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    The intercom was loud and clear. "Emergency meeting in the gym in five minutes. Be there or face the consequences." The announcement was quick and the intercom turned off before anyone could react. In the gym, everyone stood.. waiting, talking, whispering. After 15 minutes of standing around in the gym the projector turned on and showed a single name. The intercom turned on again and out came the same dark, raspy voice. "Jessica Abalington," he spoke the girl's first name, "is an achoholic." Gasps were heard and everyone stared at the poor girl. Her face was pale. This went on with different people for 2 hours until every student had one secret exposed. The doors had finally unlocked and people were allowed to leave. You could say it was shocking when the hallways were covered in sheets of paper, people's names and the same single secret written on it. On each sheet of paper the same message was typed:
    Let's play a game.
    If you are able to solve the mystery in one month, I'll call everything off and leave Kingdom Crest alone. For good.
    But if you run out of time. . .
    I'll expose the truth and let the whole world know all of your secrets! A single secret will be exposed every day. You and your precious school's reputation will be tarnished in no time.
    Don't believe me?
    Just wait and see.

    Yours Truly,
    The Kingdom Burner

    This is basically the plot. But Kingdom Crest is still a high school so expect minor plots and drama. If you are even somewhat interested why not check it out?