Language is the cheapest way to express identity.


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"Language is the cheapest way to express identity." I don't remember where I learned that quote, but it is one of my favorites!

Iwaku is a writing community so most of us understand how powerful and expressive words are. We are using them to tell stories every day.

But are you making good use of your words through out other mediums in your life? When you type non-roleplay posts, how are you expressing your personality and identity? Do you use ultra conservative grammar? Lots of slang words? Do your sentences get lazy? Or do you constantly sound like you're on a sugar rush? Do you sound like a monkey beating the keyboard, or do you sound like you've spent the past 20 years reading the dictionary and sipping wine?

How do YOU use written text to express your personality online?

Laggy Lagiacrus

I try to sound like I'm one of those classy villains that offer you tea, but it's probably spiked.
But he tells you anyway.
But it's the only thing he'll let you drink.

I end up sounding like someone who's liable to punch you at any given moment.



*ahem* eh...depends on what I'm writing. I can write very professionally if I need to (such as when I'm writing daily notes on patients or a plan of care for visit approvals to insurance companies or a letter of medical necessity, or school work...) or I can be damn fucking right childish/hyperactive/spontaneous when i'm just bored and chatting to people. Writing RP posts I can be creative, witty, all that jazz ya know...

Honestly when it comes to online depending on context and whom I am chatting with my writing style/word choice/personality will change. THATS HOW I EXPRESS IT YO! I AM WHO I AM SO DEAL! AWWWW YEAH!

((shit...jinx is rubbing off on me D: kick him for me diana!! D< ))


Er... Hm. I've never thought too much about it. Once upon a time I was more obnoxious than I am now. Not much has changed, I'm still a bit awkward or annoying, I'm not sure which is the reason everything I write in dies or gets ignored or something else sad. I guess sometimes I just say crap that no one has much to say back to. *shrug* I hope I don't come across as cocky, because I've got little reason to be other than being kinda cute irl. I try not to bug people. Unless they bug me first, and then it's a troll war. Don't get mad, get trolling! That doesn't rhyme... Anyways. Yes. On purpose, I tell people to criticise what I write. Brutally if they find it necessary, though never maliciously I would hope. I like people, and I like people fixing my crap and talking to me ^.^

In roleplays, it all depends who my partner/s are and how much I enjoy the roleplay or character I'm using. I'm going to really suck if I'm doing something because I feel obligated to. Doesn't usually happen... Yup.

Captain Nic

No emoticons. From the shithole I come from, everyone despises those when we could have reaction images.

And speaking of which, I like to mix passe with contemporary slang and other idioms. That's what fantasy-in-space settings do to me.


The "..." theory. People can pretty much guess what I'm trying to say and how i feel with the dot dot dots.


Random Person: I would rape you with a banana.

Me: ....o....kay?


Random Person: It's not that I don't like you...

Me:It's okay...I...I understand...

:D That's usually how I do it! My normal words, repetitive. sometimes stuttery (example: wh-what!?) Things like that.