Kung Fu + Retro 80s theme + Nazis, dinosaurs, and Thor = Awesome

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  2. Ah yes. This is what happens when you let swedes get ahold of money.
  3. Gibs and I just watched this and it is like a movie about my childhood. O__O
  4. Saw the trailer for that... jeez, what has to be at least two or so years ago. But yesterday Kotaku had it up on a link and I rushed over to Youtube to watch it.

    Ridiculous, over-the-top and cheesier than all of Hell's cheese. It was certainly worth watching to bathe in it's ridiculousness.
  5. Adds to watch later.

    Seriously, the first subtitles were enough.
  6. I watched this earlier today and it had me laughing my ass off.
  7. This movie was introduced to me last night by my friend's girlfriend, then after I took a break on my Steam games, it popped up in my news feed to stream directly on Steam. Needless to say I dropped everything to watch it.
  8. Don't be silly.
    You had to kill Shepherd first.
  9. I did no such thing.

    If Shepard killed themselves in the Mako with poor driving/getting eaten by Thresher Maws, that's their fault.
  10. That movie is over the top ridiculous. XD
  11. Accompanying David Hasselhoff music video:

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