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    This roleplay is currently open and accepting new players/characters.

    Name || Age || Country of Origin || User/Player || Link to Character
    This a list of all currently accepted characters.
    Jordanna Mary Abbot || 16 || England || @m i s s f o r t u n e || Link to Character
    Jaxon Axel Bayne || 16 || United States || @Brea || Link to Character
    Jason "Jayce" Proudmoore || 16 || United States || @Elfie || Link to Characters

    Name || User/Player || Reason for Pending
    This is a list of all characters that are pending.
    Emilia Jane Bruce || @m i s s f o r t u n e || Unfinished

    Social Class || Gender || User/Player
    This is a list of all reserved/taken characters based on social class. Please refer to this list when making new characters, especially if you were wanting to create a scholarship character.
    Scholarship Student || Female || @m i s s f o r t u n e
    Upper Class || Female || @m i s s f o r t u n e
    Elite || Male || @Brea
    Scholarship Student || Male || @Crysodic
    Elite || Female || @kimsim12

    Middle Class || Female || @kimsim12
    Lower Class || Androgynous || @kimsim12
    Upper Class || Male || @kimsim12
    Scholarship Student || Female || @MarilynFae
    Middle Class || Female || @MarilynFae
    Upper Class || Female || @MarilynFae
    Lower Class || Male || @MarilynFae
    Elite || Male || @timv999
    Elite || Male || @Elfie
    Lower Class || Female || @Stargazer

    • [​IMG]

      No matter your location in this world, you have at least heard the name "Lancaster" and thought of more than just the War of the Roses. Everyone knows of the prestigious school, though its exact location is a mystery to all but the students, professors, and their families. Many a child have dreamed of receiving a letter of acceptance to the school, and the headmistress receives thousands of applications a year. However, only fifty students exactly are accepted as first years, and only fifteen ever make it to graduation. These fifteen go on to become world-famous politicians, aristocrats, business moguls, etc. But what people don't know is that making it to such grandeur is not easy. In fact, it's damn near impossible. Especially at Lancaster School for the Exceptional.

      As one can imagine, the school has a very intensive curriculum that both challenges the student and engages them. Even the classes that sound simple can end up causing the best of students to fail their way out of the school, so maybe going to this school isn't the best of ideas.

      However, much to your disbelief, you one day get an unbelievable letter in the mail. When you first see it, you assume its your rejection letter. After all, why would the school choose you out of all people? Or perhaps your confidence causes you to presume that you did, indeed, get accepted. Either way, the miraculous sentence jumps out to you in small print.

      "Congratulations, ______! You have been formally accepted to the Lancaster School for the Exceptional. Enclosed is the pertinent..."

      You don't really read what the rest of the letter says. Even if you were confident you'd get in, you're shocked. After all, you have just been accepted to the most exclusive, most prestigious school in the world. Perhaps even on a full scholarship. Whatever happens now could change your life forever.

      Study hard, my friend.


      The school has made a mark on history since its inception in 1872. Rising to fame by its second year, Lancaster had an initial roster of only twenty students from extremely noble families, including the Lancasters themselves. No one is quite sure who started the school or when it was even constructed, but its name became known throughout the world in record time. It taught students everything from etiquette to mathematics to history to business to fencing...the list goes on and on. The staff of twelve professors were the most capable in all of the world, being highly trained in at least three subjects--if not more.

      In December 1913, the school's headmistress announced that the students would be unable to return home for unexplained reasons. That is, until World War I began. No one could understand how the school had known such a horrible event would occur, but it was quickly decided that Lancaster would be the safest place for their children should a war like that ever happen again. They were right to think so, as the students were once again kept safe at the school only months before World War II began.

      No one questioned the headmistress, as she had done well in continuing the children's education as well as keep them safe from the war's negative influence. And so, the school remained successful even when it opened its doors to commoners from around the world. The school, while still highly exclusive, was no longer exclusive to the nobility of England alone. No parent could even dream to send their child to the school without paying the tuition that could give universities like Yale a run for their money, not to mention sending their child through a rigorous series of tests to see if they were qualified to even step foot on the school grounds.

      As time went on, more and more families gave everything they had to send their child to Lancaster. The headmistress took note of this and decided to give out two full tuition scholarships to the top female and top male applicant with financial need. Those who could pay the tuition were excluded from this opportunity. The first scholarships were awarded in 1983 to a girl named Sara Young from America and a boy named Anton Koslov from Russia. Since 1983, the scholarship amount has expanded to five--two girls, two boys, one "other." Lancaster is known for its intense diversity despite its exclusivity, giving no preference to anyone but accepting them based on their mental, physical, and/or social ability. However, it should to noted that a vast majority of these children hail from the wealthiest families in the world, excluding the scholarship kids. Money talks, even at this school, and has done so since its inception.
      As one can imagine, Lancaster upholds itself as being safe for all of its students, but this safety comes with a harsh disciplinary system based on demerits. A minor offense gives you one demerit; a major offense gives you two. There are some offenses that can give you three, but this will depend greatly on the circumstances and how many offenses you have previously committed. After eight demerits, you will either be suspended for the rest of the semester or expelled, depending on the headmistress's decision.

      Minor Rules
      Breaking these results in one demerit.
      1. Be on time to all classes, meal times, curfews, etc.
      2. Turn all assignments in on the specified due date, unless prior permission is given.
      3. Treat other students respectfully -- verbal
      4. Keep uniforms clean and tidy, wearing them during all school days except on special occasions.
      5. Quiet hours begin at 9:30 PM. Any disruptions following this time will be dealt with accordingly.

      Major Rules
      Breaking these results in two demerits.
      1. Treat your professors respectfully -- verbal
      2. Treat other students respectfully -- physical
      3. Stay in your dormitories after sundown.
      4. Do not attempt to plagiarize other students' work.
      5. Do not attempt to gain an advantage over other students by cheating.
      6. Do not attempt to steal another student's belongings.

      Offensive Rules
      Breaking these rules results in three demerits in most cases.
      1. Treat your professors respectfully -- physical
      2. Do not attempt to steal a teacher's belongings.
      3. All forms of drugs, except your own prescription, and alcohol are prohibited on campus.
      4. Sneaking off campus is prohibited except on school-wide "field trips."
      5. Disobeying the headmistress is prohibited, even if her instructions seem to break one of these rules.
      6. Sexual harassment of any student, teacher, or guest is prohibited.
      7. Murder is prohibited.

      All violent offenses are dealt with on campus by the staff. Parents pay to keep their children out of the public eye for a reason.
      The students follow a strict schedule with four core classes and three electives.

      First Years' Schedule
      5:30 am -- Lights On
      6:00 am -- Breakfast
      7:00 am -- Core Class I
      8:00 am -- Core Class II
      9:00 am -- Elective I
      10:00 am -- Core Class III
      11:00 am -- Elective II
      12:00 pm -- Lunch
      1:30 pm -- Core Class IV
      2:30 pm -- Elective III
      3:30 pm -- Extracurricular Activities/Tutoring/Free Time
      5:30 pm -- Dinner
      7:30 pm -- Return to Dorms
      9:30 pm -- Quiet Hours/Return to Rooms
      10:30 pm -- Lights Out

      Core Classes
      In order of first year to fourth year
      The courses our characters will be taking are in bold italics

      Accelerated Mathematics: Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II
      Language (choice of Spanish, French, English, Russian, German, Japanese, Korean, or Mandarin Chinese): I, II, III, IV
      Science: Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Biology, Chemical Biology
      Social Studies: World History, European History, (choice of) Economics or Worldview, World Governments

      All students take three.
      In order of first year to fourth year, if elective is taken all four years and it is not indicated to be a "choice of" list
      The elective course that your character would be taking, should they choose that elective, is in bold italics--this excludes "choice of" lists for music, dance, and sports

      Political Science: Basic, Comprehensive, Application, Advanced World Governments
      Art: Basic (or I), Comprensive (or II), Application (or III), Art History or IV

      Music: (choice of) orchestra, ensemble, concert band, choir
      Criminal Justice: Basic, Comprehensive, Application, Psychology I (focus on criminal psychology)
      Business: Basic, Comprehensive, Application, Advanced Economics
      Psychology: I, II, III, IV
      Creative Writing: I, II, III, IV
      Computer: Basic, Web Design, Programming, Advanced Programming
      Drama/Theatre: Basic, Advanced, Competitive, Stage Management or Competitive
      Health: Basic, Advanced, Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Medicine
      Dance: (choice of) ballet, jazz, tap, traditional dances, cultural dances
      Sports: (choice of) basketball, football/soccer, tennis, volleyball, swimming

      Basic electives are given to first years (or those in the elective for their first year) as an introduction to the field, with the second semester being more challenging and productive. Advanced electives are for second years (or those in the elective for their second year) who have decided to continue with the elective. They find this year's instruction to be far more comprehensive and difficult, with there being a greater concentration of knowledge-based tests than hands-on activity. Application electives are for third years (or those in their third year of the elective). This year of the elective is much more hands-on, with tests being based on practical application than pure knowledge. Finally, the fourth years can take specialized electives if they have taken an elective for at least three years prior.
      The staff has four professors teaching the core classes, excluding the language instructors who are brought in for their specific expertise in their language.
      Professor Vincent Brown || America || All Mathematics Classes, Economics, Advanced Economics
      Professor Lilith Anderson || England || World History, European History
      Professor Phyllis Osborne || Scotland || All Science Classes
      Professor Celia Peters || America || Worldview, World Governments, Advanced World Governments

      The electives are each split by two professors, one taking the early two and the other taking the later two (excluding music and dance, which are each taught by individual professors or multiple professors). This excludes Advanced Economics, which is taught by Professor Brown, and Advanced World Governments, which is taught by Professor Peters. The rest of the professors come from all over the world, renowned for their expertise in their respective fields.
      All students are required to wear uniforms. Each year, they are given a new uniform with no variation in style--simply a courtesy to ensure all students have the right size and a fresh uniform.


      The campus is divided into four "wings": North, South, East, and West. The South Wing houses all of the classrooms and amenities needed for electives. The East, West, and South Wings are all dormitories. The East Wing is for females, the West Wing for males, and the North Wing for "others"--those who identify outside the binary or simply don't wish to dorm with a specified gender. The North Wing was not constructed until 2010 when there was a sudden push for equality that the school could not ignore.


      Scholarship Students: They are considered the lowest class for obvious reasons. They need financial help--hence the scholarships, and they're often tormented for it despite school rules. However, they are also one of the top students, as they would have to be to qualify for the scholarship.
      Lower Class: Those who can barely pay the tuition are only above scholarship students because they can still pay it.
      Middle Class: Those who can get by just fine paying the tuition. Nothing special.
      Upper Class: Those who can pay the tuition and still have plenty to spend on luxuries. Usually the children of mid-level CEOs, vice-presidents of companies, etc.
      Elite: These are the students that practically run the school, using their name and money to get what they want. Their parents range from A-list actors/actresses to high-level CEOs to influential politicians, etc.

      Keep in mind that the "classes" of Lancaster are dramatically different from the real world and based on a family's ability to pay the tuition and still provide luxuries. What is considered lower class at this school is considered middle to mid-upper class in the real world.

      The headmistress is infamous for her strict rules and mysterious background. No one, not even the professors, know anything about her save her name: Katherine Fenamore. However, no one dares to address her by either name. Rarely does anyone even call her Headmistress Fenamore. Rather, most just call her by the title itself and nothing more.
      The strangest part about her is no one can remember the headmistress before her, and there is no evidence that there even was a previous one.


    • I am currently looking for a co-GM, maybe even two. Please PM me if you are interested.
      Requirements: active at least once a day, aggressive plot writing, communication skills, flexibility, friendly attitude


      1. Be respectful to others. It's not rocket science.
      2. All Iwaku rules apply.
      3. Be detailed with your character sheets. All sections are required.
      4. I want at least two well-developed paragraphs with at least ten sentences in total. Tell us what your character is thinking, feeling, etc. Not just what they say/do.
      5. Have fun! Seriously, have fun with this! This is, for now, a fairly open roleplay limited only by the structure of the school's schedule [see rule #6]. The major plot won't come until later (no hints for you!).
      6. For time flow and general ease of roleplaying, we will only be roleplaying three classes. These classes will be decided when I have a complete list of everyone's electives.
      8. Please, for the love of all things good and pure in this world, keep grammar and spelling mistakes to a minimum. I understand it's impossible to be perfect, but please try to understand the difference between their/there/they're, then/than, etc.
      9. THIS IS AN OPEN ROLEPLAY. All sexualities, genders, etc. are WELCOME! However, please realize that, in all actuality, sexualities and genders outside of cis and straight are the minority. It's a simple fact, especially when it comes to genders. The "other" dormitory is much smaller than the male and female dormitories, as they will be a minority like they are in the real world. If you get mad at me about this, I will show you as many statistics as my rage will allow that prove my point. I, for one, do not like the idea of having two males, three females, five transgenders, six agenders, one bigender, and two who-the-fuck-knows-because-I'm-not-that-educated (I've had this happen, people, believe it or not). If you read all of this, please put "Thank you, Kim, for allowing us the freedom to use our nonbinary characters, and I respect that you still want them to remain a realistic minority."
      10. Swearing is fine. Send that colorful fucking language at me, as I curse more than a sailor myself, but please know your limits. Even I know when it is and isn't appropriate to use "fuck," especially when it comes to roleplaying. If you're too heavy on the swearing, I will respectfully let you know. :)
      11. I spent hours on this concept, as well as the plot I have in mind. Please do not disrespect that by throwing in major plot bunnies that have no place here--UNLESS you've run it by me first, in which case I ask that you put so in your "throwing in plot bunny" post so everyone knows.
      12. IMPORTANT I will be posting a GM post every Saturday, unless I have otherwise stated due to my usually hectic life. GM posts will not be my every post, and I will specify when I have posted a GM post. This is to keep the plot moving and alive. Please try to get in at least one post between GM posts so you aren't left behind.

      13. If you find yourself unable to commit to this roleplay, even if you haven't finished your character yet, please let me know. I won't judge you or anything, as I completely understand that sometimes you lose interest or don't have the time. I would rather have players who are interested and have the time than players who have neither and don't have the balls to say so.
      14. I may not be an adult, but I can tell you that everyone on this site should act like one. We're here to relax and have fun while keeping a professional, lovely atmosphere. By professional, I mean we're not acting like a bunch of whiny brats that never left middle school. If you have a problem with another player, run it by me or get the fuck over it. Your problems will not become a problem for the rest of us.

      If you read all of that word-for-word, I applaud you. I know it's a lot to take in, but I seriously hope we can build a story together that is both relaxing and exciting!
    • [​IMG]
      . Name .
      . Age .

      . Year .
      First Years Only
      . Gender .
      . Sex .
      Assigned at Birth
      . Sexuality .
      . Appearance .

      Real pictures only; description required
      . Personality .
      A paragraph or two would be nice
      . Social Class .
      Scholarship (max of 2 females, 2 males, 1 nonbinary), Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class, Elite
      . Electives .
      Choose three (see Overview)
      . Likes .
      . Dislikes .
      . Biography .
      . Relationships .

      How do you feel about your fellow students?
      . Other Information .

      PM me this questionnaire.

      Hello and welcome to the Online Aptitude Test, or O.A.T. The main purpose of this test is to see if you are qualified to be considered for admission to the Lancaster School for the Exceptional, less formally known as "Lancaster High."
      The test will now begin. Please answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.
      ...What is your full legal name?...
      ...Where were you born?...
      ...What is your financial status?...
      ...Have you ever committed any crimes?...
      ...Have you ever used a weapon before, legally or illegally?...
      ...Do you suffer from any mental or physical disabilities?...
      ...Do you suffer from any emotional disorders, such as depression?...
      ...Do you believe yourself to possess any special, but still natural, abilities?...
      ...Do you believe in any religious entity?...
      ...Do you believe in miracles?...
      ...Do you believe in immortality of the body or the soul?...
      ...What do you believe is the true purpose of this school?...
      Please answer the following scenarios as you would react.
      ...Two unknown assailants are threatening to kill someone close to you if you don't give them what they want. What do they want, and how do you react?...
      ...You have to choose between saving an innocent animal and a convicted murderer. Whom do you choose?...
      ...Again, you have to choose between saving two different lives. Both are murderers; one is male, and one is female. That is all you know about them. Whom do you choose?...
      ...You are given one wish of limitless proportions. What is your wish?...
      ...Someone has murdered your family, but s/he walks a free citizen despite evidence. What do you do?...
      ...Does the number 7 hold any significance to you?...
      ...Additionally, does the number 11 hold any significance to you?...
      End of scenarios.
      The test is complete. Please note that if you answered falsely on any of the test questions and discovered to have done so, your application will be refused. You may also face criminal charges.
      Thank you for taking the O.A.T. A letter will be sent to you soon regarding your acceptance or rejection.

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  2. Question! Are there any specific uniforms you had in mind, and also do you have any rules on pictures for characters? I know some people require real photos, but others accept drawings. I'd just like to be sure. ^-^
  3. Hello, I was interested in this the moment I saw the plot, and I'd love to join. However, I have an inquiry I would like you to answer.
    About the questionnaires that you've listed down in the Cast List section; are we able to list down false information?
    I do know that if our characters are caught, IC-wise, by the Headmistress, that their application would be denied, but is it possible avoid it?
    . . .
    Also, I would love to reserve an upper-class cisgender female and a cisgender female scholarship student? (Keeping it real like you've said.)

  4. Ah, I knew I was forgetting something! I will be adding uniforms in an update soon. As far as photos go, I prefer real photos but I'll accept some drawings. I don't like using anime as appearance references, though, so please avoid that. Thanks for asking!
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  5. Since you'll be PMing it to me, please give me the correct information as this is pertinent to the plot of the roleplay. However, if you want to say your character lied, you could put the false answer in quotes--what your character said--and put the real answer out of quotes--so I still have the information. :)
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  6. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    sixteen || first year || cisgender female || female || demiromantic asexual || scholarship student || single
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    jordanna mary-anne abbot
    ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯
    doppelganger of jenna coleman .

    ████ physical appearance

    jordanna's chocolate brown hair is somewhat shoulder length with the ends highlighted a subtle blonde. her eyebrows are strong and prominent and are what can be described as harsh. inconspicuous wrinkles and dark circles from negligence can be seen on her face that are only visible up close. her skin is naturally a lighter shade, however it has been tainted by the harsh rays of the sun from continuous exposure.

    she has done very little self-alteration to her body, with the exception of piercings on both ears. her hair is usually done into a simple bun. some hair goes out of place throughout the day as she has other priorities to attend to. her uniform is rarely seen in an untidy state, and her face is relatively clear of make-up during school hours. cosmetics are only during formal events and or functions, and are applied with a light hand.

    ████ personality

    thick-skinned & reserved
    jordanna has a very hard time ins showing emotions, and is mostly unaffected by criticism and or insults. apparently, she has grown accustomed to these types of scenarios so much that she manages to tune out everything in a flash. in spite of the term, 'words hurt more than actions', actions still inflict more harm than letters to her.

    knowledgeable & insightful
    there is a reason to why jordanna had gotten the scholarship to lancaster: her intelligence, the trait that factors the most in education. books have played a major role in her path to lancaster. novels, storybooks, encyclopedias; jordanna would have probably read of it before. before lancaster, she would be seen in a local corner bookstore from across the street, poring over books.

    rational & contemplative
    'think before you act '. jordanna would say to herself before doing anything. an over-thinker. she would never take a chance even if it meant getting the benefits of a lifetime. it was at the same time a blessing and a curse, and it often felt like the latter. she restricts herself from doing anything silly or idiotic, which would end anything but well.

    versatile & composed
    jordanna is not the type to grumble or complain. she deals with complications with a sense of calmness. jumping to conclusions is the last thing she would do. she is open to anything, as long as it is tolerable, and is not in any way demanding or particular. in some cases, she can be a little too amiable.

    ████ electives / core classes

    core class || i
    english i

    core class || ii
    chemistry i

    core class || iii
    world history

    core class || iv
    algebra ii

    . . . .

    electives | i

    electives || ii
    anatomy || health

    electives || iii
    basic medicine || health

    ████ likes

    the aroma of medicinal herbs

    hard-cover books

    scented candles

    classical music

    mystery novels



    hot tea

    ████ dislikes
    too-quiet places

    loud noises



    cold tea




    ████ biography

    jordanna lived in a somewhat lower-middle class life in merseyside, england. her father ran a quaint little convenience store while her mother worked as a tailor. they lived a simple life, and they had everything they required to lead it. jordanna and her younger sibling, paisley, were happy and content, however they were oblivious to what was happening outside of their home; and they were going to have to pay the price.

    at the age of thirteen, jordanna and her family moved to a smaller one-bedroom apartment as money was becoming very scarce. jordanna had not noticed before moving homes, and a wave of guilt overwhelmed her as soon as she realized their state. to make matters worse, jordanna's mother had been diagnosed with colon cancer earlier that month, and they were deep in debt from the surgeries and procedures that had been made.

    when the acceptance letter from lancaster had been mailed to their home, jordanna thought their mail might have been mixed up, but as she read the fine print she felt a prick of hope. and as she tore the letter open, she couldn't contain the tears that followed after reading the letter over and over. when she broke the news to her parents, they had the exact same reaction as jordanna. she remembered being unable to sleep for two nights straight after receiving the letter.

    to be added.

    "Thank you, Kim, for allowing us the freedom to use our non-binary characters, and I respect that you still want them to remain a realistic minority."
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  7. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    fifteen || first year || cisgender female || female || heterosexual || upper-class || single
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    emilia jane bunce
    ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯
    doppelganger of dove cameron .

    ████ physical appearance
    emilia's most distinguishing feature would be her green eyes that are adorned by naturally long lashes (or so she had been told). she has dimples on both sides of her cheeks that are truly unmistakable, and her hair reaches up to her waist. emilia mostly inherited her mother's features, one of them being the splash of freckles on the bridge of her nose that are normally hidden with cosmetics.

    it is mostly accurate to say that emilia's skin has never seen a single light of day without cosmetics. from a young age, her skin had been meticulously cared for and would only come in contact with the finest of facial products. she has a daily routine she follows every single day without fail that takes up to an hour or so, which leads to her waking up very early in the morning. and even so, she plans on doing it in lancaster as well.
    ████ personality
    athletic & acrobatic
    active and very engaged in physical activities, emilia has never passed out an opportunity in the field of sports. she has fleshed out experiences in all sorts of activities, ranging from badminton to gymnastics

    ████ electives / core classes
    core class || i
    algebra ii

    core class || ii
    french i

    core class || iii
    chemistry i

    core class || iv
    world history

    . . . .

    electives || i
    tap || dance

    electives || ii
    basic || drama / theater

    electives || iii
    jazz || dance

    ████ likes
    dancing (particularly ballet)
    physical activities







    ████ dislikes
    commercial radio stations

    hot weather



    dried fruit



    ████ biography

    "Thank you, Kim, for allowing us the freedom to use our non-binary characters, and I respect that you still want them to remain a realistic minority."
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  8. ""7. Murder is prohibited.""
    That made me laugh, and also before I forget, "Thank you, Kim, for allowing us the freedom to use our nonbinary characters, and I respect that you still want them to remain a realistic minority."

    Anyways, I think I'll make a character for this. May I reserve an elite male? I may also make another character, but I don't want to take on more than I'm 100% sure I can handle. So, this is all I'll be reserving for now. (Also: Face Claim Colton Hayes.)
  9. I suppose I should have made this a little more clear. You are ONLY choosing your electives, and your electives are the general terms. When I gave the list following each elective and core class(i.e. Business: Basic, Comprehensive, Application, Advanced Economics), that was the list from first year to fourth year. Meaning, everyone is going to start with Basic. The only ones that are different are dance, music, and sports, as those have choices. Everyone's core classes are going to be the first class listed, as the school's already-advanced curriculum requires that each class be taken in order from first to fourth year.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'll be putting the classes your character in bold italics now to make it easier to understand visually.
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  10. Glad to see you're joining! Yes, you may have an elite male.

    And that rule may or may not become important later. Who knows? I seriously haven't decided whether to make that important to plot yet, so I'm not hinting at anything here.
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  11. kimsim12 updated Lancaster Boarding School for the Exceptional with a new update entry:

    Regarding Core Classes and Electives

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. Ooh I'm going to join this for sure, once I get off my phone.
    I'd like to reserve an elite female and a middle class male.
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  13. [Dropped out of RP]
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  14. (To be finished)

    . Name .
    Alek Speck
    . Age .
    . Year .
    First Year
    . Gender .
    . Sex .
    . Sexuality .
    . Appearance .

    . Personality .
    A paragraph or two would be nice

    . Social Class .

    . Electives .
    Computer: Basic
    Sports: Swimming
    Psychology: I

    . Likes .

    . Dislikes .

    . Biography .

    . Relationships .
    How do you feel about your fellow students?
    . Other Information .​
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    "Nobody seems to think I'm funny but me."
    . Name .
    "You can call me Jax, if you really feel the need."
    . Jaxon Axel Bayne .

    . Age .
    "Old enough to drive."
    . 16; July 13th .

    . Year .
    "At Lancaster? This'll be my first."
    . 1st Year .

    . Gender .
    "I'm a boy... thanks for asking."
    . Male .

    . Sex .
    "Yup, still a boy."
    . Male .

    . Sexuality .
    "I'm into girls... which is why I have such a hard time talking to them."
    . Heterosexual .

    . Appearance .
    "My hair looks brown when it's wet, but trust me, I'm blond."
    . Eyes- Blue-Green
    Hair- Blonde, short at the sides and long on the top, thin.
    Height- 5'9''
    Weight- 152 lbs
    Build- Ottermode
    Birthmark- N/A
    Tattoos- "I have a pheonix tatoo on my calf. It symbolizes that no matter how many times my enemies slay me I will rise again."

    Piercings- N/A
    Other- N/A .

    . Personality .
    "People seem to think I'm really quiet."
    . Jaxon is an introvert. He is most comfortable standing on the sidelines, observing things as they happen. He is very detail orientated, and can sometimes be a perfectionist, especially over things that are important to him. While it is common for people to assume he is passive, he is better described as passive-aggressive. He is not the type to pick a fight, but he is the type to call someone out or get his payback in a nondramatic and anonymous way. He enjoys his loner lifestyle because it makes the few relationships he has more personal. He's extremely caring and sensitive, so having few friends works for him. It means less people for him to worry about, and more energy he can put towards the select few he loves. He's a very passionate guy, though he usually tries to hide this side of him. He would rather seem uninterested than too excited for something. Jax is a very honest person, but he chooses his words wisely to avoid certain hurtful truths. He's adaptable and a very hands-on type of person. He learns better from first hand experience than anything else. While it is very hard to gain his trust and respect, it is very hard to loose it once it is gained .

    . Social Class .
    "They call me an Elite, because my parents have money."
    . Elite .

    . Electives .
    "Those are the ones I got to choose, right?"
    . Criminal Justice: Basic, Business: Basic, and Psychology: I .

    . Likes .
    "I'm really into cars... it's kind of a passion."
    . Stars, Cookie Dough, Mint Gum, Mustard, Disney Movies, Cherries, Sweet Foods, Cake, Leather, Cars, Racing and Marshmallows .

    . Dislikes .
    "Yeah I've got road rage, what of it?"
    . Hangovers, Dancing, Olives, Kids, Raisins, Traffic, Old Cartoons, Concerts, and Mysteries. .

    . Biography .
    "That's a little too personal for my liking's."
    Possible Trigger Warning, if you're uncomfortable reading all you really need to know is he had a protective older brother who moved out of the house at a young age, and that caused Jaxon to become independent. He developed a love for cars from a friend he made. And his family comes from good money.
    Read the whole story at your own risk:
    . Jaxon is the second and last child to the Bayne family. He had one older brother, who always looked after him when he was little. When a question was asked of Jaxon his older brother, Cory, would usually answer for him. When he was given a chore Cory would always help. When Jaxon was in trouble his older brother would always attempt to take part of the blame- even when he had almost nothing to do with the actions said punishment was for. This resulted in Jaxon being a young boy of few words who had trouble taking responsibility.

    Which is why when his older brother went to go live with their grandparents for a while Jaxon was so helpless. At the time Jaxon was ten, and still had trouble reading and writing. Cory had been sent away for reasons unkown to Jaxon- all he knew was that he had gotten in trouble and this was his punishment. All at once Jaxon starting having to do things for himself, it was a real reality check for the young boy. At first he resented his parents for sending his brother away, but as he grew to be more independent Jaxon got over his anger.

    Still a boy of few words, Jaxon never found it easy to make friends. Sometimes at school he would go the whole day without saying a single word- which many people found very off putting. Of course, some other kids saw opportunity in this. Because Jaxon said so little he was less likely to refuse a request, and so many thought he would be easy to manipulate. And sever tried to turn the young boy into their slave- for a lack of a better term. However, Jaxon simply would not do what he was told unless he felt like doing so, which caused most of the initial interest people felt towards him to die down. There was one kid, however, who continued to try and talk to Jaxon. By the time Jax started high school they became friends, and from him Jaxon learned how to work on cars. It quickly became a passion that connected the two.

    Sadly, their friendship did not last long. One night Jaxon got a call in the middle of the night from his friend, asking him to come out and help him defend one of their female friend's honor. Jaxon wasn't much of a fighter, and so he refused and tried to talk his friend down. The next day he received another call- his friend had been left for dead after getting in a fight with some bad boys within the town. Jaxon was heart broken and angry- He attended every court hearing and fought for the boys to be put behind bars. However, the evidence wasn't enough, and so the murders were set free. For a while Jaxon was vengeful, but before he could do something foolish his older brother set him on a better path.

    Cory encouraged Jaxon to focus on fixing up a car the two had bought together, in his lost friend's honor. As he worked Jaxon found closure, and was able to move past the tragedy. Still, even now, Jaxon is very selective of the people he gets close to. Not only because he has a hard time trusting people, but because he wants to keep the amount of people he needs to worry about low. For these few friends, however, he will do anything- None of them will ever have to fight a battle alone like his first friend had .

    . Relationships .
    "We can pick and choose the people we care about... except for family."

    Love Interest:
    . n .

    . n .

    . n .

    . n .

    . Mother - 37 - Hosts a popular talk show - Kendra Bayne

    Father - 38 - Works in White House - Isaac Bayne

    Older Brother - 21 - In college to become a laywer - Cory Bayne

    . Other Information .
    "That's all there is to know about me, really."
    . Is good with cars .
    . Hates roller coasters .
    . Doesn't find the appeal of sports .

    "You know what else sounds fun? Stabbing myself with this fork."
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  16. @Brea Accepted! Awesome character. xD

    @Sassmaster @Crysodic @Wonderful Thing @m i s s f o r t u n e I forgot about this, but we will be determining student relationships beforehand. However, these relationships won't be automatic as they will be meeting each other for the first time as first years. So try to figure out what your character's first impressions of other characters will be, as well as the relationship that will or will not blossom. :)
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  17. The first impressions of the other characters are probably going to be my first impressions. :) So this shall be easy.
  18. Note: If you guys want to tag people that you think might enjoy this roleplay, go ahead!
  19. I'll be having my four characters up soon, and I may also tag some people tomorrow to see if they want to join.
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