Kombat Championship Wrestling

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  1. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-group/kombat-championship-wrestling.790/group-detail

    Kombat Championship Wrestling(kcw) will be a wrestling roleplay with titles, and weekly rps will be voted on by all inside group every members vote count towards the results. We don't write rp based results, we host roleplay matches for the titles and best promo is voted on weekly. You can request a non title rp match if you want.

    I will be playing Jacob orLyn ceo and k-ness. We accept real and original characters.
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  2. I once e-feded on a site called bolt and then yahoo groups. I hope to return to you all the glory dayes of e-feddiny. While everyone gets a vote the stock holders and ceos vote counts in 2 and 3 so impress the right voter to get the most votes.

    KCW will bring to you an old efed I had after winning bolt.cmost extreme wrestling organizations world title. Hopefully I can bring you all a superb efed and storyline experence. This feds shows will take part in the town of new haven where he is opening up a fight club in the rp. Hopefully I can use both kcw and new haven in cooperation with each other and even have new haven characters hash out their grudges in kcw.
  3. I'd really like to get some roleplayers in on this. I think we could make a really good efed so if any1 is interested please visit the link in my original post.
Thread Status:
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