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  1. I stopped watching SVU regularly after Kragan left. :(

    But I actually want to see this episode now. lol
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  2. Yeah, after watching this video? I need to find this episode online.
  3. I saw it pop up on 4chan last night. Thought there was no way and then watched it myself.

    Still waiting on a call back from SpaceX.
  4. LOL! All I can think of now is all the 'Get in the kitchen!' jokes my guild used to tell....
  5. "I'm showing the world that I'm intimidated by cyber terrorists. I won't make the same mistake Sony did."

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  6. Why don't you go back there? Everyone knows all the cool kids browse Redchanit these days.
  7. Because redchannit redirects to 8chan.

    And I do if I'm not not Iwaku, never bother posting. Just lurking.
  8. Blizzard files that under sexual harassment. It's a perma-ban offense now.
  9. Where else would it redirect to? 8chan is pretty much 4chan plus reddit anyways.
  10. Nowhere. Because it was a joke domain snatched up by the owner of 8chan as a gag for any person to see and get redirected.

    Besides, I've never been to 8chan before.
  11. I have. It's actually pretty alright. The whole lack of captchas is nice, and it moves slow enough to be relaxing.
  12. ... Whaaa...


    Is this real life? Am I in real life right now? Wow... Okay. Um... I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react. I'll go with awkward laughter.
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