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  1. So right off I don't comments but I do want feed back, so shoot me a message telling your ideas to improve my skills as a writer. I currently am dealing with Post Concussion syndrome from my 5th concussion so I'm going to TRY and improve my post life but I can't promise it...
  2. First Role Play of this thingy

    Historical Fantasy

    Revenge on the Kingdom of Flanoir
    Princess x VAMPIRE

    The kingdom of Flanoir was reformed into the empire of the red wolf. A vampire swears revenge against the empire, going as far as confronting the royal family. He sees the eldest daughter and demands for her to quench his revenge with her company.
  3. As night dawned upon the empire of the red wolf, a young vampire decided to strike against the cruel empire that had destroyed his precious home. Young Alistar Vel had been away from Flanoir at the time of it's collapse. Now it adorned flags of a red wolf, the sight disgusted the vampire. "I think the only thing that should be red is the royal family when I'm done with them!" He snared as he climbed to castle wall. He hoped for a big feast of blood, his mouth salivated in hunger.

    He entered the window of a young woman, her azure hair glimmered in the moonlight. She was beautiful, he was captivated by her ivory skin. "Oi! Beauty wake up!" Alistar nudged her solfly, her beauty changed his mind. Rhiannon opened her eyes as someone nudged her. "I-I'm awake, please calm down.." She trailed off in her silky voice, she rubbed her eyes and stared at him. "You aren't my brothers, who are you?" Alistar blushed as she looked right at him with those pearls of blue. "I am Alistar Vel, I.. Who are you Beauty?" He coughed. "I'm Princess Rhiannon.. of the reformed Flanoir.." She sat up as Alistar was taken a back. 'S-She is a part of the royal family.. Shit' He cursed to himself.
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  4. Alistar was shocked at the beauty in front of him. Straightening up, he tried to look menacing. Though she didn't actually seem scared, Rhiannon could at least pretend. "W-What do you want!" Rhiannon pleaded as tears rolled down her delicate porcelain skin. Alistar felt an anvil on his chest, he never actually wanted her to cry. Feeling guilty he wiped away her tears. "Look, I am a bad guy, I'm a vampire. I want to drink your blood, and believe me, your beauty makes it even more tempting." He stroked her smooth skin on her neck gripping onto a lock of her precious hair. Smelling her fragrant hair, Alistar let go of her lock trying not to get attached. He fled the room blushing red in the face, his thoughts were twisted with ideas of ravaging the young beauty.

    Alistar staggered through the halls, trying to get a grip on himself. He was glad that he left when he did. Who knows what he would of done to Beauty. 'She is too special to touch.' He clenched his jaw as he went to the window. Jumping down, he landed safely on the ground desiring to leave and cool off. Alistar dashed into the forest, his blood was boiling for Beauty as she couldn't leave his thoughts. He looked to the moon to answer his curiosity of the princess.
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  5. Rhiannon watched the man, Alistar his name was, as he walked out of her room. Her vision blurred as she fell asleep, she couldn't help it. 'Alistar... He..' He was her last thought before sleep took her. The maid shook her awake frantically, she had a look of fear and horror on her face. "Milady! Milady, It's horrible! Princess Rosalia!" Rhiannon sat up quickly as they made a dash to her little sister's bedroom. It was a horrible sight, seeing her fourteen year-old sister hanging by ropes tied around her wrists. Her throat was cut with bite marks all over her small body. "No... NO!! Rosa!" Rhiannon fell to the ground as her brothers and her parents arrived at the gory scene. Little Airth only being twelve was the only one to not cry. "Rosa, it's not what it seems.." Airth softly spoke, but wasn't heard by her father. "It has to be that vampire that was stalking the halls.. Vel's heir!" Father growled, Rhiannon couldn't speak up for Alistar without her father ridiculing her for speaking to a vampire.
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