Lakeshore Psychiatric Ward

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Are you insane?

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  1. The mornings at Lakeshore Phychiatric Ward start at 7AM with the dreary morning bell that echoes through the halls. A nurse will enter and feed you your morning dose of brain numbing pills, before you're free to join the group of crazies for breakfast in the Mess Hall. You step out of your tiny, suffocating, white room into a hall. The halls, walls, and ceilings are a blindingly clean white, and the whole building wreaks of bleech and disinfectant. The fluorescent ceiling lights seem to reflect off of every scrubbed clean surface. In the Mess Hall, you'll find your fellow nut-jobs standing in line for their morning slub from the sour-faced Grubs that serve them, or gathering at the white, plastic lunch tables to stare off into space while spooning the medicine laced mush into their lips. After Breakfast, it's time for showers. Down the corridor from the Mess Hall, is the seperate female and male shower rooms where you'll go to scrub all the awful thoughts from your raw skin, maybe trying to find the sane person that resides under there somewhere. Once you think your skin is beginning to peel off, the patients wander off to their scheduled oppointments, or go to have some Free Time in the Tv room, if you've been a good girl or boy. If you don't have the Free Time privelage, you'll be escorted back into your nice, little room to have some Alone Time. The rooms are all 8x8 with one small, rectangular, barred window at the very top of one wall, so you can watch the hours of daylight fade by while your stuck in your own little hell. At 12PM is lunch, where everyone will shuffle into the Mess Hall to be served half cooked something, and fed their Mid-day meds. Those who behave are offered Tv time after lunch, or a chance to go out into the gated Yard for some supervised exercise. You'll let the hours drip by in a medicated hase, staring at a too quiet tv, staring at your Room wall, trying to communicate with a Doctor who isn't listening, or fighting your own monsters in your twisted brain. With 6PM comes Dinner, and once again everyone will gather into the large Mess Hall for some more taste-less "food". Dinner is where you can see that everyone starts to get shifty. Everyone starts to fidget, and squirm. Because, after Dinner, is Lights Out. Everyone dreads this time of the day. You'll be escorted to your room, and given your goodnight medication, before your door slams shut. You'll wait and hear that awful sound of the lock sliding home. You'll be washed into the darkness, watching the hall light go off through the small, rectangular window on the door. You'll get to lay in your little, one-person bed, and listen. Listen to the sounds of the unhappy patients next door, listen to their moans and groans, their cries. You'll hear the sobbing of the insane echoing through the scrubbed, white halls through the night. If you pray hard enough, hopefully those will be the only sounds that come upon your ears as you wait for your medication to take you to a happier place of toss and turn dreams. If you're unlucky, you'll here the darkness. You'll hear whatever lurks outside your door, creeping through the halls, stalking around for it's next victim. You know there's something out there. Everyone knows. They say that you'll be able to see it's face, looking you over, sizing you up, from that little window on your door. That next morning, you'll be gone. No one will miss you. It's like you were never there. But, until then, enjoy your stay at Lakeshore.

    Post a character below
    Appearance: (preferably a realistic picture)
    Reason for your admittance:

    My character example:
    Name: Laine Warron
    Age: 18
    Diagnosis: Trauma- and stressor-related disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder, and Anxiety disorder
    Reason for admittance: She was abducted, sexually abused, and tortured by a man for three months, before being able to murder the man and burn his house down, with his family inside. She was arrested and was sent to Lakeshore on 'Unstable mental state', do to her lawyer claiming Post-traumatic stress.
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