Late Bloomer?

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  1. So, I've been on Iwaku for a a month or so now and I'm still all kinds of noobish. I'd really like to get involved, but my constant worrying that I'm not good enough and all that makes me still feel like I'm new here. I always see really beautiful Jump-In Rps, but they're usually far into the RP and I feel as if I'm being rude and awkward if I try to shimmy my existence into it. I'd really like some advice on how to get started. Like, is there any particular genre to start with? For Jump-In Rps, how does one just 'Jump-In'? Do I just introduce my character and then get to know people? Also, How do I interact with other people without coming off as rude, obnoxious, and clingy? D= I know these questions seem pretty stupid, but I just want to enjoy Iwaku and laugh and giggle and tell jokes like everyone else, but I just don't understand how I should go about getting all connected and stuff. ><

    I'm really desperate guys! That little "Hey There Lurker" notice has been glaring me in the face for at least a week now and it's making me feel like a failure in life. .___.
  2. First of all, Hello there.

    Well, you know you could always start your own Jump-In? Or RP for that matter! Just takes a little idea and some building up.
    What I did when I first started Iwaku was I joined a RP that had people in it already and the story was just starting out. I introduced my character because there was no OOC forum at the time.

    Now, for interacting with other people..You can either send a simple Visitor Message, or you can hop in the
    Cbox Where most of the members are chatting.
    Also poking around in the General thread helps out a bit as well. Along with joining groups that relate to your interests! It is a great way to connect with other people.

    Basically, just go around..Post in threads that interest you..And most importantly..Ask if you need anything, that's we're here for. To help you have a good time here.

    I hope this helped out a bit.
  3. It did! Thank you so much! I didn't even know of this Cbox thing.. .__. I feel so enlightened X3
  4. Hello, Aomine.

    My name is Tenhi-Roku Hatake and its a pleasure to meet you. I am the local ninja to Iwaku and I feel asshamed that I have never crossed paths with you until now. I'll need to take note of your skills of stealth. for the future. Now onto business.

    Iwaku has tons (if not more) of things to offer the common writer. If you need assisstance with anything here, feel free to ask the staff or another member common to the site. There are plenty of us like that.

    As a ninja I have a sworn duty to assist you, so call on me or another whnever you need us.

    *ninja vanish*