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  1. Experiment 6
    Dr. Lippen
    Experiment Notes:

    They're going good with the wrinkle cream but we're going to test the drugs now. They don't really see a change of environment we do all the tests in that same room 2 beds, a dresser, no mirror, all white walls, and the starry night painting. They don't seem to be effected so far by any of the recent drugs we think they're safe time to move on to more.

    Dr. Lippen
    Age: 37

    Favorite Experiments: Changing of eye colors, permanent hair color, skin change, weight loss, scar recovery.

    Experiment #37
    Age: 12
    Scared, Worried, Misses his family, wants someone to love.
  2. (Just warning you I am on my ipad so I won't be able to change the font, and as for pictures I'll look, bit I'm bad at finding them if you find some you think would work for my character let me know)

    Dr. Barkley
    Age: 35
    Looks: tall, handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes
    Favorite Experiments: emotional drugs (drugs that can control your emotions)

    Experiment # 38
    Age: 17
    Looks: tall, brown hair and brown eyes
    He just does what he has to do to survive, and will go along with just about any experiment the scientists give him.

    (I'm thinking since there are two of us now not three then the scientists will work together on their experiments)
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  3. Experiment 7
    Dr. Barkley
    Dr. Lippen and I are going to start testing the emotion pill today we shall test happiness today, sadness tomorrow, then love, anger, and confusion.

    (Sorry I'm not as good a RPer as you...I feel bad)
  4. ((You're fine and I think no pictures are fine unless you would like me to get you pictures I can do that =) Also the font thing isn't an issue! Also yeah working together sounds good! Don't feel bad you're fine!!))

    Ben sat on his bed and looked over at Xavier "What do you think they'll do to us this time?" Ben was upset this was his life but at least he wasn't here alone he grew very fond of Xavier after going through all this together. Ben got up and went over to starry night painting and traced some of the lines..."Ughh why us"

    Testing Experiment Emotional Pills
    Side Effects : To be determined
    Desired Effects : To change mood

    Dr. Barkley what do you think will happen from this test? I think we will be able to see some results hopefully they become happier they seem bored in the room.
  5. "I'm not sure Ben hopefully nothing painful" Xavier said. He had a very low pain tolerance which was very embarrassing since a little kid could stand more pain than him. He looked down at his clothes which were white just like everything else in the room except then painting.....white walls,white shirts, white socks, white boxers, white blankets.......I wonder if Ben wears boxers or briefs? Xavier let his mind wander it was one of the was he could mentally escape this place.

    Dr. Lippen my hopes are for the two to become happier and become closer to eachother, tomorrow is sadness, then love. Their social interactions with eachother will be interesting to watch as well as the side effects of the pills which will last a few hours. Then the drug will be out of their system and we can work on one of you experiments.
  6. "Pain ugh I don't want to deal with pain I just wanna sleep to be honest lets hope nothing terrible..when he tried to change my eye color that needle happy they failed with me instantly so they didn't test on you" Ben said as he remembered the one time he say his eye the sides were black rather then white, he could still see out of it but it was blurry.

    Happy, maybe distract them from their current state of being bored it looks, perfect! Whenever you would like to test doctor lead the way. Lippen looked at the boys and laughed, love would be a fun day.​
  7. "Yeah I'm sorry about that" Xavier said to the boy. Xavier was terrified the doctor would try something like that on least Dr. Barkley doesn't try to disfigure me..."well Dr. Lippen also studies scarred tissue....maybe if we are really good and go along with all the experiments they want....he could try and fix it."

    Dr. Barkley decided it was better if the two doctors didn't enter the room. He slipped the two pills and note into the slot in the door. It read dear boys, each of you take one.....we'll, he watching....
  8. Thinking Somewhat like this for the Room (open)

    "Yeah....maybe" Ben said in disbelief after doing this I don't think they'd help us.."Pills..'take one each' do you wanna do it?" Ben questioned, showing the note and the two pills to Xavier..."I mean we have nothing to do but listen" Ben said as he popped the pill.

    Okay lets see, Ben seemed hesitant I hope your experiment works this could be really fun Dr. Barkley.​
  9. "I guess....maybe they'll fix your eyes...we just have to go along with what they ask of us ok?" Xavier said grabbing a pill he knew they were watching him. He couldn't see any cameras but knew they were somewhere in the room. He looked at the pill and put it in his mouth and swallowed it opening his mouth to show he had.

    Oh it will Dr. will. So what do you plan on doing to them this afternoon once this pill wears off?
  10. (I agree, do we have the bathroom as a separate room or have a toilet, shower and sink in the room?)
  11. (( Uh maybe behind like a curtain just like the one in the the back corner so they don't reveal to much to each other and of course two bed just wanted to show that all white type of feeling))

    "Maybe, hopefully" Ben swallowed the pill and opened his mouth to prove it to the cameras somewhere and suddenly he felt a jolt of happiness "WOAH I'm like I don't even know, LETS GO HAVE FUN" Ben had an immediate response to the pills and couldn't stop smiling.

    Hmm well I think we could start on scar recovery, there are some scars from some of our previous experiments I can test on to try to remove them. This spray has to be treated to the target point Dr. Lippen said as he held up a spray bottle but not paying much attention to it rather the boys on the screen.​
  12. Xavier felt a rush of happiness inside him. "Yeah let's do it what do you want to do?" Xavier was smiling uncontrollably now. In the back of his mind he heard a small voice saying Xavier this is a drug you're not really happy! He decided not to listen to it and just enjoy his good mood.

    "Sounds good, you really should fix the boy's eye if you want to try again you can't use that eye and the boy only has one good eye left.....this drug is working faster than I thought it would"

    (Well I was thinking that everything in the room is controlled by the scientist and they unlock a room at certain points and that is when the boys must hurry and take showers, go to the bathroom excetra, what do you think?)
  13. ((Yeah that sounds good!))

    "Lets..jump on our BEDS!" Ben screamed out and jumped up and threw his pillow at Xavier while laughing the whole entire time. Wowww this was a rush but it slowed down for Ben quickly and he was slightly less energetic but more tingly butterflies in stomach feeling because he was happy for no reason.

    "Hmm the boys eye will have to wait, we'll test this on his scar on the right calf where we made an incision to test if we could redefine their muscle definitions. We'll use that scar to see if it will go away.​
  14. "Ok!" Xavier got up with the other boy and started jumping on the bed. This is so much fun Xavier thought to himself as they jumped. He noticed that Ben was slowing down so Xavier stopped and asked. "What's wrong? Are you happy?"

    "I suppose, where will you test the scar removal on Xavier he wasn't part of that experiment remember? Oh and you do plan on taking them to the lab don't know how the can get when we try to interact with them...." Dr. Barkley asked his superior, the other man was only two years older but was still technically above him, he had to have all of his experiments approved by him which so sties angered the man, but very rarely did the two men disagree on an experiment...
  15. "Yeah I'm happy just really tired, ugh I wish I had aLL the energy in the world to jump FOREVER" Ben said as he started to jump some more and went over to Xavier and started to wrestle him on his bed.

    "Hmm true, true. I'm sure there is a scar somewhere to test on, but yes we'll be taking them to the lab it'd be easier on us and them" ​
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  16. As the younger boy started wrestling with him on his bed Xavier decided he wasn't going down without a fight. He and the younger boy wrestled for a few minutes before Xavier pinned him on his bed breathing hard he said "gotcha, this is so much fun we should do this all the time!"

    "What about the one below his bellybutton, from the time we tried to get rid of his bellybutton, if only that surgery would have work women all over the world would have had it done.....we could have made millions"
  17. "UGH, you suck" Ben said pushing Xavier off! "Woah this is so much fun why do we not do this every day!" Ben said as he looked around the white room realizing how boring it was but still was loving every minute of it

    "Hmm, yeah that could work..if only we corrected that surgery that would have been amazing" Dr. Lippen said as he looked at the cameras again.​
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  18. Falling off the bed Xavier started laughing, normally he would be mad but he wasn't. This is so much fun these last few hours have been awesome! "Yeah Ben we should!"

    "The drug's affects will wear off soon, do you want to take them to the lab now while they are in a good mood?" Dr. Barkley asked his co-worker, he had his fun now it was time for Dr. Lippen to have his fun with the boys.

    (Glad you're back)
  19. Ben laughed as he sat on the floor he didn't really know what he wanted to do now that the pills were starting to wear off....

    "Yes that's a perfect idea" Dr. Lippen said into a microphone that played in the boys cell.."Go to the lab boys we have a special fun treatment today" ​
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  20. Hearing the voice of Dr. Lippen Xavier tried to frown but found he couldn't even though his happiness was fading he still couldn't be unhappy. Standing up he walked to the door to the room which opened. Looking at Ben behind him he asked "you coming?" And started though the hallway towards the lab.

    Once Dr. Lippen had finished speaking to the boy's Dr. Barkley said "fun.....for us" grinning at his partner he turned and headed for the lab to assist Dr. Lippen in his experiment.
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