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    Few years back, Kosupure Café was established in America as an entertainment café. It was meant to be a reflection of Japanese culture, with a positive vibe, and similar to a "Maid Café". Employees cosplayed as their personal favorite characters, or dressed according to a guest's wish, all while serving them. Café by day and bar by night; there was room for anything crazy to happen and it did, usually. Guests usually ranged from a number of people, but the employees were always close and had a positive attitude as they had fun. The Café has a secret though...The employees at Kosupure Café were publicly known as the, "Internet Heros". But what is an Internet Hero?
    These so-called Internet Heros are actually a little less than a Hero. But thanks to the public, they were able to hold on to that title. The employees are notorious of defending off cyber bullies, sticking up for complete strangers and were intelligent hackers all for the right reasons. They would be super heros if they had powers. However, things been getting stranger. Certain guests been coming in causing trouble to the guests and the employees. What's going on, who are they and will Kosupure Café stay open?
    Giovanni, your boss, basically lives at her Café assisting throughout the day. But as the day grows dark and lights grow dim, Giovanni retreats to one of the back rooms specialized for "Employee's Only" only coming back up to assist with something. New employee's generally don't get to know what happens behind the closed doors, but once they grow too curious; they are stuck in a mischievous business.
    The community is a strange place, but never fails to show it's ugly side in any situation. Bullying has become a popular topic of discussion as many people are experiencing troubles be it in school, a workplace, or even at home where we should feel the safest. But where do all the voices go if they cannot express themselves in public? The Social Media. People hide under aliases often crying out for help, and no one is ignored, not when Giovanni is around. Gathering all of her qualified employees, they enter the social networks and essentially take over. Most of the time it's been fighting back trolls and posting comments, but Giovanni has taken it to the next level....
    Are you prepared to be the Internet Hero?​


    Thank you so much for showing interest in Kosupure Café! While from the look of your Character Sheets shows that I can trust you, I must still put up some rules to make sure everyone is on the same page.

    1. Follow the Golden Rule: No God-Mod, Meta, Etc.
    2. Respect other Players at all times. (OOC and IC)

    3. One Paragraph Minimum, 5 Sentences. No Text Talk.
    4. Be Unique. No Mary Sue.

    5. Always Have Fun.

    If I need to make additional rules, I will. But until then, I trust you all will be fair players.

    ** At any moment during the RP you feel something is wrong, or you are not comfortable with your post; do not hesitate to contact me for assistance. I will try to help the best of my abilities. Never be shy to ask for help, because no one ever has to know someone helped you!


    The Owner: Isela Giovanni

    Giovanni "Gia" (open)

    Original Application Name: Isela Giovanni DOB: 02/19/xx Age: 31 Gender: Female

    Education: Vektor Capital of Business Subjects of Special Study: Business, Psychology

    Position: Owner Preferred Shift: Second/Third (Night) Favored Icon: Midna Twili

    *Are you willing to throw away your day to day life? Y/N

    KLogIn: SocialParasite

    Personal Information Sexuality: Pansexual Status: Unknown
    Siblings: None Romantic Partner: N/A Parents: N/A
    Birthplace: Verona, Italy
    Biography: -
    Giovanni is a head-strong kind of woman, and if one was to relate her to an animal it would be a bull. Of course that doesn't mean she's necessarily rude, or mean towards another. Surprisingly, she is rather understanding and kind but is just not one for showing it. Giovanni shows strong leadership skills, and is not afraid to jump over the bar counter to settle a dispute. Most are rather frightened by her initial appearance, but she means no harm to those that did none.
    Fighting Style: American Boxing Common Weapons: Brass Knuckles, Cafe's Emergency Gun
    Theme Song:

    NPC Trainer: Morgan Heep

    Morgan Heep (open)

    Original Application Name: Morgan Heep DOB: 06/03/xx Age: 22 Gender: Female

    Education: Foster University Subjects of Special Study: Photography

    Position: Trainer Preferred Shift: None Favored Icon: Lucy Elfen Lied

    *Are you willing to throw away your day to day life? Y/N

    KLogIn: N/A

    Employee: Raine Valcross
    (Played by Sabatron)

    Raine (open)

    Original Application Job Application Name: Raine Valcrosse DOB: 08/22/XX Age:20 Gender: F

    Education: Grestin State University Subjects of Special Study: Computer Science, Firearms Training

    Position: Employee Preferred Shift: None Favored Icon:Motoko Kusanagi

    *Are you willing to throw away your day to day life? Y/N

    Create your KLogIn: deadalus

    Personal Info Sexuality: Bisexual
    Status: Single
    Siblings: None
    Romantic Partner: N/A
    Parents: Lev Valcrosse, Sera Valcrosse

    Birthplace: New York, United States

    Biography: Born and raised in the United States, she wasn't a very active girl -- at least socially. In her life, raised underneath her father, she was taught how to defend herself from the most harrowing of threats, while her mother taught her how to cook, clean, and among other things. They loved her, and she loved them back. While she had her rough spots -- in high school, 'dad didn't allow boys over', 'mom wants me to act more like a girl', 'dad took away my phone because I was texting that boy too much to be training', and the typical teenage stuff, but she never truly hated them. In fact, when she graduated, she eventually followed her mom and dad without question, because they were right. Her previous boyfriend left her for another, and he quit school after getting his girlfriend pregnant, and the training did come in handy for dealing with your typical bullies. With that, she truly loved her parents for being the best they could be, and she wasn't afraid to fight to protect them.

    One time, a few hoodlums attempted to break into their home one fateful night, she managed to grab hold of her father's service pistol, and shot the two burglars in self defense. Unfortunately, she was still taken into custody by police, since she was still young, and was sent to a rehabilitation center.

    She worked hard to get out on good behavior, and she eventually found herself in college at some point. She graduated, but almost barely, to get her bachelor's. But, she still hasn't found herself a job. A few odd jobs here and there, and she heard of a rather quaint cafe looking for employees who cosplay.

    She wasn't that big into anime, but she played a few video games herself, and found herself rather engaged in a certain anime series -- 'Ghost in the Shell'. She related to the main character and her plight, and she looks up to that character. Set with a goal in mind, she heads out to seek out that cafe.

    Personality: She's less of a tough girl, but more of a girl who 'keeps things to herself' most of the time. She only socially connects with people whom she trusts. Despite this, she is warm, calm, and she usually isn't one to panic. She doesn't give up easily as well. But, if she gets mad, she loses all reason, and vehemently defends herself, or what she believes in firmly, and if it's physical, she'll mostly have a deep seated hatred if she didn't initiate the conflict, or she feels that she wasn't responsible for the conflict. All in all, she's not that bad of a person, if not solely neutral.

    Fighting Style: Close Quarters Combat (Melee to Firearm)

    Common Weapons: Colt M1911, Switchblade

    Theme Song:

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