Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler AU Series (Cannon x OC with PLOT)

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    Seeking Older Males expedience roleplayers. I want one on one, ' Hard Core Roleplayers', action. Ones that always need their daily fix, just like I. Who loves to escape reality, by entering their own words. Or ones wishing to add to already established already worlds, known as fandoms.

    Seeing as I do ' One on One ' roleplays It goes without saying, that we both will have to play multiple characters. That means am speaking people who can RP multiple Kuro Characters.

    I only do long terms. I'm in this for the long run, while seeking long lasting friendships. And who knows, I know this may not be a dating site but things could/can happen down the road. You knows, right?

    No one liners. A love detailed paragraphs. And if you're on roll, all the better. I absolutely love it, when my partner ends up writing a “novel” gives me more to work with. I'm not a Grammar Nazi. I merely require your writing to be readable. Clear and understandable.

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    (For further information on RP listed below connect me <3)


    Just like the title says, I am looking for a Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler AU, but still keeping in the theme to the series. I see it taking place around the 1st/”2nd” seasons (before the reboot) with some taken aspects from the manga, mixed in a lot of creative licenses. As for my reasons to why I am calling this an AU, is because I place my own OC(Alter Ego) into this RP. Which means side sub-plots and such.

    Her name is Flamette, (Gallery Gallary 2 ) she is original from my personal novel, that is currently still in the works. I though it would be (and could prove), Interesting to insert her into the Kuro-Universe, then create a whole new OC.

    In one brief summary, she is the Daughter of Lord Death himself and an mortal sorceress , by the name of Haruna Will. Everything you shall read below is from her cannon universe/novel, that managed to squeeze into the Kuro-Universe.
    (if any of you are mildly interested please ask for her profile. You can read some of her profile here )

    Plot with my Sex. i don't just want sex, I love a good story, as well. I want feels and a good plot
    A partner who is willing to play multiple Kuro Characters.
    Flamette paired with The Undertaker (though I personally call him Ankou)
    As for the plot/storyline? We can play the plot/storyline by ear.