Lambī Dūrī

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  • Ghost, Spirit, or Poltergeist

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[fieldbox="Hannah, blue, dashed, 10, Tahoma"]

"Uhhh no, no not at all hahha.....wait what!? Oh you would not...."

My face peers at a brightened computer screen as my MacBook returns feed of three other faces via Skype. My best friends Alex and Tai, the two girls I'd consider like my sisters from birth, we literally grew up together from diapers. It was that cliché story of our parents all being besties so their kids would be besties, they were sisters, and I just saw myself as the adopted one that was supposed to follow out of the womb with them anyways, nothing towards my mom though I love that woman to the moon and back.

Alex: "So you wouldn't sleep with that old Vet for $50,000?"
"NO! xD absolutely not I'm worth at least a trillion...and that's without the kinky stuff..."
Tai: "Yeah sure sure you're a real saint...where's Zel?"
"I think she's working at the store today, then again I'm not sure."
Alex: "On a Saturday??"
"Yeah I know, I'll text her."

I shoot Zelda a text and ask about her whereabouts and location. I press send and I rise up to go and grab some clothes from the dryer. They were still damp, so I closed them back in and continued the cycle. I looked out of the window to the bleak and pale city of Lambi Duri. I swear we never get any sun, even in the summer. It's just one big rainforesty, Twilighty, place. Needless to say things don't look very vibrant when we go out on the weekends...assuming we found something to do. Usually we'd go to the lake where most of the kids would hang out and throw a bonfire, but lately things have been so bleak this summer, I was actually considering going out of town for fun.

"[sigh] what a city..."

I had a small estate up on the hills atop the city, but the bad thing about that was the private neighbors we had, all my friends lived in the inner city, so I'd have to drive/walk to them, and my mom would have a heart attack when she heard I'd take the path in the woods to get down the hill. She was extremely superstitious. I mean so was I but I think hers was a bit psychological, her parents put it bad in her head the stories of the city and its history, and yes there have been disappearances....and maybe a death here or there but that was because outsiders were too stupid to the wildlife of the area and got themselves killed in places they didn't belong. That sounded rash, but this isn't exactly a festive place to explore unless you're GhostFinders or Cooper Inc. The wind blows outside as the rain specks fall like mini mists of bleakness.

I walk back into my room hearing Alex and Tai singing "Toxic" by Brittney Spears. I shake my head and deliver a laugh. I stick my bare legs back into my blankets and bring the MacBook to my lap. My smile lighting up the screen even more.

"So what are we doing on this drab Saturday? And why are you guys on two different laptops when you're like two doors down from...."

My words stopped. My eyes caught a swoosh of darkness behind Tai walking in the hall behind her. And Alex was still in her room, so it wasn't her.

"I thought you guys were alone?"
Alex: "We are Han."

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Elliot Jaspier
Location: Walking down a sidewalk -> Bus Stop

Elliot had just exited the art store, carrying an array of supplies. The proper young man looked like a lawyer walking from a case, although his specialty was multi-media art. He got some strange looks from some passerbys; he was new to town, having moved here with word that there would be perfect places to take photos or write poems inspired by them in this town. It did prove to be rather grand, perfect for pictures or painting. He was already loaded with commisions to paint certain areas, or create poems based on said areas, which only meant more funds. Having a stable career was the best.
He suddenly halted when he felt a tug on his long hair. Looking down he saw a little child, curiosity in her eyes, grabbing onto the ends.
"Aah! Molly!" A rather stubby woman ran and picked the little girl, making her release his locks, "Sir, I am so sorry..."
"It's fine. Curiosity is a good trait to have at a young age." The male's bland tone spoke, "Raise your daughter right, and she'll be a wonderful young woman." He then turned, continuing his walking, without another word.
"Bye bye!" was the last thing he heard of the girl.

He stood quietly at the bus stop, awaiting for the correct bus. His home was a little far away from the current location, but it was easy to reach by bus.
Zelda Volk
Location: outside convenience store

Zelda slung her bag over her shoulder and breathed a sigh of relaxation. This Saturday was busier than most as there was a sale going on, not to mention one of her coworkers called in sick and she had to fill in their position. Looking up at the sky, she smiled and felt like there was going to be a surprise today, and sometimes, her feelings are never wrong. Walking out of the stores parking lot, Zelda heard her cell ring with a text and pulled it out of her pocket. She saw that it was from Hannah asking her where she is. She quickly texted back and put her phone back in its rightful pocket.

Stopping for a second, Zelda felt a strong shiver race up and down her spine in rapid succession. Pulling her green sweater closer to her body, she looked around for anything and anyone suspicious. Not seeing anything, she looked back up to the sky, her smile gone. "I now have a bad feeling about today..." She mumbled to herself. "Please let my feeling be wrong."
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{ Location: Lambi Duri, inner city }

There has always been a temptation to leave Lambi Duri, but there was no way Alastor could do that now. His choice was simple enough- to remain here and watch over his sickly mother. Of course the thought of leaving never ceased to leave his mind entirely. Releasing a harsh breath, he forced his thoughts away temporarily- choosing to focus on the sidewalk before him. His hoodie was pulled closer to his body as he continued to walk along the concrete, being mindful of the other inhabitants walking along as well.

Nonetheless, that didn't mean he was fully aware of his surroundings today. Instead the music lightly blasting from his earbuds easily kept the brunet distracted- almost making unaware of who he almost bumped into. At the moment of the collision, he was quick to extend a hand to the fallen individual as his earbuds were taken out in a hasty manner from his ears. "- I'm sorry about that, honestly." The apology was quick to escape Alastor's lips.
Lacey Cooper

"You say this room is where most of the activity occurs?"
"Ms. Taylor?"
"Ms. Taylor, please. I insist that if I am to help you, you pay attention to my questions. Now, as I was saying, this room, your living room - it is where the bulk of your reported 'happenings' are taking place?"

Lacey brought her thumb and pointer finger to the bridge of her nose, massaging it in steady circles as the foolhardy Lillian Taylor barreled around the room like a hyped up chihuahua underneath a full moon.
The older woman looked to Lacey's judgmental and inquisitive glance, finding her attention was slowly being brought elsewhere. Lillian Taylor stiffened at the realization she was loosing the attention and possible break-through she believed was in her home.

"Uh, um.. ye- yes. Right over he__" The clumsy blonde had banged her shin on the coffee table directly in the center of the living space before continuing on as if nothing had happened; Lacey could only shudder at the pain she felt for the woman. "__right over here is where I saw the slimy black footprints I described to you over the phone." She paused to look other places in the room, as if to find the best and most worthwhile places of showing.

Lacey made her way over to the area Lillian had just left in search for another 'hot-spot' as the exuberant blonde had been calling them all afternoon. The brunette crouched down to the pale carpeting, her chocolate brown irises rolling with a disheveled glance as she ran a gloved hand through the strange black muck on the carpet. She pressed a small amount of residue between her index finger and thumb, finding it crumble to the ground in a dry and earthy state - mud, classic.
Lacey sighed, standing from her crouched position to find Ms. Taylor wildly swinging the door of a large mahogany wardrobe open and closed over and over, attempting to get a reaction out of it; the brunette stood there dumbfounded.

"Ms. Taylor... what are you doing?" She spoke in a drawl tone, emphasizing how much a waste of her time this meeting truly was.
"This cabinet! It was, uh, it was swinging, open and closed the other night...on it's own!"
Lacey stood there, inwardly sighing.

"Alright, Ms. Taylor. Thank you for showing me what has been going on--WAIT!--No. Misses Taylor, please, you have wasted enough of my time already, anything else you have to show me is not worth my time. I appreciate your valor, however in the future, if you are going to try and achieved your 15 minutes of fame, please prepare yourself with information, and compose yourself, otherwise, even a fresh-off the block paranormal investigator would be able to tell you're bluffing."
Lacey stood at the now opened front door with a befuddled Lillian Taylor behind her, still scrambling to find more "proof".
"Have a nice day, Ms. Taylor."

Lacey looped her foot around the base of the front door, slamming it behind her. She could feel all manner of her technical equipment straining her arms and testing her menial strength. Her arms trembled underneath the weight of the camera's, inferred scanners, bio-ecological adapters, and miscellaneous tech' she had brought along just in-case.
She trotted down the sloping sidewalk of the Taylor residence with a step almost too eager, causing her landing on the flat sidewalk to mildly warp her sense of balance. Taking a second to recover from the shift in gravity, Lacey spun around to her right, assuming it was her left (and the direction of her van) before realizing this terrible mistake a moment to late. She slammed into someone, most of her equipment falling to the ground in a disheveled mess, all she could think at that moment was: dear god, please don't be broken, please don't be broken.
She chanted this in her head a few times before finding a hand extended to her collapsed form. Without much observation of who's it was, she figured it was better accepting the help of whoever she had collided with than staying on the cold cement.

"Shit. If my stuff is broken, there's no way I'll be able to get any real jobs in this god-forsaken town!"
She came to her feet, yanking her hand away from whoever it was that had just offered theirs. She did recall it felt slightly masculine, and decided to gaze upon her offender - at least, that was how Lacey currently saw it.
He was a young man, probably early twenties, possibly even late teens - you could never be sure these days.
His hair matched the shade her her own, and for a moment, Lacey could swear she was staring into his soul. There was something about eyes that intrigued the young woman, she wasn't sure what exactly it was, but she knew that anyone's eyes would have that affect on her, especially from meeting at such close proximity.

"Sorry.." She spoke with a spiteful tone. Though angered, Lacey knew it was the right thing to apologize for bumping into someone. She crouched down, attempting to salvage the still-together parts of her camera and scanning equipment from the sidewalk, still continuing that chant in her head and praying that her things were alright.
[fieldbox="Hannah, blue, dashed, 10, Tahoma"]

Alex: "You'd better stop messing with us like that."
Tai: "Yeah, do better tramp."

" seriously...I saw a shadow go past your room Tai. Like look at me right now, look at my face. I'm not freaking kidding. Tai-- Tai just look okay?"
Tai: " [sigh]....kay, I'll humor you."

Both Tai and Alex rise from their places in their perspective rooms and creep towards the doo and peers into the hall. The sibling brunettes tease and play around with silly noises to each other from across the house, but my face was never fleeting. My crystal eyes locked onto the screen before me like a heat seeking missile, eager to discover the horrid sight I had seen just moments before. I twitch my knees up and down in anticipation, but I wasn't completely scared as much as I was concerned for their well-being.

A creak could be heard on the other side of the webcam.

Tai: "Hello?"
Alex: "Yoo hoooooo!!!!"
Tai: "Wait Lex I heard something...."
Alex: "Yeah, okay. Sure."

Alex returns to her bed and grabs the laptop and faces me once more with a smirk on her face, with an expression that conveyed 'nice try' on it. Tai still looked out of her room into the dimmed halls, listening past Alex and I talking. She stepped out into the hall, towards the left side of the house where Alex's room is. From Alex's cam, I can see a distorted figure standing in the far hall behind the frame of Alex's doorway. The way the figure was standing...bold, menacing, it wasn't Tai. All I could do was gasp and point at the screen as I beckoned to Alex.

"Lex turn around!!!"
Alex: "Haha, very funny -_-"

The figure's view was blocked by Tai who entered Alex's room to my mild paranoia. She walked up to the screen with a matching attitude of her sister's. She put her arms around Alex and stuck her tongue out at me as I tried to quell their silliness for a moment to realize the gravity of the situation. They had an intruder in their house, and they were in danger.


My words stopped. I could see a black figure rise slowly behind the two as my breathing hitched and my heart dropped. Their words stopped as well as they slowly turned around to the figure, and morbid terror struck their hearts. Before they even had a chance to scream, a blood curdling scream was released by the figure as they jumped back off camera out of fear and the figure unmasked the black cloth over his face. Unkempt light brown hair and dark eyes replaced the mask as a huge grin looked back at me on camera.

"Aaron you son of a bitch!!!"
Aaron: " about those ninja skills though? ;)"

What followed was a barrage of slaps and hits from Tai and Alex, their chemistry never more demonstrative than their unified assault on Alex's boyfriend. He laughs in pain while they attack him out of fear and conscious contempt. He finally relents and throws his hands up in submission, with me rolling my eyes and shaking my head. He deserved worse, scaring us like that. He places the mask on the table and plops down on the bed beside Alex and Tai and kisses Alex on the cheek.

Aaron: "Can't we all just get along?"
Tai: "You're a dick."
Alex: "You are sooo on probation man..."

Aaron: "Sorry guyssssss. Sorry Hann."
"Yeah yeah tell it to your girlfriend, if it was me I would've shot your pale behind!"
Aaron: "Ooooh so sassy! So, enough with the foreplay. Bonfire tonight?"
Aaron: "Does it matter?? Everyone will come to anyone's bonfire. Where's Zel?"
Aaron: "On a Saturday? In Lambi Duri?"
"Yeah well, they have a sale going on. At least she's doing something with her life, freeloader."
Aaron: "OUCH!"
Alex: "Hannah!"
"I'm kidding gosh!"

My phone vibrates again as Zelda's text confirms what I already knew. I replied her and asked what time did she get off. Sometimes I would stay and hang with her at the store just to keep her company. I don't know how she does it, that job seems outrageously boring. But she needs the money for her tuition. Not everyone can get a scholarship, something I was proud of but also it made me feel bad that I couldn't share it with friends...that would be my next blog topic. To develop a system that allows students to share scholarship money with the prerequisite that they're accepted into the same school and their GPA is above 3.0, that would be awesome. Zel was one class ahead of me, graduated the year before. It's like it's a curse or something, there's always one student that was in sights for college, but life happens and they can't go. Two years ago it was Alastor, a pretty fun kid but also potent. His mother had gotten sick real bad and he felt obliged to stay. I remember the blog I put up about it, wishing and hoping she got well. Last year was Zel, got acceptance letters but no scholarship, and of course the city wanted her to attend the community college, but she was bigger than that. She was university bound but no one seemed to want to help her, I gave her a list of sites that gives away scholarships for an essay and other things, but I guess they hadn't worked out. And this year....who knows. I pray not me, this city was rumored with enough curses as is. My superstition starts to get to me as I shrug it off and chime back in on the web feed.

Aaron: "So we'll come pick you up after these two take an eternity to get dressed, we'll stop by the store trash the place up real good for Zel, and then hang at the lake?"
"What time should I be ready?"
Aaron: "Seeing as how all females take 5 days to prepare, start now, that way when I get there I'll only have to wait an hour."
"Oh shut up, okay well text me when you guys are here."

I cut off the Skype feed and close my MacBook. I collapse back on the bed and just relax for a little bit, exhaling deeply and staring at the ceiling. I remove my phone and text Zelda what time does she get off, and then I take to the social media to see about anything that was going on today. It seems that the town is getting some press this weekend, as the national renown Cooper Inc is coming here. I chuckled and shook my head. It's always something. Demons, ghosts, bigfoot, mythical creatures, it was all getting so tiring. And all people do is enable enable enable. I'm not saying ghosts aren't real, but when you're in a small city surrounded by woods and wildlife on old Indian soil in rural Mississippi, maybe...just maybe it could be something as normal as animals..or crazy hicks too far gone out of their mind to behave like a rational human being. I get up and ditch the long sleeve button up I had on and boy shorts, looking for something more fitting for a festive time today and tonight. I open the closet and push aside my high school graduation cap and gown, wearing only weeks ago in my final transition into adulthood. The dark blue and green colors standing out weird like. Why those school colors?

I picked out a nice but relaxed attire for myself to combat the heat but also compliment the foggy and clouded skies outside. I set it on the bed and I made sure the doors were locked before I hopped in the shower. Mom wouldn't be home from work until later in the day, so I was here alone, and I wanted it to stay that way. If Aaron tried what he did earlier on me, I'm afraid it's no going to end so well for him.

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{ Location: Lambi Duri, inner city }

At one point in his life, Alastor might have agreed the town was haunted, even cursed- but that was a thought that belonged in the past. After all, in two years his life had changed quickly and his plans to leave had crumbled. It was frustrating to know he wouldn't be able to see the world beyond this town like he wanted to originally any longer. Nonetheless, those feelings had simmered down once graduation day had finally approached. Guilt would surely eat him up if he decided to leave behind Lambi Duri and go to the university outside of this place- this town with numerous surrounding it. Besides, his father's abrupt departure from the town didn't help things either. It wasn't surprising that his father had convinced his older brother, Eton, to go away with him. He was always the favorite and gifted child out of the two them supposedly. If he remembered correctly, there were quite a few that did express their concerns in regards to his mother's failing health. Hannah's name came to mind quick, though it was only natural considering they did go to the same school for a brief two years before graduation came for him.

Chocolate hues flickered down to the various items scattered across the floor- every single item seemed to be of value. Shit. That wasn't good news. What if he had broken something due to the accidental collision? There was that and the fact the brunette's words didn't leave him with any good sentiments about this. Nonetheless, he was obligated to help considering he was the one that bumped into her. "- If there's anything broken I will pay for it." He lightly insisted, silently hoping her equipment wouldn't be found broken. After all, a majority of this equipment seemed to be expensive from what he could tell.

It might have been the fact that she practically yanked her hand away from him, after he helped her up, that left him feeling like an asshole. Maybe he'd consider this as a lesson and pay better attention next time he was walking in the streets. A harsh sigh escaped Alastor's lips as he found himself bending down and helping her pick up the various scattered items. People were walking the streets presently, and it wouldn't do anyone any good if something got stepped on. A quick 'excuse me' was spoken repeatedly as he picked up several of the scattered items closest to him. Her apology wasn't verbally acknowledged, though it did seem better to leave that alone for now.

Once he had picked up her equipment, his attention had returned to the brunette he bumped into. "Like I said earlier, if anything is damaged I'll pay for the costs of the repairs or even a new equipment. Also, I'm sorry about earlier- for the bump I mean." Before he could continue speaking, a certain thought came to mind. How could he forget there was a repair shop in town? Honestly, one would think that wasn't a feat easily accomplished by a native to the town. "If you're free, there's a repair shop that could help repair anything." He suggested, uncertain of how to approach the matter.


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Zelda was knocked out of her reprieve when her phone buzzed again. Pulling it out of the pocket and read the texts from Hannah. She smiled again and texted to her that she had just gotten off work and was on her way home. She was about to send it before quickly asking why she wanted to know when she got off work. With that, she started walking home, letting her mind wonder to how her friend was offered a scholarship to a good school.

She was really happy to hear the Hannah was offered an opportunity such as that but deep down, she was also somewhat jealous. She had written essay after essay to those sites that the blogger told her about and each time, they denied her a scholarship for her hard work. 'I guess it can't be helped. I'll just have to keep working until I have enough to pay for a tuition.' Zelda thought to herself as she turned a corner that would take her to her street.
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Its been three months since her Husband passed away. Still reeling from her husband's death, young widow and expecting mother Alice has been very moody and depressed. Last week, during a Doctor's appointment, Alice learned that she was going to be the Mother of a little princess. Sadly, her little girl would have to grow up with a missing link in her life. Lately though, the young Mother had been having nightmares and just about every other morning, she would wake up screaming. She was lucky not to have had a miscarriage yet, but at that point she'd probably be too sad to carry on with life. Losing her husband was enough, so she didn't want to even think about losing her baby. While sitting on the couch, Alice started caressing her ever-growing belly. Now that she was seven months along, her baby bump was quite visible. Not that she was ashamed of it. In fact, she loved showing it. The only time she didn't really enjoy flaunting it was whenever someone would touch it without asking.

Another thing that did worried her as of late were a few recent deaths. While she suspected foul play, those deaths were very...unusual. Inhumane. Something had to be going on. Could it have something to do with her nightmares? Was someone out to get her? To take her baby? Hopefully not. Alice's life was already hard enough because she had to continue supporting herself for the sake of the baby. To help her though, her In-Laws have been generous enough to help her pay her mortgage and bills, even though she could pay off the house with her Husband's Life Insurance settlement that she had received after he passed. But decided to instead save that money for her little one's college tuition. With the amount of money that she was making, she was barely getting by, and Alice was in no position to get a second job. After putting her make-up on, Alice got ready to go to work. Not wanting to take the car, Alice decided to take the bus. Halfway through the bus ride, she had to stand, partly because no one really offered her a seat and she wasn't inclined on asking.

Upon disembarking the bus, Alice placed a hand on her swollen belly before sighing when she felt movement inside. "I know, sweetie, I miss Daddy too...Now can you be a good girl and let Mommy go to work?"

Afterwards, she entered her Office Building, headed up to the top floor tenth floor and came to her cubical to see a few papers on her desk. She sighed and got to looking into them before beginning her actual work as a Software Engineer.
[fieldbox="Hannah, blue, dashed, 10, Tahoma"]

The water runs down my body as the warmth cleanses me. I wash my body in mild haste, in case Aaron had tried anything like he did with Tai and Lex. Moments later I turn the shower off and grab a towel as I hop out and wipe the foggy mirror in front of me, staring at myself with a hidden demeanor of prejudice and contemplation. How would I do once I left here? How would I be received when...if I came back? Strands of wet hair stuck to my humid skin as I wiped the long streaks away and locked eyes with myself in the mirror. Taking some breaths and thoughts, I exit the hot and steamy lavatory and back into the crisp, cool hallway. I step into my room and throw on some underwear and decided to dress really informal, I garnished an outfit that was simple but trendy and started to put it on as I moisturized myself with baby lotion, mom and I always using it as our favorite. I spruced my hair up and checked my phone for the time, also seeing Zel text me back, saying she was actually on her way home.

Reply to: Zel => 'Perfect! Get into some hangout clothes, apparently someone's throwing a bonfire tonight. Aaron is coming to get me and then we'll scoop you after.'

I pressed send and tossed the phone on the bed, looking back in the mirror to the dark corridor behind me in the open hallway. My lamp light emitted a golden aura amongst the dim house. I stopped and turned over my shoulder to stare in the abysmal hall, but it was Aaron's paranoia tactics that had me a bit nervous I guess. I look back in the mirror and comb my hair out until it's straight and hanging at my upper back. I sit on my bed and push on my boots, their mass covering my anklet my dad gave me for graduation, pure 8 carat diamond. I grab my other accessories, silver earrings, some bracelets and bands with some proverbs and statements on them, and my favorite gold heart necklace. I picked up my purse and made sure my wallet and ID were in there, maybe some lipstick too. I carry the purse over my right shoulder into the den where I turn the lamp light on in the dimmed daylight of the town. I pick up the paper dad was reading earlier before he left for work and on the main headline was another tragedy, the 6th this year. This one was an animal shooting after it attacked a man, a lumberjack to be specific. A mountain lion was "said" to have mauled the man and he shot it, later dying out at the hospital from blood loss. Police never found a mountain lion though. Not even three months ago there was a car crash up on the hill, killing a husband and soon to be dad, they were new to the town after moving here recently.

I turned the pages and came across the Life section that has the zodiac readings in them. Mine (Libra) basically said that a huge fortune was in line to come my way if I helped the right people. At that moment I instantly facepalmed and sighed in sadness and disappointment, because I just remembered that I was supposed to meet Alastor after he left his mother today, matter of fact right now. This was the second time in a row I've ditched on him like that. It's not like I mean to I genuinely forget. In fact I forgot why I was meeting him. I pick up the phone and dial his number, he probably thinks I'm calling to say I'm near him but in reality I was about to either upset him or instantly be forgiven by him, I didn't know which was worse. The receiver clicks and I didn't know if it was voicemail or him but I started ranting right away.

"Hey Alastor I'm so sorry um...I forgot we were meeting at this time and I just blanked I'm SO sorry...and I kind of told Aaron and Tai and Lex I'd go with them to get Zel, but I could totally cancel...or maybe I could just meet you still if it's not too late and then we could go to the lake after? I-- I'm so sorry again..."

Zelda got the message just as she was walking in the front door of her home and sighed at what she read. She like Hannah and felt good that she was willing to let her hang out with her, but Hannah's other friends, the twins and that Aaron boy, they always laughed at her whenever she let her superstitious nature out. Knowing that there were very few options for her to take, she decided to quickly check on her grandfather to see if he needed any help before going to take a shower and get ready to go to the bonfire. Her grandmother was away at a bingo game with other elders and wouldn't be back for another few hours. Seeing her grandfather taking a nap on his favorite armchair, she quickly gave him a small kiss on his temple and went upstairs to the bathroom. After taking a quick shower, she went to her room that was across the hall of the bathroom and looked around for something that she could wear. After about twenty minutes of debating, she found the perfect outfit. It was a gift from her grandmother that she hasn't had a chance to wear since getting it. To complete the outfit, she donned on her white sandals and got started on brushing her hair and styling it the best she could. After that was done, she waited for the inevitable to happen. To help relieve the boring wait, she picked up a book she had gotten from the local library and started reading from where she left off.

She was just at a really good part of the book when she felt another shiver rack at her spine and she looked around her room. The room was covered in symbols of good luck and dream catchers and other little doo-dads that ward off evil so it wasn't anything in her room. Thinking of her still napping grandfather, she set her book down and headed downstairs as fast as she could without making a lot of noise. Once in the room, she saw her grandfather starting to wake up and another sigh escaped her. She must have just been cold in her room again. Her grandfather turned when he heard her footsteps and smiled when he saw her as dressed up as she was willing to get.

"Well, if it isn't the prettiest girl in all of Lambi Duri." He chuckled, standing up from his armchair with her help. "What is the special occasion, little butterfly?"

She blushed at the old nickname he called her since she was little. "Nothing much, grandfather. Just going to go to a bonfire with Hannah and some of her friends." She answered honestly, seeing how her grandfather's smile turned into a small frown at the mention of her going out and probably staying out all night.

"You know I do not like it when you go out at night. There are evil creatures out there and not to mention that I do not trust some of Hannah's friends." He states in an authoritative voice before sighing at the sad look on her face. She reminded him so much of her mother when she was young that it was hard to forbid her from doing anything that he would find dangerous. "Just remember to charge your phone and where the charm your grandmother and I got for you." He relented.

"Yes, grandfather." Zelda answered, kissing his cheek and running back upstairs to put her charm necklace on and charge her phone.
While getting her work situated, Alice didn't smile at all, not one bit. Then again, she was already suffering from mild depression due to her husband passing away. She also seemed very stressed out and that was really bad for the baby. Either that or she was just really moody. Her Boss took note of her unhappiness, but knew that the lady was still mourning her husband's passing, not to mention that she was also heavily pregnant and in the third trimester, at least the beginning of it. "Alice, why don't you go ahead and take the rest of the week off? You look tired." He said, walking up to his employee.

Alice simply looked up at him. She sighed before giving him an answer. In her Company, she was getting paid with leave...Unless she did something bad, but she was always a good employee. "Okay. Thanks..." She said sadly before collecting her Purse and Jacket. She didn't even bother to clock out or even log off of her Computer. Quietly, the young mother-to-be just walked over to the Bus Stop that she had been dropped off at earlier that day. She felt a tear roll down her cheek, but wiped it away quickly with her sleeve so that no one would have to see it. When she boarded the bus to go home, she noticed that there wasn't very many people. Then again, most of the regular passengers were probably still at work...She was just let off early. As she sat down, Alice just turned on her iPod to listen to music, leaning against the window, trying not to think about her late husband as she continued her commute. Resting a hand on her swollen belly, she just ended up daydreaming.
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