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  1. Kiyoshi had just entered Maji burger and went to go stand line until a small tug on his shirt cause him to look down. "Ah!" he jumped seeing a pair of beautiful blue eyes look up at him. "Kuroko! I'm sorry did I take your place in line?" The teal haired teen nodded "I'm sorry go ahead" Kuroko went and order but just as he was about to pay Kiyoshi handed the money to the woman.
  2. "Kiyoshi-senpai you didn't have to do such a thing, but I suppose you owed me for cutting in line." The blunette spoke in his usual monotone as he took the vanilla shake from the cashier with both hands, sipping at the straw while his big eyes settled on his senpai. He didn't smile, but it was his way of kidding. "We are even." Then Kuroko turned to go, giving the older teen a wave goodbye.
  3. "Ah! Um! Wait!" Kiyoshi yelled wanting to talk to the teen a little bit longer but unfortunately caught the attention of everyone in the restaurant with his yelling. Blushing he realized what he had done and seeing that Kuroko had sat down he quickly bought 5 burgers and went to go sit down by Kuroko.
  4. Kuroko's brow rose a centimeter when Kiyoshi suddenly yelled, but did nothing other than that, seeing as he hurried over to him not a second after. He eyed the burgers on his tray. "Do you need something, Kiyoshi-senpai?" Kuroko commented with a tilt of his head, still sipping at his straw.
  5. Kiyoshi stared at him for a little before saying "Hmmmm, no, not really just wanted to talk to you a little bit." Smiling he reached over and patted Kuroko's hair enjoying the softness.
  6. Kuroko winced as he usually did when his hair was ruffled, swatting Kiyoshi's hand away eventually, setting his milkshake down. "Is it about basketball?" Naturally, with his senior right in front of him wanting to talk, he thought it was about the team.
  7. Kiyoshi thought about it a little and came up with, what he thought, was a perfect plan. "Yea, I was wondering if you wanted to meet with me tomorrow to go to the movies, get dinner and then play some basketball." He inwardly congratulated himself for what he thought was being subtle about wanting to take Kuroko on a date. "So what do you say~" he asked.
  8. Kuroko didn't think that was a bad plan, but he tilted his head anyway, his deep blue eyes questioning the other male after he took a sip of his shake. "If you just want to play basketball, why do we need to do all those other things first?" He just found it unusual that Kiyoshi would want to have dinner or see a movie with him.
  9. Kiyoshi started to sweat "Eh, um, well you see, the thing is..." He stopped and took a deep breath thinking of a better excuse. "Well out of the first years I'm not as close to you and I was thinking that we should get to know each other better, unless...you don't want to? Kiyoshi said putting on a sad face at the end and praying that Kuroko would buy it.
  10. Kuroko was still suspicious but not mean enough to down right decline his senior's request. "Okay, we can go. I'll meet you at the movies tomorrow, or would you like to pick me up?" The last part was Kuroko's idea of a joke, though he didn't smile about it, just thought it funny to insinuate a date.
  11. Kiyoshi perked up after hearing that and slightly blushed but laughed at Kuroko's joke. "Well if you want I could" He said wiggling his eyebrows with a smile. He noticed it was getting late and offered to walk Kuroko home.
  12. Kuroko sucked at the straw to his milkshake, giving an indifferent shrug. He had just tossed his cup away when Kiyoshi offered to walk him home. He smiled slightly, beginning to walk already. "If you would like to. Do I look like I will be kidnapped if I go all by myself, senpai?"
  13. Kiyoshi grinned and followed after Kuroko till he walked at his side "Haha, who knows, maybe there's someone stalking you already." he said jokingly. They walked in silence for a while until Kiyoshi couldn't take it anymore and spoke "So how are you and Kagami doing? He was acting strange at practice yesterday, ne?"" he asked.
  14. Kuroko took a moment to consider this. "Kise-kun is the only one I imagine being the stalker-type, but I would ignite pass him if he should try it." The blunette declared, sipping his milkshake quietly as they walked on. He glanced sideways at the question and shrugged, though his face didn't convey it, he was bothered by it. "We are fine. Perhaps Kagami-kun has something on his mind...but he has not told me anything. Do you think it will affect his basketball?"
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