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  1. What is your favorite leading character from a television show? Do you like them because you relate to them or because you admire them for whatever reason? Tell me the reason!

    Do you think that, if this character were real , you would like them as a person (since main characters can often be intentionally unlikable to those around them)?
  2. I love Sadao from Hataraku Maou-sama (The Devil is a Part Timer!) because who doesn't like to see Satan himself working at McDonalds? It's one of those typical shounen anime but it's just so funny and mixes well with the action. And yes, Sadao is super relocatable, his reactions to the most mundane things is just... wow xD

    If Sadao was real, he wouldn't survive. But he's just so naive about the human world, ofc he'd be likable :P
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  3. Well Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow is pretty decent. I think I relate to him from his loyalty to his friends during season one. I am very loyal and protective of my friends and family, if they need me I'll be there. Same could be said of Crane towards Abby if the writers don't stop doing stupid stuff with the show.
    If he was real I suppose I would like him.
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  4. General Jack O'Neil! Good leader, dumb as a rock, and a good sense of humor. I'd totally hang out with him if he was a real person, although I probably wouldn't get the security clearance to be able to. :(
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  5. Walter White...

    Made me wanna cook meth.
  6. Does that make him relatable ... or is that why you admire him? Or that you want to hang out with him?
  7. I like him because he's an absolute G.

    And made me wanna cook meth.
  8. Vash the Stampede



    He is just such a precious little sweetheart.

    He lives firmly by the principle that it's never right to kill anyone for any reason. And... that's it. No exceptions. And he never stops believing it.

    He lives in a Wild West sort of environment where everyone owns a gun and everyone has to beware the ruthless, murderous outlaws that are just a fact of life -- making Vash's principle of never killing anyone, no matter what the circumstances, just seem so naive and idealistic. And he gets told that, constantly. But does that stop him? No. Because he knows it's wrong to kill, and he'll continue living by that rule, no matter how unpopular his stance may be.

    Oh, and let's not forget that he's an outlaw with a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. He constantly has to deal with bounty hunters trying to kill him, the whole planet recognizes his name as being that of a murderous demon of a man, and he constantly gets blamed for disasters that aren't even his fault. And, his response? He just kind of... rolls with it, treating it all as nothing more than a mild annoyance. And, hell, he doesn't even really try all that hard to clear his name! Because he knows that he's not a dangerous killer, and I guess that's really all that matters to him. He doesn't care what kind of person everyone thinks he is, because he isn't that person, and that's the important thing.

    Oh, and then there's the fact that he spends a good chunk of the series essentially being psychologically tortured by his brother and his gang, and it still doesn't break him. It's heartbreaking to watch him go through so much when he doesn't deserve any of it, but inspiring to see how it never gets to him -- how he can be shaken, sure, but he never lets go of his core beliefs.

    And, hell, he isn't even really preachy about his moral code, either. He just leads by example, and that's all the more impressive.

    And, yes, I know that the second gif I chose technically isn't from the TV show, it's from the movie. I don't care -- Vash is Vash.
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  9. I tend to like leads that go against the norm. Pretty sure I wouldn't like to meet most of them for various reasons.

    Like I love the Doctor from Doctor Who. He is smart, but struggles to see the entire picture. He has a good heart, but is very conceited. He has romantic interests, but doesn't seek them out necessarily. He helps people, but can't save everyone(minus that one episode). He is an alien, but he appears completely human.

    Lucifer from Lucifer also goes against the norm of how the usual leading man works and how the devil is portrayed in media. He is playful and curious, almost childlike in personality which is nearly unheard of in his common depictions. I've only seen the first couple episodes because life but he is very Loki-esque which is always a good time. He is also shown having attachments to mortal individuals which again is a rare thing to see with other characters of the same name.

    I'm currently watching Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, which takes a normally side-character type and makes them the main character. Sakamoto is literally perfect at everything and we're following around the people in his life that have to deal with it. He causes everyone so much drama just by existing as a perfect being, its great.
  10. That actually sounds really clever and interesting.
  11. Where is the love for Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly?

    Man has principles, cares deeply for his crew, outcasts and underdogs, isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, and he loves his ship more than most people love their children.

    It helps that he's witty as hell, a fighter, and isn't afraid of standing up for what he believes is right even if it puts himself in peril.

    He's a man who I'd sign on with.

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