Le Halidon Ekidodin

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Hello! Take note I have no money. I won't be able to pay for anything. ;3; Anyways! I'm looking for someone to do a simple sketch of a weapon I call Ekidodin. This is essentially a giant sawed-off shotgun. A shotgun made for giant beings that are double the height of an average man.

All I want is a simple illustration is all so that you could get the direct idea of what it is like! All I want done is the stuff past the hammer n' trigger, meaning the grip and the barrels, lol.
Thank you for giving this a look also! If you'd like to draw out the rest of the weapon though, let me know! I'm still thinking about the weapon but I know what I want the frontal part to be!

The grip of the Ekidodin mimics the shape, look and rigidness of a human spinal cord. The tailbone starts close to the ends of the abnormally large barrels and where the spine would be at the base of the neck would be where the the barrels "connect" to the stock and whatnot. Growing out of this spine are the human ribcages, essentially every rib grows around the barrels and fuse together bear the center. That have protrusions that form simple iron sights. At the end of the barrels, for some reason they are diagonally cut. Pretend the Ekidodin is facing in -> direction. The barrels would be slanted slightly steeper than \.

Remember, just a simple sketch is all. :3