Lack of diversity at the Oscars

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  1. As I'm sure most of you may know, the upcoming Oscars are getting a lot of heat for "lack of diversity". Some people are pissed because certain films like Straight Outta Compton (which I enjoyed) weren't nominated along with certain actors.

    Personally I think this is stupid because who in their right mind would actually take the Oscars seriously? I stopped caring about the Oscars ever since Leonardo DiCaprio was robbed of all of the Oscars he should've won. I think this entire controversy is stupid and I'm pretty sure from now on whenever a woman or a non-white DOES get an award, people will assume that they got it simply because of their race or gender when that might not be the case.
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  2. The thing to remember with Oscars is that the demographic running it is completely different from the actual demographics watching the movies.

    Game Film Theory actually puts it best.

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  3. ...I don't watch the Oscars or any other kind of award show. I find them boring and not really useful, tbh. Like the performances but I can watch that on YouTube 8'D.
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  4. I know that there's a valid point behind the complaint. To be honest though; who gives a fuck?

    An Oscar does not make an actor or actress any better or recognizable. There are plenty of people who deserve Oscars and have not won one, and they still get roles. They still make a fat paycheck for what they do.

    I think there are more important issues that people should be worried about. And as for boycotting the Oscars, I think that it's the wrong idea. If people want to make a point that the Oscars are 'too white' boycotting it is not going to improve it.
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  5. It's all patting each other on the back anyways. Why are people surprised?
    How about some diversity on the news? Oh yeah. They don't need any more publicity in the form of mugshots. Positive publicity! Of course!

    Better shit in this world to complain about than "needs more not-white people" in everything.

    I guess when you're that rich you need some drama in your life to give some semblance of a challenge.

    Also, where's Leo's Oscar again?
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  6. I was wondering when this thing would pop up.

    Honestly, I haven't given a flying hoot about the Oscars or any other awards shows for eons. Spending hours watching celebrities pat each other on the back with a creepy bald naked dude holding a sword as the reward sounds about as fun as watching plants grow. I just wish people would shut the fuck up about Leonardo DiCaprio not winning an Oscar because seeing people complain about that five times a day for years doesn't get old.

    Another way of looking at it is actors and actresses shouldn't be looking for a trophy to validate their worth as an artist. There's numerous, too many to count in fact, actors and actresses who are universally beloved, land great roles, and are paid a crazy amount of money who never won a stinking award.
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  7. Are the Oscars actually something that holds significant weight in the acting world? Because if they do, then it is in fact a serious problem that an award that holds significant weight has race/gender disparities.

    If they aren't, then it shouldn't actually matter.
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  8. The Oscars are where a bunch of largely irrelevant people within the industry go to give each other hand jobs and validate their own personal tastes as "credibly superior." So superior, in fact, that nearly every major reviewer in every form of media and beyond it--from car magazines to video game reviewers--have their own version of award shows. These vary from top 10 lists to literal award shows. I mean, we've had multiple video game award shows even--from Spike TV's Mountain Dew infused awko-fest, to this grotesquely massive list. I mean, jesus, look at all of these awards people can win. Some of which are limited by your nationality, gender, race, or whatever else.

    If the Oscars held any bearing on how much money you would earn, I might voice a complaint. It doesn't though. Because, let's be honest, once you start making millions of dollars, anything you earn above and beyond that is literally just fucking excess. And, hell, it's not like black males winning or being nominated doesn't exist--a black male won an Oscar back in 1963. To put this into context: That was the same year that the Equal Pay Act was put into legislation.

    The real reason this has cropped up is because Jada Smith is butthurt over the fact that Will Smith hasn't won an Oscar yet, and decided to blame it on racism, and progressives decided to run wild with it because that's what they do. Not the fact that I can't think of a single film in 2015, which starred a black person in a leading role, that performed above and beyond what is normally expected of film. Largely because outside of the indie genre--which the Oscars infamously mishandle on a regular basis regardless of your race--I can't really think of a film in 2015 that blew me away at all. I can't think of a film released in 2015 without cheating and using Google that in any way, blew my mind. It just felt like films were released because studios were like "oh yeah, we have to do that making money thing." (No, I haven't seen the new Star Wars yet.)

    It also doesn't help that the Oscars are more of a reflection of a bigger potential issue (depending on what you consider an issue--I personally do), and that is: The general lack of a significant black presence in Hollywood. Aside from a handful of big time actors, I can't really think of anyone.

    Then again, only about 13.2% of the total US population defines itself as African American. So if Hollywood is to be representative of the whole population on a statistical average, blacks should be a minority. By basic math.

    Yet, that doesn't make it any less troubling, because this issue is far bigger than the Oscars and their ceremonial wanking over golden statues that lose all relevance the following year.
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  9. I had a guy (yes, a black guy, since I know people will ask) come in and print a paper he wrote on this very subject at my work today. So yes, some people do evidently care. He cited 12 Years a Slave and Selma, among others, as a few movies which he thought ought to have won Oscars over the last few years but were passed over. I actually haven't seen either one, so I can't give any kind of opinion on that stance.

    Personally I think everyone should boycott the Oscars, period, because they're fucking stupid pretentious bullshit. (Of course, that's not really what this whole hubbub is about.)
  10. ITT: racists
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  11. There's obviously a fucking problem if the only Oscar nominees for Straight Outta Compton, a movie depicting a very important part of American history and African-American culture, were the few white people involved in the making of the movie. Do I think the Oscars are stupid, pretentious, and useless? Yes. Do I think us black people should focus more on other issues such as the streets of Chicago or the depiction of African-Americans on BET? Abso-fucking-lutely! But holy shit don't act there isn't a problem here and just pass it off as, "blacks wanting more non-whites."
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  12. I'm with the majority, I don't really care.

    When I ask someone if a film is good, and they tell me it won or was nominated for an oscar or any other award I'm just like ". . . kay that's like if I asked if you had a cat and you told me you like orange juice. I want to know if you thought it was a good film, or, I suppose, if you think I'll think it's a good film."

    Whether it's won or been nominated for awards is not a 100% accurate measure of this. I mean, obviously number of nominations and awards won is one way of gaguing a movie's success and therefore its quality, but it's not the be-all end-all, and I definitely don't think it's the only measure you should use.

    But I digress, we're not talking about whether the oscars are a good measure of a movie or actor/actress' worth.

    Yeah, I dunno. I don't really look at the Oscars as something I expect to properly relfect the demographics of moviemakers. It'd be nice if they did, cause, y'know "you can't be what you can't see" (or at least it's significantly harder to maintain or develop an aspirition without visible examples and role models) but on the other hand I think it's becoming pretty common knowledge that this is superficial promotional fantasy, not an accurate representation of quality and success in the industry as a whole.

    How does one do this exactly?
  13. @Minibit

    I was being a bit glib.

    What I meant was that I don't see any value in watching, supporting, or participating in the Oscars.
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  14. D'oh!

    I'm not good at detecting sarcasm >.<

    Yeah, I agree though. S'why I don't watch them or tweet about them or anything like that; I suppose you could call that a sort of boycott in that I'm withholding my viewership?
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