Laughing Out Loud?

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If/when you type lol, do you in fact, laugh out loud?

  1. Hahahahahahaha-No.

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  2. Yes, every single time. The internet is hilarious!

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  3. Sometimes.

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  4. LOL!

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  5. I -never- use "lol". Ever.

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  1. When/if you type lol, do you actually laugh?
  2. Sometimes. Of course, it depends on the context. If I write it with a . afterwards, then I probably smiled a little. If it's left as lol then I might have chuckled a little, but if I write lol! then I probably laughed out loud.
  3. I tend to giggle a bit, but not really laugh loudly. I'm the type who doesn't actually laugh much even if I think something's funny. Then suddenly, one little thing sends me over the edge and the pent up laughter bursts into a really big belly laugh. I do try to get one of those at least once a day though. But normally... The most I do is a little giggle...But occasionally, yep. :)

    I actually don't write "lol" that often though. Just on occasion....Okay, maybe more than on occasion, but...Not as often as other people I've seen.
  4. i'm proud ot say that i never, if hardely ever "use LOL" and therefore amt eh winrar.
  5. I do not type lol unless I am referring to LoL, the game. :|
  6. I don't usually type "lol" but I do laugh out loud, often. So much so that I started hearing my parrot laughing along with me after a while, hehe :cool:

    I've also been known to suddenly exclaim things like "Wow!" or "Oh my gosh!" The internet is so much fun.