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    This is a modern type of Lawyers versus Prosecutors based off the attorney games Phoenix Wright. Though the story of this will not take after any of them. The basics of this is that the Prosecution will try to argue that the accused is guilty, while the Defense tries to argue that they're innocent. The Prosecution nor the Defense knows, and they won't know for sure until they've heard the entire story.

    What will happen:

    You will select what you would like your character to be; Defense, Prosecution, an assistant to me (I'll explain this), an assistant to either defense or prosecution, or a Judge. I will only accept one Judge, mind you.

    An assistant to me will help me create court cases and play as witnesses or people that need to be spoken to. You will give only what you know and maybe some hints towards what the Defense or the Prosecution should be looking for. Unless you are the murderer, you can not give away the entire story. And I'm sure you wouldn't want to give yourself away~

    An assistant to either side will be the helper/second brain for the prosecution or the defense. They will merely tag along at the crime scenes, but there will be certain areas where the assistants can't go to help the defense or prosecution.

    Tasks of the Prosecution:

    As the prosecution, your job is to try and prove the accused to be guilty. The following is what you as the prosecutor are responsible for. Failure to do any of these could result in losing your case.

    ~Investigate the crime scene
    ~Obtain evidence in any way you can
    ~Run your evidence through forensics for any further clues
    ~Question anyone who you believe has valuable information
    ~Prepare the witness(es) so you make sure they don't say anything not in your favor
    ~Find contradictions in the defense's logic
    ~Provide logical reasons as to why the defense is wrong or the accused is guilty
    ~Beat the Defense

    Tasks of the Defense:

    As the defense, your job is to try and prove the accused to be innocent. The following is what you as the defense are responsible for. Failure to do any of these could result in losing your case.

    ~Investigate the crime scene
    ~Obtain evidence any way you can
    ~Run your evidence through forensics for any further clues
    ~Question anyone who you believe has valuable information
    ~Find contradictions in the witness' testimonies
    ~Find contradictions in the prosecution's logic
    ~Provide logical reasons as to why the prosecution is wrong or the accused is innocent
    ~Beat the Prosecution


    The Prosecution will not know what the Defense has and vice versa, until it's revealed. To ensure that this doesn't happen, I will start conversations with the Defense and the Prosecution. You will receive your evidence, and you'll try to figure out how it has something to do with the crime.

    Rules (open)

    1: All Iwaku rules apply
    2: You can not be an assistant to both the defense and the prosecution. Just one side please
    3: You can have more than one character, but I can't allow one Defense Attorney and one Prosecutor for the same player. Cause then you'll have access to everything, which is cheating :L The only people who can do that is me and my asistants, because we'll be helping you through the case without giving the entire thing away.
    4: I don't mind if your character is a genius, but no one is a mind reader.
    5: No metagaming please
    6: Have fun! I'll add more rules if I think of anything

    Character sheet (open)

    Occupation: (Defense, Prosecution, assistant to...)

    Picture of Appearance: (If applicable)

    Personality: (Optional)

    Biography: (Optional)

    I'll add more to this when I think of it something
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  2. I'm not going to post here just to say first!!

    ...Damn it. Co-GM/GM Assistant, reporting for duty... er, court!
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  6. I was going to wait till someone posted their CS first, but I'll post it today after school.
  7. Not dead ^^

    Trying to make better environments and backgrounds...
  8. I was waiting for other to make their character + finding a good bgm is really hard!
  9. Sooo... I can make a random CS if it would help @Cats @GreenSea

    Maybe a random talking animal that gives hints @Jessica2477 ?
  10. @GreenSea

    I had intentions of making 2 assistants, one for the Defense and one for the Prosecutor. If you guys want, I can make them first so you two have an idea ^^

    @The Mythic Dragon

    Considering the setting of the first case, I don't think you'd find a talking animal ^^
  11. Please do~ X9
  12. @Jessica2477

    I was thinking just this random talking black cat or something that can appear if one needs hints, but only 1-2 times a case. For the lulz
  13. Here you go ^^

    Name: Sasha Bogard
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Occupation: Assistant to the Defense
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Blackish brown
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 140 lbs

    Picture of Appearance:

    CLICK HERE (Picture change)

    Personality: Sasha is a kind, quirky girl that often gets herself into trouble when she doesn't mean to. She often tags along with her cousin, who is on the defense team, so that she could get the front row view of what it's like to be an attorney. She has a keen eye for attention to detail, and sometimes the "nonsense" she spouts can be plausible if one pays attention.

    Biography: *Since this is optional, I won't be writing it*

    Name: Desmond Valentine (Chooses to be addressed as Valentine, actual last name is Bershow)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Demisexual
    Occupation: Assistant to Prosecution
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 168 pounds

    Picture of Appearance:

    *No longer drawing it cause not necessary; Kuroo's face was too perfect to select another*


    Personality: Desmond comes off as sarcastic and snarky, but it's more or less because he isn't good at talking to people he just met or to crowds. Surprisingly, he's a law student and is very passionate about his future career. He follows every rule in the book. His professor believes that him tagging along someone in that line of work will help them get over his trouble speaking in front of others.

    Biography: (Optional)
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  14. I completely forgot about my CS. Sorry, I SWEAR I'll have it up by the end of today
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  15. Name: James Munoz
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Defense
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Black
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 200

    Picture of Appearance:

    Personality: Serious, quiet, with loner tendencies. Enjoys solitude and tends to sit back and observe. Private, rarely talks about their feelings. Can be insensitive to the hardships of others. A planner. Well-organized and hard-working. Works steadily towards identified goals. Focused, with well-developed powers of concentration. Will usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it. A perfectionist. Clean, thorough, detail-oriented. Avoids mistakes. Logical and analytical. Not adventurous or spontaneous. Realistic. Doesn't appreciate strangeness. Conventional. Interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Dislikes countercultures. Dutiful, always follows the rules. Punctual. Finishes tasks. Responsible and dependable. Prepares for worst case scenarios, cautious. Interested in security and a peaceful life. Would rather be friendless than jobless. Holds people to high standards and does not accept apologies easily.

    Biography: (Hahaha, nah) ​
  16. I forgot to mention @GreenSea both real pictures and Anime are acceptable for the CS ^^
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  17. Name: Wen Qin Long
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Prosecutor
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Black
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 150

    Picture of Appearance:

    Quite a soft calm man rather like many other prosecutor would be. Wen seems to be a nice guy overall with no intention of hurting anyone expect just trying reaching out the truth even it ends with him being defeat which happen many time during his prosecuting days. It'll be hard or rare to see the chinese veteran to break down even see him being frustrated except for his tiny little sweats when it get hectic. Wen also tend to be friendly with everyone with the defendant isn't an exception as well, it a way of Wen measure his enemies strength and trying to know everyone better. The 5'9" man not did he rarely frustrated but he's rarely mad towards people unless certain action trigger him to. He's eyes also sometimes do find things that really hard to find such as an object in a photo or tiny blood stain in a clothes.

    Biography: (WIP, no I mean I'm working on it)
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