INTEREST CHECK Lady Nightingale's Academy Remake - Historical Fantasy School Setting + Sociopolitical Intrigue?

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  1. Back in early November, I attempted to start up a RP based on the principle of future monarchs attending a school where they would all learn a relatively unbiased curriculum, meet and learn to work with each other, and gain all the skills needed to steer the world in the right direction in the future.
    I believe that what I did wrong with the plot is to try and focus it too heavily on arranged marriages and the interpersonal relations. I think this would be more fun if, instead of being romance-heavy, it was more focused on the whole of the situation. After all, the students are not only pupils, but also representatives of their countries. The sociopolitical situation cannot be ignored. ^^ For this reason I'd like to bring in a handful of rather experienced roleplayers who would be willing to not only play a character, but also a build a world. The relationships between countries will be explored, as well as each's independence and rights, which may or may not align with their heirs' relationships.

    I would prefer everyone who joins to double as two students, to begin. I want no fewer than three people, in addition to myself, and no more than seven. Each character must be from a unique country, and I want at least eight unique countries before we begin. They WILL be all on the same continent, though islands within a day's sail of coast will be permitted.
    After signups are closed, I will draw a map of our world to help us better understand the borders and situations. As you design your country, try to keep in mind the topographical features you'd like to see included- I will do my best to keep your wishes in mind, but my art skills are only mediocre.

    Anyways, here's the gist I used on the original board- it still applies, but expect a broader focus.

    Thirty years ago, The Reckoning encompassed the continent of Damre. From East coast to West, no nation went untouched, no royal family unshaken, no military unbloodied. It was a combination of things- a period of cold, dry weather. A blight afflicting grain. A new strain of the bloody flux. The untimely death of an emperor. The invention of the canon. The HellFire plague's reappearance. A discontented baron who thought he could do a better job of ruling than his current king. A disenfranchised exile making his return. A new cult sweeping the nation and burning the unworthy.
    It all added up quickly.
    No nation was spared, not completely. When the dust settled and the rebuilding began, eight years ago, all the leaders of all the nations in the world met with one another. Another war could not be allowed. They must learn to communicate and cooperate and prevent another Reckoning.
    As part of their plans, they contacted Lady Nightingale. She was a woman with no close ties to any nation or ethnic group, a perfect diplomat with impeccable manners and zero allegiances. A true neutral, everyone agreed. They gifted her with land and with money and with supplies, and bid her make a school, an academy where they could all send their primary and secondary heirs, where she could find them good matches and raise them to be aware not only locally, but globally.
    The Lady Nightingale accepted, and the Castle on the Edge of the World was gifted to her. It is its own nation, autonomous and free from the rule of any other monarch to prevent any tampering with her system. They have put the fate of the future in her delicate hands, and entrusted her with setting the world on a better course through their children.

    Want to build a world with me?​