Kung Fooled - Stereotypes ^.^

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  1. Here's a favorite video of mine by one of my favorite YouTube guys: Wong Fu Productions XD

    It plays off of Asian (and Black) stereotypes~


    Even after watching it many times, it's still funny to watch~~
  2. Hehe, funny video. I ended up exploring the channel after watching the video. Not bad.
  3. I'm glad you found them interesting ^^!
  5. At 2:22... that guy's Nigahiga XD

    He's another pretty popular youtuber. I love his videos X3 surprised to see him in this. That video was pretty awesome by the way.
  6. "Omg I gotta call someone!" XD XD I love stereotypes!
  7. *Puts on a mask with Paorou's face on it*

    Yes, Wong Fu is great. Also check out JustKiddingFilms.

    The black dude is DeStorm, check him out too.
  8. Woah, really? I had no idea.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful insights (:!
  9. OLOL RELATED VIDEO SPAM, not really-- shit spam sounds good right around now with some fried rice and an egg.

  10. Because apparently you can't post two videos in the same post:

    Funny because it hurts and hurts because it's true.
  11. Hahaha, that cringe face at 4:25 was hilarious. His stupidity was so painful her eye twitched.
  12. 8| Fuckers didn't even watch the one from vimeo.
  13. Tl;dw of the video please ~
  14. In six words: "Cultural Appropriation, Specifically of Asian Culture."

    Admittedly it is kind of long. I've come across it before though.

    They have some good points, but I will always favor the "understand what it means, and don't accept the cultural trappings without accepting the people they come from" side over the "stop wearing that; it's mine and you should feel bad for stealing!" camp.

    Also, until human nature changes or some really clever way to circumvent the foilibles therein comes about, I'm not too keen on doing away with capitalism. I like having the option of finding ways of earning more specifically so I can afford to help out people that others seem to be ignoring. Once my income exceeds what I really need to survive, who says I have to spend it on me? But I guess that's a different discussion.
  15. Time to resurrect a two week old thread about stereotypes because I have found an awesome picture to share with the lot of you!