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  1. So I totally wrote up a character and have been itching to use her for something.

    Check her out. Let me know what you think, shoot me a PM.
    Isidora the Lamia

    Looking for more adventure style plot over smut, 80/20 plot/romance, though I'll not shy. Have plenty of other ideas I'm sure, but this is the one I've been looking forward to.

    Yes, this was whipped out really quickly, normally I'm more picky about making a thread.
  2. I love lamias! I'd love to start something with her, did you have a setting or anything in mind, or should I start looking through my characters to find someone suitable?
  3. Fuck that was fast.

    It was a fairly open setting. Anything from slave trade capturing her, her tagging along with a wandering adventurer to see the world, to simply leaving home.

    There was a more broad setting I'd come up with, but I wasn't sure how to implement it.

    Also, if I don't get back to you tonight, I fell asleep. Many apologies.
  4. Mind if I take a go on this?(Though, be warned. I'll make it a little more smutty than usual...)
  5. I'm sure I can work with that! Throw me a PM!
  6. Seems like she could be fun. What kind of stories did you have in mind? Or is that more open to discussion?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.