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    Hello people of Iwaku~ I might as well start off by introducing myself to everyone. My name is Devi and I am a high school junior. I've been roleplaying and writing my own stories since I was around twelve years old and now I am turning seventeen so I am quite adept at the concept. I enjoy multiple scenarios and plot twists in a story so almost anything is acceptable to me. I want this to be enjoyable for both myself and my partner so if at any time any of you have an issue with a story please do inform rather than let it build up in your mind.
    Now as for a few do's and don'ts in my roleplays I suppose you all should know I don't like doing yuri or any of that stuff but I would try yaoi if there are some good ideas behind it. I don't exactly do smut since I am not into that kind of stuff. I'm more of the fade to black type if it gets to that point in the story. Also another thing is that I mostly play the female roles. I'm not the greatest at playing the male parts but I will if I absolutely must. I generally don't mind playing either and I expect my partner to be the same on this term.
    So without further lengthening my post beyond its limits, I would like to wrap this up with saying that if you have any questions or would like to start something with me please don't be shy and just send me a message. Thank you for your time.

    |Random Pairings|
    Here are some pairings I wouldn't mind doing. The roles I would prefer to play, but don't have to, will be in bold while the pairings I am dying to do will have an asterisk next to it. This list is not limited to just the options given, you may suggest something to me and I might like it.

    Show Spoiler
    Hunter x Vampire*
    Famed person x Fan/Nonfan
    Supernatural x Human
    Socialite x Poor*
    Popular kid x Outcast*
    Assasin x Target
    Prince/Princess x Commoner/Knight
    Soldier x Spy/Bystander*
    Superhero x Villain/Superhero
    Gang member x Bystander

    |Plot Candies|
    Here are some things I thought my fit in well with some of the ideas and pairings. Again, this list is not limited to the stated options.
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    Summer Camp
    Close Friends

    |Pre-made Plots|
    These plots are not set in stone. They can be changed in any way, shape, or form.

    Nothing More to Say (open)
    Character A and Character B have been best friends since they were small kids. Character B always had a crush on Character A. Character A has never noticed but always thought of Character B as someone they could completely trust with anything, almost like a sibling. One day in the future Character B built up the courage and decided to confess to Character A but before there was even a chance, Character C arrived in town and took a liking to Character A. Now Character B has to win back the heart of Character A.
    I prefer to play as Character A in this plot. This can also be done with 4+ characters.

    Stranded (open)
    Character A and Character B go on a camping trip in the mountains. Character A goes out to get more wood for the fire. After a long time Character B has noticed that Character A hasn’t returned yet and gets worried. A huge storm occurs and Character A has still not come back so Character B goes to look for Character A. In the midst of the storm Character B finds Character A and now they must both trudge their way back to the shelter before they perish.
    This can be done in many different variations.

    The Lost Cause (open)
    Character A was once part of a unit during a war in another country. They deserted and ran from the country into another one. After a few weeks Character A becomes desperate and breaks into someone’s house. Character B happens to be the owner of the house. Character B is a member of the country’s military. Character B decides not to arrest Character A after Character A pleads for mercy. Character A now lives under the protection of Character B as the deserter’s unit comes looking for them.
    I prefer to play the female role in this one.
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  2. Are you still looking for a partner?
  3. the Prince/Princess x Commoner/Knight works good with me, if your still up to roleplaying?
  4. I'm always up for another partner. Pm me and we can work something out.

    That is fine with me. Just pm me and we can get some ideas going.
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