Last Word of the Sentence

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  1. Okay, so for this game all you have to do is start a new sentence with the last word of the sentence before yours! ^^ It's easy and fun! Enjoy~

    My favorite food is pasta and my name is Mitten!
  2. Mitten hates spiders.
  3. Spiders curl up when they die, and that is so funny to watch.
  4. Watch out for that first step, it's a long fall.
  5. Fall is the season were leaves changes colors.
  6. Colors make me happy, as do lots of silly monsters.
  7. Monsters are often associated with evil.
  8. Evil is what I eat every morning for breakfast.
  9. Breakfast is something I don't have quite often.
  10. Often times, I can't seem to come up with a post.
  11. Post, the plural is something I am being very slow to do....
  12. Do you remember what the purpose of this thread was?
  13. Was to promote members of Iwaku to some together and have fun!
  14. Fun is what I am having, now speak like Yoda I shall.
  15. Shall I post in this game again? Yes, I think I will.
  16. Will I remember to eat something tomorrow morning? Why yes..Yes I shall! But hopefully I don't wake up too late.
  17. Late is what I was for work this morning, oops >.>' It is a good thing that I am the only one here today.
  18. Today is the day to sweep out the *cough* bodys and skelotons from my closet.
  19. Closet?! Oh no..Hope I didn't leave it open! There was a monster inside!
  20. Inside of every apple, there is a seed.