Kunimasa x Nirio

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  1. [I hope I don't completely mess up Nirio, lol cx]

    Nirio smiled brightly, he was making his way up to the roof of the school. He always met Kunimasa up there for lunch. He figured that Shiro and Yonekuni would already be up there. He still found the two being together actually really weird and hard to wrap his mind around... He tried not to think to hard about it. He had his own problems... Like the fact whenever Kunimasa got close to him and... Well, 'handsy' he couldn't even control himself. He had embarrassed himself countless of times already, and felt really bad. He wondered if it would ever work out between them. A frown started to form on his lips as he continued to think about Kunimasa and him. He pushed open the door to the roof and slipped outside finally, looking around for his familiar face.
  2. [The rp takes place after the anime right? or it's however we want it?]

    "Yo! Looking for someone?" A deep, husky voice coming from behind. It was Kunimasa. He came up to the roof early today and waited for Norio quite awhile now. "You're late." He said, resting his chin on the top of Norio's head. Shiro and Yonekuni were late but he didn't expect this little guy would make him wait that long. If Norio came a few seconds later, Kunimasa would have returned to class by now. The fact that he was still hanging around means he really cared about this guy or was there something more to it? He breathed a soft sigh then walked over to the fence, gesturing the other to come along. After all, they came all the way up here to have lunch so what was the point of standing around and wasting time...
  3. [it hmcan be however we want it! ^.^]

    Norio's face flushed a soft pink as he felt Kunimasa come close and the slight pressure of his chin resting on his head. "Sorry, I hadn't meant to keep you waiting" Norio told him truthfully, feeling bad and letting out a small sigh. He watched him leave and walk over before motioning him to follow. He quickly scampered over to him. Norio slowly sat down, crossing his legs over each other and almost eagerly taking out his lunch... He hadn't realized how hungry he really was until now.
  4. Kunimasa would prefer Norio to sit on his laps but was afraid the other would refuse him straight away. Knowing Norio, this little guy would either be too nervous and change to his animal form or over think himself and pass out. Either one or another..., as he thought of the consequences, he eventually gave up the idea and felt satisfied with their current situation, not for long though. Kunimasa grabbed the bread he just bought and took a big bite. He was also starving to death but didn't want to show it on his face. He always wanted to give Norio a good impression rather than his shameful side. "What are you having?" He felt like he should say something to make Norio understand that he wasn't really mad at him for being late. What happened before was just another way of showing affection, though he rarely did it.
  5. Norio looked over at Kunimasa and smiled faintly his cheeks still had a small dusting of pink on his cheeks. "Sushi" he told him when he asked him what he was eating for lunch. Norio rather liked fish, it wasn't too surprising though considering what his animal form was. Norio opened up his lunch box, setting it down in front of him as he took his chopsticks. He clicked them together before taking a piece of sushi with the chopsticks and dropping it in his mouth and chewed, making a small 'Mmmhmm' sound and looking rather content at the moment, leaning back against the fence.
  6. Sushi huh... Kunimasa muttered to himself. He figured it would be something like that. Call it childish or whatnot, the way Norio ate the sushi made him wanted to push the guy down this instant. "Say... do you want to go on a date next weekend?" Asked Kunimasa as he stole a glance at Norio. He dated several girls before but never once would he go this far as to ask someone on a date. This guy was special, or rather he wanted this person no matter what.
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