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  1. A Final Fantasy Rp Showdown!! What is more to be said?
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  2. Those with great power that were hell bent on abusing it. Those who felt it rightfully just to extinguish all lives the that didn't match up to theirs. Those beings willing to destroy everything known to man in order to attain some type of immortality. Regardless of their face, shape, and form, Felix hated them all. Life wasn't a game created for the sole sake of tormenting others, but rather a journey intended to bridge relationships through tough hardships. Many people did not think that this was the case at all however. As such, it was his and his duty alone to show the world's inhabitants the error of their ways.

    Felix had been traversing the world for nearly several months, only to hear rumors about a secret village. According to his sources, not much was known about it. Though the information was scarce, a rumor circulating around the nation he was in attracted his attention. One of the members from the clan supposedly took down an evil corporation capable of extraordinary things. Upon further investigation, Felix found out that the evil company was using power that was completely foreign to the planet itself. If the individual who defeated them used similar resources in order to do so, then their foreign creations must be destroyed.

    Over the course of several more months, Felix traveled to various locations that were rumored to be the 'secret village' he had been hearing about. Of course those areas weren't it but they yielded information that ultimately led him to it. It was unclear on whether or not Felix would find the mystery hero in the village, however the chances seemed most appealing. He made one last pit stop before confronting the Kusagi's for obvious reasons. No one would allow their goods to be confiscated for the future of the world...especially not the humans. With that in mind, why bother asking nicely when a fight would occur anyway?
  3. The Kusanagi Clan, a group of legendary samurai. The Kusanagi have existed for thousands of years along with their ancient sword artes. Appian Kusaganagi, the recently crowned grandmaster has returned from venturing the world. Ever since the evil corporation, SIGMA, has been destroyed, the world has been at peace.

    "Please, I want to. I'm in a helping mood and plus this is my way trying to get a discount from you." says Appian.
    Appian rations some rice out of a large pot into several bowls. "I'm honored Grandmaster, but this will be greatly frowned upon" replied Chef Tensin. "You are to be served, not served...and a discount? I would never do such a thing. You protect this village. Never will you pay coin in my shop or any others for that matter!" Appian places down the pot on a wooden chopping board. "I'm just a man, no matter the title. Now I just want to eat" Appian said before grabbing chopsticks from the counter. The day was beautiful and it was lunch time. A small crowd started to form around the chef's shop to see if the rumors were true of the grandmaster's return. The attention was exactly what he did not want, but something like this would have happened anyway.

    "Hi everyone! Come chow with me!" he said before stuffing his mouth with rice.
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