Ladies & Gentlemen,

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  1. Good Morning, Good Evening, or Good Night to where ever you live, place, state or..planet?

    Anyways, I am very interest in what Iwaku has to offer in this world of Rp. I'm also interest in meeting new people and of course learning. I will say that i have my own experience in rping, but i have my flaws and that is the reason why I would like to share or even be part of, some of the new ideas that you guys have.

    I guess I could do fantasy and modern or whatever this site offers. I am willing to try anything that catches my mind.

    A little about me: Hmmm,
    Well I am a female, I have made sure of that. Uh, I love to write. Ah yes..writing..I was doing it today in class
    >___> when I was suppose to be paying attention. Oh well. But I love love love love to read other's peopls stories, dramas whatever is that they write about. Gaming is another part of my life, but its a secret to all boys...who play COD games. lol
    I'm very easygoing, get along with everyone. I like to joke around and be funny.

    And thats all. I mean, I could say more but I don't want to give a full speech ya know. I'm not a President nor...>___> Queen yet.

  2. Hello and welcome to the site Madam Kathelyn! >:D
  3. WINS:
    -The Fact That You Play COD.
    -The Fact That You Are Here.
    -The Fact That You Are Anticipating Your Throne As Queen.
    -The Fact That You Slacked Off In Class.

    You now have a Staci generated nickname.
    -throws confetti that tastes like strawberries and cucumber at your face.-
    Enjoy this site and the many wonders it beholds.

  5. Hello and welcome to Iwaku.
    It's good to meet you, Kathelyn. I'm Kitti, by the by.
    Iwaku is notorious for causing its members to slack off at whatever they're doing with our addictive conversations and roleplays, so don't anticipate any chiding here about that! x3

    Things around here are pretty easy to figure out overall, or as easy as we could make them, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  6. Thank you, very much everyone!!! I am glad that I got some feedback lol
    I am very grateful to meet you and wish to rp with you ladies & jets in the near future.
    Of course, I will take the time to review each of your profiles to see the similarities we've got!!
  7. Well hello there.

    WHy not get to know us by talkign to us? hmm..? we don't bite (his malicious intent) and deep down are soft as marshmellows, even if the outsides are burned and crusty.
  8. Well, I guess thats also another good idea.
    I'm sure i'll do that, since its much easier.
  9. Harro nice new person!

    As is my whimsically acted upon tradition. . .

    *Gives a cupcake with star-shaped sprinkles on top*
  10. Hello Orion, ^^
    ::Takes the lovely cupcake and smiles:: Thanks very much, Nice too meet you. Call me Kat.
  11. Make sure to visit the C-box one of these times. There's almost always someone there these days!

    Welcome to the Forum!
  12. Welcome! it is a pleasure to meet you Kathelyn~ I hope you enjoy the site! If you ever need someone to chat with or bounce ideas off of then just give me a shout! I'm on most of the time trying to avoid school work. XD
  13. It's always night in Jet City!

    Welcome to Iwaku, I'm October Knight, nice to meet you.
  14. <------makes this face