Lame "Kid Jokes" that still always make you laugh!

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  1. Every time I see Seiji's new status message, I still giggle. c_____c it says What is difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef but nobody can pee soup!

    Most of the time when you're a kid, those jokes are SO HILARIOUS until you get older and your sense of humor "matures". XD But ever so often there's those basic jokes that are too funny forever.

    What simple kid-ish jokes do YOU still find really funny?
  2. LOL. <3 I got that line from Spencer, the brother in iCarly and Seiji thought it would be sooo funny to put that on his MSN when I told it to him. XD

    As a kid, my sister and I would always throw dirty words back and forth until we were on the floor laughing. She and I still do that, and I play it with friends more often than I should, too. It's so crazy, but I still find the words hilarious! I never ever wanna grow up.
  3. XD I always laugh whenever I watch that. Most jokes I laugh at now are usually because they're so lame, they're funny.

    The joke "Why was six afraid of seven?" joke makes me chuckle. First time I had heard it was when I used to watch Dexter's Laboratory. (That clown episode was pretty demented, now that I think about it.)
  5. A man walks into a diner and says "Burger and fries twice!".

    The cook says "I heard you the first time!"

  6. Kid knocks on his neighbor's door and a woman answers.

    "Can Johnny come out and play baseball?" Says the kid.

    "Why, Billy, you know that Johnny doesn't have any arms or legs." Says the mother.

    "Yeah, I know, but we need someone to play third base."

  7. What do you call a cow that is laying down?

    Ground beef.

    These types of jokes are awesome, I still use them as often as I can.
  8. What do you get when you cross a banana with a rubber band?

  9. What goes "Boo!"?

    A cow with a cold.
  10. What's brown and sticky?

    A stick.

  11. That was an awful joke. >:(
  12. Doctor doctor, why am I walking in circles?

    Shut up or I'll nail you other foot to the floor.
  13. What's a pirates favorite letter?


  14. You'd think it's RRRR but it's really the C!

  15. I had a little book my mother bought from Toys R Us when I was little that I loved.

    What's the difference between cafeteria food and cow manure?

    The manure is warm
  16. why is a pirate a pirate?

    they just ARRRRRR