expecting any hits
  8. I saw League of Legends, and I hopped onto the gravy train.
  9. still looking...
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