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Koul OOC

Here you are, young one. But a babe in a cradle, to be risen into excellence. The fine arts of combat will grace you at a young age young one. Brought here, no parents to speak of, an orphan born into a world unfit. You are a still born. Still born into a world which did not want you, a world which did not need you. I shall find your place as any good cog to settle into the mechanizations of the world. You shall be fitted, you shall be scraped clean. Through my hands and thoughts will you be more than the average man and woman. You shall be keen, well written and proficient in all the talents bestowed upon you.

There are two of you. I have given you names, long forgotten old brittle names which I will remake. Young boy, you shall be known as Marius. Little girl, you shall be known as Ylvani. But a pair of weeping babies with no home, I shall raise you as my own. I shall raise you for a need this world does not have, but shall soon require above all else. I will be the one to shape your destiny, but you two are the ones who must fulfill it.

Abandoned stone homes deep in the wild, nestled in hidden valleys among rolling hills and jagged mountains. The cries of two infants resounded in the night air, captured by the thick mists of the forest and her many tendrils. Carried in a basket, wrapped in fresh bright red rags the two slowly changed their cries to coos as they looked up at the hooded woman who carried them to a new home. She smiled softly, her thin pale lips caught in the starlight.

"We'll arrive shortly children. I can promise a future for you greater than any orphanage may offer."

Four years later...

She had grown used to being called mother. Mommy. Momma. But today, their purpose would come to fruition. It was an early morning, she called for Marius and Ylvani and they responded so. She had groomed them well, to come at a moments notice, even for such a young age. But a few minutes past and the two stood opposite from Koul in a small clearing outside their stone hut. Two pairs of amber eyes met hers, they could almost be siblings. Thin jade black hair meeting their meek shoulders.

"What is the first rule?" With a stout and demanding tone of voice Koul questioned them.

"To trust in one another." They both responded quickly in unison.

"And why is that?"

"We are our own strengths and weakness'."

"And what is the second rule?"

"To never question Mother."

"Good." Koul smiled and stepped forward, "Today, you both shall have your first lessons." The children could hardly contain themselves, as Koul had been hinting for some time now that they would learn to be like Mother. "This is a lesson in defeat. To be defeated, is to have lost and gained nothing for your cause." With that she revealed a pair of wooden swords, small enough for the children to wield, yet heavy enough to challenge their hands. "You each shall have one. Now, attack me."

The children froze in place and stared confused as Koul. "But mom," Started Marius, "we can't beat you." Finished Ylvani. They both eyed their wooden weapons, gripping them and feeling their weight. They both held them as they'd seen Koul wield her swords, attempting to copy what they'd seen.

Koul let out a short laugh of amusement, "Good, you've both learned quickly. An early defeat, however you see you cannot win against me. May this also be a lesson of humility. Now, go on. Play with your new swords, get used to their weight. Don't hurt each other quite yet though. Go on now, go play."

She sent the two off to play in the valley with the intent of the two learning to use their weapons, even if it were in childish play. Some semblance of a childhood should remain in those two. As for Marius and Ylvani, they approached the creeks bank, the edge of the valley...
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