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Lady GaGa is gettin' in your brains

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. She sure as hell isn't getting in my brain. :P
  2. That article clearly states that she's not USING mind control, they're just about mind control. Making a commentary. >:D

    I can see it. XD A lot of her songs and videos have a message. I don't think it's all that hidden, though...
  3. You know what Lady Gaga songs remind me of? TK.
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  4. Yeah. When a Lady Gaga song gets in my brain, I go into panic mode.
  5. I've never once listened to the stuff. I know she's not getting in my head.
  6. It's not about her using... uuuugh.... -___-

    Interesting read. I want to believe that she and her creative team are really that clever.

    *applies for a job with Lady Gaga*
  7. I KNOW the article isn't about Lady Gaga mind control! But it sounded cool and got more people to read it, jeeze you guys.
  8. *forks over his brain for Lady Gaga*

    Well she is a Lady after all.
  9. You want inaccuracies? See Orion's latest thread. This, is not my Insanity!!!

    DXklj:vjD I can't stand that woman...