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  1. Such a witty, unique title, no? Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Lady Godiva speaking. I am in my twenties and recently graduated from University as an Archaeologist. Yes, I will dig for food. Writing has always been a passion for me since I was a wee lass, and I have been role playing in forums and chats for the past five years.

    I am interested in all sorts of stories, provided that they are realistic even in Fantasy settings and built with care and interest. You will probably find me lurking in the 1x1 section, looking for tales that combine fantastical with heavy historical elements. Mature themes are bound to occur but only when needed as part of the story. I talk and plan a lot. Oh, and despite my heavy schedule I will try my best to produce a hearty reply at least once a week.

    Thanks for having me and I look forward to meeting you all!
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  3. Ludovisi Gaul, a Roman copy of the Greek statue created during the Hellenistic Period of Greek sculpture. In this work, you can see a Gaul chieftan comitting suicide, accompanied by already-deceased wife, in order to avoid being taken as slaves by the Greeks. The work is exemplary of the Hellenistic Period because of the intensely emotional, yet everyday subject matter, dramatic folding of the cloth, and the attention paid to the underlying musuclar structure and skeletal system of the human body.

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    Spot on analysis Arlathina and thanks for welcoming me!
  5. I'm not actually that smart. I am taking AP Art History at the moment, and this was one of the first statues we studied.
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    Glad to see you around these parts. I wish you welcome and a lot of fun!
  8. Hello Lady Godiva, it was splendid meeting you ^ ^ welcome to the site and enjoy your stay!~
  9. Many welcomes, Godiva. I find myself now craving chocolate. Excuse me, please.