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So, I played the first Left 4 Dead again recently after playing 2 for a while, and found out I liked it better. So, I'm gonna say why and hopefully other people will give there opinions as well. So here goes...

First, I like the level design better, all of the levels are constantly limiting your range of sight, and create a better atmosphere because of it, L4D2 has this some, like in Heavy Rain, but overall the fact that most missions take place during the day takes away from the atmosphere set up in the first L4D.

Now, I can understand that it would make more sense for survivors to try moving in the day versus the night, but the night seems to add a sense of urgency, as in the fact that these people can't risk trying to wait it out until day.

Second, I like the characters better in the first, I find them all likable. The characters in the second one just got grating after a while, especially Ellis. I think some of this is that the characters where a bit more serious in the first, sure they made cracks once in a while, but it fit in the atmosphere unlike Ellis in the second with his random stories about what his friend did. While funny, these stories really didn't fit into the game.

Third, the guns and special infected. I think this is a case of less is more, and I think none of this is more apparent than in the gun store in L4D2, when you can spend 10-15 minutes deciding which rapid fire weapon you want to grab, it starts to detract from a game where you really don't want to stand still. The absurd number of automatics and shotguns wasn't necessary, the weapons that were solid additions were the melee weapons, the desert eagle, the chainsaw, and the grenade launcher, since these offered some more variety instead of essentially more of the same, other than that the only weapon with much variety was the burst fire weapon, I don't really remember the name of it. As for the special infected, the new ones just didn't quite have the same threat the old ones did. Sure, the spitter can stop you from advancing for a bit, but that's easily survivable, the jockey stops you from doing anything, but the chances of a character getting into a really bad situation because of him are small, and the charger again, stops a character from doing anything, but since you know he's coming, and generally from where, he really isn't too big of a threat. As for the unique common, this wasn't too bad of an idea, as they add to a level, as well as make players think a little more about whether a molotov is really better than a pipe bomb in certain situations.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on these two, do you agree or disagree, and which do you prefer?


But to be honest...I haven't played L4D in a while...I actually uninstalled it. I DID have them both installed (PC) for the longest time. I like them both, sure, but it just felt like I...didn't NEED the first game anymore. I'd be more than happy to go back and forth between both games if I had the space to spare...but it's just a choice that doesn't really...BOTHER me at all.

The special infected in L4D2 seem to be more RAGE INDUCING than the original ones were though. Especially that goddamn Jockey D:<

Some of the weapons in 2 seemed redundant. I hardly ever use the chainsaw or grenade launcher anymore, if at all. I dunno, I think alot of your enjoyment and your experience depends on the people you play with at the time. If you're with buddies or the same group, it's easy to work out a pattern and everything goes smoothly, but if you're with a group chosen at random...the experience can change a hell of a lot. It either gets easier, harder or to the point where you want to punch out all your own blood. I usually just play with random people...probably why I have a hard time pinning down one particular feeling for these games...

L4D2 just feels more enjoyable to me & a bit more fast-paced. Maybe it's just because I haven't LOOKED INTO IT'S EYES DEEPLY...but to be honest...I...I FEEL DIRTY FOR THINKING HARD ABOUT A GAME LIKE THIS...I...I JUST WANT TO ENJOY IT.


Also, L4D will always have a special place in my heart...all because of 'Steve.'. .
honestly, my opinion is largely from a solo play point of view, I mainly have not had the people or the internet to play it cooperatively. I played one or two on L4D with Reiz, and a few games with one of my friends on 2, but largely solo.

and don't get me wrong, Ellis is hilarious, but as I said, I don't think he quite belongs in L4D2.
Dude, are you kidding me?

One thing about the different atmospheres between the games-- I'm pretty sure that was on purpose. I mean, just look at the opening sequences. Yeah, the first game was more intense, more urgent, but the second one is more let's shoot shit UP! And when you look at it from that point of view, honestly? I think Ellis fit in perfectly. I loved him. I thought his stories were hilarious, and just like he says-- It's the world's best shootin' range!

In regards to the variety of guns and the availability in the gunstore, first off... why wouldn't a gunstore have a huge variety of guns? In my mind, it adds to the realism of the game, and besides that, once you figure out which ones you do best with, it doesn't take that much thought or consideration-- you just go for the one you know you do best with and go!

And, lol, the charger and jockey not being dangerous? Dude, you know the first map of the Dark Carnival campaign? When you're coming up the hill out of the gulley? My team got hit by a Charger there. Incapped everyone except one guy. And try getting hit by a Jockey when you're trying to sort out two other SIs and a horde at the same time. Tell me that cackling bastard is harmless then. And Spitters hitting you with acid in a tight corner, or when you're being mobbed by a horde and can't get out of the pool? Pure hell.

In regards to the map designs-- again, realism. Have you ever stopped to think about the actual method behind the madness in the original L4D? Like, seriously-- the reason they couldn't take the stairs was because they were blocked up with chairs? Why couldn't they just move the chairs and go through anyway? All these contrived reasons to make the players go a route that makes absolutely no sense. It's easier to lose yourself in the more realistic map designs of L4D2.

Also? Swamp Fever. You can not tell me visibility in that campaign was not limited.
First you praise L4D2 for being more about shooting things than tension then the test of you argument is about realism. Seems a bit contradictory to me, also ONE situation where they're a thread does not make a SI dangerous. To me it seems its more up to what the player is looking to get out of the game. Its not a sequel so much as a stand alone add on that replaces the original levels and characters. If you're like me and want the game to scare you shitless then L4D will do for you more than L4D2. Where if you want to shoot zombies and not be that scared, just on your toes L4D2 is your biscuit.

Please no fanboi style arguments, this goes for everyone.
I can't help but wonder if the distinction will blur at all with Left 4 Dead 2 getting No Mercy once The Sacrifice comes out in a few days.
Vay's pretty much right, it comes down to I like the atmosphere better in the first game as opposed the second. As for Swamp Fever, I can't say I remember it that well, played that map once.

As for the ridiculous blocks in the first, that's actually because they were originally larger maps with the ability to choose your own path, and L4D2 they were made with one path.

I could also make a comment that it could help add the fact that these people don't have the time to stay still to move a bunch of chairs out of the way.

As for the distinction blurring with the release of the sacrifice, L4D1 characters, and No Mercy being released for 2, I'll have to see.
I will honestly say that I don't like either.

I don't like RUNNING zombies.

well, I'm trying to think of a way to do this without starting a flame war or anything like that, but they are infected, not zombies. The main difference is that infected are alive, zombies are not. Hence why they can run.
You kill zombies in either game.

I honestly wasn't trying to claim that L4D2 was better than L4D1. It just felt to me like the original post was stating the exact opposite-- that L4D1 is better than L4D2. All I had intended to do was to point out the flaws in the original game and the good aspects of the second, which, as seems to have already been brought up, is generally up to user preference-- basic point being that they're two different style games, and neither is really "better", but each has things that will generally please a different set of people.

Also, I made that post at around midnight last night after pulling an all-nighter the previous night for a Latin exam, so I'll admit I probably wasn't thinking everything I said all the way through. *scrubs at face*

And just to respond briefly to the thing SI only being dangerous in "specific situations"-- the funny thing is, those "specific situations" tend to come up a lot in that game, at least in my experience. I can't count the number of times when I got goo'd by a Spitter, and for whatever reason was unable to get out of the pool (usually because of a Horde preventing me from moving at the time, but occasionally for other reasons) and wound up losing a huge chunk of health for it, far more than I'd lose to a Horde alone. So, I dunno. Maybe you're just such an awesome player that they're no threat to you or something. (I still say that Jockey bastard's a lot more hazardous than you give him credit for, though.)

Anyways, yeah. Both games have their upsides and downsides. There's a reason I can't wait to buy the original, too. x___x So far I've only played it in passing on a friend's computer. Want to play it in-depth so bad. The upcoming DLC's gonna be a nice way to tide me over until I finally scrape together the cash. =)
I will honestly say that I don't like either.

I don't like RUNNING zombies.


u just mad u died so easily :3

*snickers & prances away on tippytoes* ~:D~
I think it all depends on the circumstances of when you play the game, and with whom. For instance, I am quite fond of setting up...horrifying situations when I'm playing as a Spitter. The main key with her (it?) is that you don't block progress. With her, you wait until another Infected makes their move (IE Charger and Hunter) and you spit ON them. Regardless of what happens, that poor Survivor WILL be hurt. Try it sometime, it's hilarious. XD
I just finished The Sacrifice on Left 4 Dead 2 as Bill.

The fact that you go into it knowing what's going to happen doesn't make it any less depressing, and Bill's last words as I climbed down to restart the generator didn't help. Just confirmed what I always knew: I will always care about the original survivors more than I will the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors.