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    • This is a world of lord's and lady's who rule there territories as they please but if that not what u want there is vast land out here and it ur choice of what you want to do with ur life here just have fun doing anything just be mindful of other creatures or people here because they govern them selves in there own territories.:angel:
    • :cookie: 1. everyone is their own person in THEIR OWN TERRITORY
      2. U can be anything u chose to be
      3. if u enter someone territory they have power over u cause u invaded their land without promisen.
      4.If u follow 1-3 other than them rule there is nun
    • I myself is in the cast as the lady of the North . Im a nine tails fox demon who posses all elements and wisdom . other than surprise people theres no cast.
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  1. As i file the paper work in my large office of my western style castle i wonder if any of the guards were on task.I walk out of my office down the hall to my private cherry blossom tree garden to take a peace break from the duties of being the northern lady. Leaning on the bark of my favorite tree . Slowly thinking of my deceased family and how I miss them I calmly fall a sleep.
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  2. DR walked around an unknown land. He was just wondering around the world aimlessly. As he found himself in a kingdom, he looked around at all the people and builds. He shook his head and started to walk thought the town.
  3. Sleeping very peacefully unitl an unknown arua walk in my private garden makeing my fuzzy black ear errect to the direction it was coming from.I notice that it was a random guard bowing i lowly glared at him " Yes " , he shivered from my glared that was pearing at his shaking form " Nuthing if wrong around the kingdom and the people are safe except form the msterious male that entered the territory." I became curious at this information I summoned my aura to make a cloud to meet my new play mate . Locating him not hard his aura was all wild and untamed by the scent of it thinking this a grin spread across my lips , " Yes someone to play with ! " as I feel it being closer I dashed off to meet him .
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  4. DR kept walking as he tried to remember the lay out of the town. He did not notices or feel anything off, as he stop for a second and looked up at the sky. To him it was going to be another boring day.
  5. Katsumi final spotting my playmate releasing my yokai aura and dived aiming for this person . Slowing down I pounced on his unexpecting form , " Hi there ".
  6. DR notice that some one was behind him. When he herd a voice, he did not look back. He jump in the nearest group of people he could find. He then looked around to see who it was. He did not trust anyone. Not even himself. As he looked around to see who said hi to him, he notice a fox(?) girl.
  7. Who are u ? " as I smile a this person with my ears trained on him . I slowly walk to him and held his hand "You can trust me I wont bite only if u ask me to." I winked
  8. "Sorry, but I do not trust anyone." He said as he looked at her walking to him. "I am a nobody. What about you?"
  9. "I'm the lady of this land " smiled my tails flicked around in excitement "What brings you to the and I would like for u to come too my palace it you wouldn't mind " . I tilted my head to the side waiting on my answer . "Oh I'm Katsumi by the way ."
  10. "I just wondered in like all the other lands." He said as he thought it was odd to invite some one you just meet. He shrugged and knotted. "OK. Nice name."
  11. " Ok race ya ! " as i ran off in direction of the large marble palace . By passing all the people with grace and skill.
  12. He watched her run as he shook his head. 'She is more like a kid.' He thought to himself as he started to run.
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