lazybones chara here. glad to be here.


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heya, everyone. I'm FurSwap!Chara. Yall can just refer to me as Chara though. I'm a furry who's been looking for some new people to do some roleplays with and I want to have some people who'd be willing to pitch their ideas towards me. I've got very loose limits, and I can do a WHOLE lot of stuff, so just ask and I'll respond when I can!

Preference is OC rp, but I also enjoy fandom-based RP like Rain World, Undertale/deltarune, and Changed to name a few.
Welcome to iwaku!
Don't forget to look at the blue star searches if you're looking for sexual content as the blue star is for minors to explore sexual things with other minors. Adults and minors cannot do sexual rps together. I wish you all the luck! I don't know what bluestar looks like but I hope you find some partners.
Hey there Chara!

I'm glad you decided to check out iwaku! We are glad to have you. As Queen Tink said above, definitely scope out Blue Star and also Partner Connections to start your RPing ventures! You can browse thread request already made but also create your own with what you're looking for.

There's a lot going on with iwaku ~ including the yearly iwaku Love Fest so be sure to check it out! Utilize Newbie Navigation if you're needing a bit of direction with navigating the site.

And as always if you have questions please reach out to staff, we have the green usernames :3

Take care and have a great day!
welcome to Iwaku!
hope you like it here!