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    An Assortment of Ideas
    Ranging from 'vaguely thought of' to 'thoroughly planned out.'
    ⇢ ⇢ ⇢

    Do not steal from my ideas and claim them as your own. ⇠
    If you have something to critique about my ideas, please be polite. ⇠
    These are all for multiple people. I will have a separate thread for 1x1. ⇠
    If you are interested, say so! ⇠



    A few ideas in no specific order of importance.


    Have you ever felt Déjà vu?

    Maybe you were walking down the street when you bumped into someone. For a moment you see the same thing happening to you in the past in exactly the same way. Then you realize it's the first time you've ever been on Halcott Rd. So it's just that inexplicable 'feeling' right?
    But what if it's not?
    What if you have felt it before?

    There are people out there who can connect with their past lives. As they learn about their past selves they discover the very real existence of soul mates. Marked with similar designs on their bodies at birth they can be identified easily, but finding them is another question. Those who have these phenomenal abilities will gather through what might be chance or possibly fate.
    ( 12 member rp )

    What if there were no laws to bind us?

    In a city where crime is a way of life and murder is the norm, good and evil are less than concepts.
    There are no heroes. There are no villains. Only perpetrators and their victims.
    From 5 am to 6:30 pm all 'light crimes' are allowed.
    From 7:30 pm to 4 am all 'heavy crimes are allowed.
    Split into gangs, trios, duos, and independent groups the people of the city commit crimes that would result in death penalty in other countries. Very few do nothing. Not when the ability to let loose all inhibitions is given to you.
    ( 10+ member rp )

    When are you labeled a Superhero?

    A group of people who have crossed paths at some time in their lives all suddenly develop super powers.
    They have to choose what to do with their new found abilities and who to tell. One day a message is sent to each of them and they are told that only they can save the world. Will everyone do as the message says? Or will they choose to ignore it, possibly causing the end of the world?
    ( 8 member rp )

    How do assassins come to be?

    (yes I used a kpop gif - fire me now)
    They gather together at the command of the founder. Their orders: assassinate the upper members and rogues. They're cleaning house and only the newer members and most trusted are allowed to live.
    Will the young assassins be able to kill their mentors and role models?
    Will the experienced assassins accept their fates or resist?

    ( 10+ member rp )

    Table of Contents
    1. Deja Vu - interest 20%
    2. Anarchy - interest 0%
    3. Making Legends - interest 30%
    4. The Lucky & Misfortunate - Interest 0%


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    ...Hi. I really like the first idea...
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  3. Haha, well thank you! Hopefully I'll see some other interest and I can think about putting it up. Any questions about it?

    (I added another idea btw. And have two more in the works.)
  4. Super super (see what I did there?) interested in the third idea!
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  5. I'd be open to #1 or #3.
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  6. Great! If you guys have any questions feel free to ask!
  7. So . . . . which one are you gonna do?
  8. I'll probably be doing Making Legends (the super power one) but I'm going to wait a little bit more. My ad just went up so I'm hoping to see some more interest before really setting something up. :D
  9. 1, 3 and 4 for me
  10. I'm interested in Deja Vu and Making Legends :D
  11. The Deja Vu sounds fun! I haven't done a romancey RP before.
  12. I'd be interested in #3
  13. Oh hi there! :D Found this through your banner ^^ I actually really like all of these ideas! Please let me know if you decide to start up any of them!
  14. These appear to all be quite attractive ideas. #1 and #3, though, I find particularly intriguing.
    Expressing interest.
  15. My gosh i love all the ideas here, super interested!
  16. Ideas #1 and #3 intrigue me. I'll keep my eye on them.
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  18. Number 3 for me lol.
  19. My vote is for all but #2, mostly 'cause I don't see much of a plot in that one.
  20. The 1st idea sounds really intriguing!
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