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  1. How many languages do you know?

    By know, I am counting anything from speaking, understanding, reading and writing. Yes, it's possible to read and write a language without being able to speak/understand it.

    Myself, I can read and write 4 languages (English, French, Urdu, Arabic). The latter I'm not too great at understanding however.

    I suppose I could add in Gibberish and make that five languages I know. ;D
  2. As a Canadian born in Edmonton and raised in Sainte-Eulalie, Quebec, I am completely fluent in both French and English.

    However... that is it. xD
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  3. Yay! Another Canadian! *cheers*
  4. I can read/write/speak/understand spoken Swedish (native language) and English (Second language, taught from third grade)

    I can read and (somewhat) understand spoken Norwegian (It's so close to Swedish, you don't really have to learn it to understand it)

    I can read Danish (Once again, closely related to Swedish, but no one understands spoken Danish xD)

    I can partly understand spoken and written Japanese (written with furigana or very little to no kanji) on a beginner level and I can write and speak Japanese on a lower beginner level if that's even a thing xD (with very little kanji and poor grammar cause lack of practice for a few years)
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  5. I am a puritan of English alone, though my insatiable voracity for linguistic mastery borders on avaricious, perhaps even pedantic.

    Translation: I speak English good, yo. No other language bruv.
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  6. Four. English, German, and Swedish on pretty much the same level. A little Japanese, trying to learn more.
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  7. English


    Body language. ...far more useful in a fight than you think. Also, makes for great sex.
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  8. Mainly just English. Rudimentary understanding of spoken French, Japanese, Spanish, and German. We're talking small sentences and yes and no. Haha.
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  9. Do Multiple forms of English count? If so I know British English, Scouser English, Black English, Southerner English. Pretty much, all dialects of English.

    I know a bit of Spanish. Not fluent, but not just entry level either.

    A bit of Japanese. Due to my love for anime, this grows greater. Haha
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  10. I fluently speak English.
    I can speak a little bit of Cantonese.
    I understand and speak basic Mandarin.
    I understand and speak high-school level Japanese.
    And I know like primary school Italian.

    And like, a handful of words in Korean because I keep hearing them in K-Dramas. Those are:
    • aigoo: basically 'geez'
    • ajumma: married middle age woman
    • andwae: no way!
    • chincha: 'u srs bro'
    • dongsaeng: 'younger friend/sib'
    • hyung: 'older bro'
    • michyeosseo: 'u cray?'
    • noona: 'older sis'
    • omo: omg
    • otoke: 'what to do?' / 'what do I/we do?'
    • hajima: 'stop it'
    wow so much talent all I do is going around school shouting 'HAJIMAAAAAA'
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  11. Two. English and French. Both my mom and dad's families are at least half-french and as I'm a Canadian who spent quite a bit of time in Quebec since my dad worked and then lived there for about three years, my parents did there best to teach it to me at the same time they taught me English. My grasp of it has faded since none of my friends really speak it, but I'm in the middle of relearning it.

    I also know a little bit of Japanese, but only enough to recognize a few words.
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  12. English and Korean, with 7 years of Spanish (I'm by no means fluent but I could get around just fine for a vacation or something). I actually help teach English to Korean-speaking individuals, so that's pretty fun ^u^

    I''m going to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Cali come January where I will either study Arabic, Korean, or Chinese... I have to become fluent in the language in about a year in a half or else I'll get kicked out :o kinda spooky
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  13. English and Filipino (Tagalog) are the ones I am fluent in. I know just a little, barely survivable, of Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and French.
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  14. French and English!

    I can read and understand Spanish pretty well, I used to be able to speak it a bit as well.

    I can understand Japanese, a bit of Danish, basic Italian, some phrases / expressions in Arab, some German.
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  15. I guess I can say I understand some words in Japanese after all the anime I watched. And there is Hindi as well. It's similar to Urdu but has enough differences. Actually, since Urdu is a conglomeration of many different languages, I end up know words from the original languages too :bsmile:

    I know some Afrikaans words too, like 'Ek is jammer," "'Ek viet nie," "Totsiens," "Danke." The virtues of travelling!
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  16. I'm fluent in Italian. Sort of know the basics of a few other spoken languages.

    I also know enough sign language to get a point across. Does that count?
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  17. It totally does! And that's actually a language I would like to learn. My friend mentioned it a while back and I have to admit I've been thinking about it since then.
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  18. I know English. I am learning Norwegian... and, following that, Swedish.
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  19. I'm only fluent in English, sadly.

    However, were I stranded in Italy or France, I know enough to be able to ask for help, and understand some conversation. Working on improving these two. There are plans to add Spanish into the mix eventually.
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  20. i am fluent in the language of love
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