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  1. Game Master: Noctis the Devious

    Co-Game Master(s): To be decided at a later date.

    Launch Date: 11/14 or 11/17

    Just another vampire-with-the-possibility-of-there-being-werewolves-on-the-side Roleplay. Any reference to pre-existing persons, places, or things are all coincidental. Inspired by Underworld, Summer Wars, and House of Night.

    || Previously on Kross' Moon ||

    Plots and side stories currently happening go here.

    || Concept ||

    In an alternate reality where vampires, werewolves, and humans know of each and co-exist (barely) thanks to the Kross' Moon treaty, you will play as a vampire living in Koron's Haven - a large estate with the main house being nothing short of an extravagant mansion surrounded by clusters of much smaller houses. Koron's Haven, or The Haven as the fledglings these days call it, is located in the province of Soteria, which is shared by numerous werewolf packs and human towns including one large city. The city, while of human creation, is a melting pot between the three species especially those who live away from their house or pack.

    • - Slavery between the three species is forbidden. In the beginning, humans forced vampires into slavery and made them believe they were not holly enough to walk in the sun's light. An uprising began and the humans were made to seek help from werewolves to help win the bloody slaughter they called a war at the cost of their freedom. The war would drag on for hundreds of years more before both sides grew weary.

      - Humans are free game. Alright, so the humans had a problem with this condition but they were facing extinction as it were and had very little choice. Vampires are allowed to drink from humans if said humans [werewolves and vampires too] consent to the drinking of their blood. Most vampires get their blood from blood banks these days anyway.

      - The three species are allowed the right to practice freedom of religion. Vampires tend to worship Father Sun, the symbol of which they were denied of for so many years and reminds them anything can be taken as fast as it is given. There's not a house in existence that doesn't have a statue erected in His honor. Werewolves can choose to worship Mother Moon as it is She who grants them their gifts. Humans worship whoever deity they feel like it it seems. Some are more strict about the study of region than others but all in all it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to worship their deity(ies).

    • - Fledglings fourteen or older who are experiencing blood lust are allowed a cup of wine mixed in with a small amount of blood with dinner, but only if the fledglings are lusting. Fourteen, fifteen, or sixteen is usually when fledglings get their first taste of blood lust. Nothing major or life threatening. Some fledglings don't even know they're drinking blood unless explicitly told!

      - Fledglings are allowed to attend public school as long as treaty conditions are honored and no fledgling drinks from a human without consent, attacks a human without purpose, or secretly tries to enslave one.

      - Romantic relationships between fledglings and vampires are forbidden. Fledglings remain fledglings until they reach full maturity, or when they become more reliant on blood as a source of nutrients and start gaining heightened abilities, most commonly when they turn eighteen or twenty, but the Marquess must acknowledge their maturity or forever remain a fledgling in a vampire body. Keep in mind older fledglings/young vampires don't gain their heightened abilities over night, the process can take weeks or months even.

      - Respect Father Sun's statue even if you do not worship Him. Simple enough. Any vampire or fledgling can express their opinion whether it be in favor of Father Sun or against Him but to deface the statue or act in any other way against His practices is forbidden. Respect their rights to worship and they'll respect your rights to choose not to worship.

      - Unless in the immediate family of the Marquess, the current head of household, or have been granted permission, single vampires are the ones who get to live in the mansion. Simple enough. Gatherings, special events, parties, and even monthly dinners are hosted at the mansion but otherwise vampires with family units live in the surrounding houses available. While we're on the topic of families, it's not uncommon for a vampire to take on multiple mates. Incest is frowned upon [and because this is a public Roleplay and not everyone wants to see it please refrain from including it].

      - Animals are not pets and have unrestricted access to any part of the estate. While you can befriend an animal it is not your pet. They claim you, not the other way around. This includes cats, dogs, birds, retiles, amphibians, and anything in between.

    • - All aforementioned rules are breakable but at a hefty cost. Public humiliation, jail time, exile, and even death can be the punishment. Break the rules below and you get a warning. Any further offenses will result in a ban from this Roleplay.

      - There's an unsaid rule among experienced Roleplayers that I feel is worth mentioning; make it easy and your not doing it right (or, in our beloved Unanon's words, "Make it easy and I brake your leg").

      - I don't give a flying fuck how big or how long your post is, it's what you do with your post that matters. Fillers or "post fluff" is boring to read. If there's a point to your post cut to it; however, if you're in conversation with someone, avoid going back and forth. Group roleplays require a group effort (I've also seen people completely ignore what's going on around them in favor for conversations or romancing, if I see this happening I will be highly ticked at you).

      - Werewolf, vampires not living in or apart of The Haven's household, and human side characters are an option but I have little idea how they're going to tie into anything just yet so they remain unimportant. I do have a plot or two in mind but I'm keeping those withheld for now to allow room for creativity on your part.

      - No half breeds or hybrids of any sort.

      - For new members unfamiliar with how Iwaku works: no need to ask to join, just post a character sheet and that will decide whether or not you get accepted.

      - One character per post. Feel free to play as many characters as you can handle but only post character sheets for characters important to the Roleplay. Because the Roleplay is focusing on members of the same house, there's a chance you'll be playing as a sibling/parent to an existing character

      - Please be a respectful and considerate player and partner, contribute, and use your best judgement, which includes no sexy times in my Roleplay!

    || Character Skeleton ||

    Name: [If apart of the Koron House your last name should be Koron unless your a potential mate from another house granted permission to live in the main house, a mentor, or a visiting friend from another house]

    Age/Title: [if fledgling also list if your lusting for blood, mentors should be older than twenty-five human years]

    Species: [main character should be a Koron's Haven vampire (including one or two vampires living/working/studying abroad and are either coming back to the house for visiting reasons, they struck out on their own and need to live with their parents again, or they found someone special and want the Marquess' approval.)]

    Appearance: [I don't care if or what media you use for a picture, but you better include a written description too]


    Relationship Status/Sexuality: [In this case you can be married and still be available so be specific]

    || Character Roster ||

    Marquess Dorian Koron - Head of House - Played By Noctis the Devious

    Naomi Koron - Fledgling - Played by Noctis the Devious

    || Game Master's Notes ||

    Ilium usually comes first but I will try to post as frequently as possible, and because Ilium encourages 'power playing' - it's a mass Roleplay, working together on a post and condensing a scene down to one instead of dragging it out over what may take twenty posts helps the Roleplay move along at a faster and smoother pace, especially when you're working with a lot of people and a lot more characters - I'm in the habit of sometimes controlling other characters. If you catch me doing so please feel free to correct my mistake. On the subject of power playing, feel free to use the discussion thread or pm each other if you would like to collaborate on scenes to help the Roleplay move along (I may or may not do so myself). I won't press for this unless I feel things are taking too long and you and your partner(s) need to wrap things up. On the matter of posting habits, I only have internet access at the library (usually using a tablet) or when I borrow Mom's phone. Please be understanding of this.
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  2. If anyone wants to join in as my character's pre-existing spouses they may feel free to do.

    Name: Marquess Dorian Joseph Koron

    Age: Two-Hundred and Thirty-Two/Head of House

    Species: Vampire/Koron's Haven

    Appearance: Marquess Dorian is a tall, imposing man standing 6'2 with Egyptian black eyes and equally dark hair kept long and tied back in a loose ponytail. His skin is a washout pale color from all the dark colors he wears and the lack of sunlight he tends to receive. Like most vampires he also keeps his nails long and occasionally paints them according to how he's feeling.

    Personality: Spiteful at times and a bit childish in the way that he feels everyone else must feel irritated if he is feeling irritated, he's a bit of a homebody. Marquess Dorian is well known for his cunning and deviousness as well as for expressing unpredictable behavior more often than not towards outsiders. In short, he's antisocial.

    Relationship Status/Sexuality: Married/Available/Bisexual
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  3. Name: Naomi Victoria Koron

    Age: Nineteen/Fledgling/Blood Lust

    Species: Vampire/Koron's Haven

    Appearance: Naomi stands 5'9, nearly 6 feet when she wears her heeled boots, strawberry blonde hair rolling down her back in thick waves. Her skin in not too light but couldn't necessarily be described as tan either and her eyes are a pleasant cotton blue. Like most members of her family she has a wiry, lithe build.

    Personality: She wishes for nothing more than to be an adult vampire but her lack of self control is holding her back. Even if not out right stated this makes her a liability to The Haven House and the Kross' Moon treaty. She's out spoken, tries to be dependable, and desperate to prove herself though her mistakes pile against her.

    Relationship Status/Sexuality: Single/Available/Heterosexual
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