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  1. Hello all!

    I'm looking for some new one on one role plays. Preferably mxm and I'm craving some type of power, conflict type thing. Maybe a captured POW or insane asylum type thing...a situation where one person has some type of hold over the other....

    Or, if you aren't up for that, I'm up for just about anything else. Historical, future, fantasy, I'm down.

    PM me, email me ( or post on here.

    (The title has nothing to do with anything by the way, just happens to be stuck in my head :) ))
  2. A captured POW rp would interest me :D And mxm sounds great for it!
  3. Awesome, do you want to hash out a plot together or do you already have something in mind? Do you want to talk over PM or on here?
  4. Here is fine, and as for plot, I'm up for anything. Do you have a specific time period? Also, would it be possible for me to be the POW?
  5. WWII is usually decent, and I have no problem with that. Do you want to do something along then lines of your charrie snuck out of his home in the Jewish ghetto to find food or something and the night watch caught him, or more along the lines of a soldier captured? So basically, civilian POW or soldier POW is what I'm getting at :)
  6. I think I'd be more interested in a soldier POW, since I've done something similar to the civilian POW angle. Do you want a character sheet?
  7. I was thinking that my character would be part of the British Royal Air Force and his plane goes down, but I'm fine with any ideas you have :D
  8. Character sheet works for me, and I have no problem with the Royal Air Force idea.
  9. Ok. I'll write a CS as soon as I can ^^
  10. Name: Desmond 'Des' Whitaker

    Age: 24

    Rank: Corporal

    Personality: Des is quick-thinking and intuitive, and judges himself more harshly than any CO could do. As such, he is a perfectionist while working on something, but otherwise he is rather laid back and flexible. On a normal day, he is extroverted and quick to make friends among strangers, but a couple of days a year he becomes quiet and introverted. Des doesn't believe in holding the truth back, and can be exceptionally blunt when speaking. Though he may seem loud and carefree to some, he is really a thoughtful person, and will follow what he believes is right to the grave.

    Appearance: Des has lightly tanned skin, hazel-green eyes, and curly black hair that he wears just under regulation. He is a few inches above six feet, and has a medium-sized build, looking like anyone you would see on the streets. Before he had joined the RAF, he had preferred wearing lighter colored clothing, though he has come to enjoy the dark blues and greens of the RAF uniforms.

    I can add in his history in the rp :D I hope this is good.
  11. That's perfect. I'll toss up my CS and start a board. I read your resume, so I know you prefer plot and story over smut, do you want me to toss this up in the mature boards anyway? More for the language that may be thrown around, and since he is a POW, there may be some torture, just let me know your limits on that type of thing.
  12. Name: Viktor Wolff

    Age: 28

    Rank: Captain

    Personality: Viktor rose through the ranks quickly, and it wasn't because he was a sweetheart. Cold, ruthless, willing to do anything to ensure the Third Reich succeeded. He had been commended by Hitler himself several times, and was a true "Nazi" through and through. Recently, he had become the commander of an enemy POW camp, hand chosen because he was unafraid to do what was necessary to keep order and control. He seemed almost robotic at times, he had never been seen with a lover, had few that he would call "friend" and was generally a loner unless absolutely necessary.

    Appearance: Light brown hair, shaved close to his head, with dark green eyes. He was tanned from working outside, but only his wrists, neck and face, as he would never dishonor the uniform by stripping down to just his pants, as many of the enlisted men did in the heat. He stood at six foot two, lean muscle, and took pride in ensuring his uniform was perfect. Very rarely was he seen in civilian clothes, but when he was, they were always tailored to fit him perfectly.
  13. Torture is fine, but since I'm going into the 18+ group this year, I've decided that I won't start any new mature rps until then, which will be in August. Your character sheet looks great, too. Since I'm going to be gone for a while, can you post the thread? I can post in a couple hours, or less, if you do, but I'm fine either way ^^
  14. I'm heading to bed, but I'll post up a thread tomorrow morning. Where should I start the thread if you don't want it in mature?
  15. One x one is fine. If it gets too graphic, we can temporarily move to messaging, and then it would be fine. I'm eager for the thread to be up xD
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