Last Poster Wins: Doomsday Edition

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  1. You all know the rules! The one with the last post by the time this game gets closed is the winner! I'd like to continue the 10 page minimum.

    The prize this time shall be an army of your choosing, ranging from anything to the undead, robots or anything you can think of really.

    Let the game commence!
  2. Wohoooo xD I shall win the army of undead squirrels xD
  3. Your undead squirrels will be nothing compared to my army of ninja pirate robots :o
  4. they will be nothing compared to my army of babies xD
  5. An army of babies? Let's not get crazy here Red. There's no need for that.
  6. yes it is :D because babies are pure beings and if you hurt them then you are evil so you can't hurt them xD so my baby army and me will take over the world XD moahhahah
  7. That strategy will sadly never happen though :3 I'll get my ninja pirate robots for sure.
  8. I don't even need to have an army to beat them, I just need myself to take over the world xD I'm so terrifying so people will submit just by looking at me xD even your ninja robot army that you will never get x)
  9. *Appears out of no where sleeping under a oak tree*
  10. *flys overhead of everyone*
  11. Angel you made it! Oh, you're sleeping. Sorry :o

    We're still missing a few people but I'm sure they'll come around.
  12. *turns into lil wayne and swags through* :3
  13. *Wakes up sleepily looking around*

    Wh-Where am I?

    *Still half asleep*
  14. You're here with me, where it is doesn't matter. *Sparkles and roses appear around me*
  15. *Hangs upside down on a low branch*

    I don't remember you ever doing things like that before Red. Did Ai-chan teach you how to do it?
  16. "Ia! Ia!"

    Bitches don't know 'bout my 1000 young; non-euclidean horror babies for the win.
  17. ... NO I DID IT FIRST *Hits hiro-chan with an oak*

    I will win with my terrifying army of Hirohashi... BAHHAHAH xD No I will just use him as a shield for my real army ^^
  18. I wouldn't make for a very sturdy shield. ^^;
  19. I don't really need a chield but I want you to get hurt so i use you anyways ^^
  20. Using somebody as a shield is silly- I will wear an armor of anti-babies! They will cancel out your baby army.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.