Lady Nightingale's Academy | Med/Fant Arranged Marriage RP

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    You see that link? You know you want to click it.
    But wait! First, you ought to hear what you're getting yourself into, and what we're looking for.

    Lady Nightingale's Academy is a school for young royalty, the future leaders of the world. Here they will learn everything they need to rule. History. Geography. Language. Arts. Mathematics. Poetry. Chivalry. After all, a knowledgeable, educated ruling class who have known each other for years would surely be too smart, too responsible to repeat the mistakes of their forebears.
    Of course, it's better safe than sorry.
    Just to be sure, five royal couples have been picked. Five arranged marriages sure to promote prosperity and prevent bloodshed. Or so the theory goes...

    Do you think this RP might be the one for you? We only have three requirements! If you meet them all, consider yourself welcome and stop on by the thread.
    • You must be able to handle two characters, a male and a female. No exceptions- everyone must handle the same character load.
    • u gotta b abel to english good
      Seriously, though. Use SpellCheck and have better grammar than my cat.
    • No stupidity! No drama, no whining, no GM/PP/Mary Sues... y'know, easy stuff.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.