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  1. Hello!
    I'm looking for several RP partners.
    PM me or post below.
    <warning: text="" below="" is="" long="" d:

    ♡ Rules:

    o Paragraph(s) please.

    o I'm not the grammar/spelling police, but please try to use proper grammar and spell-check.

    o If you don’t want to RP anymore or won't be able to reply in a while, tell me :)

    o Tell me your limits and I will tell you mine.

    o Because I know this will probably be a huge make-it or break-it in your decision to RPing with me, but here it is:
    I LOVE romance. However, for smuts, I'm (currently) not totally comfortable writing that. I will write it, but it'll probably be brief, vague and light.

    o I prefer playing female characters, however, I don't mind playing a male character.

    o I RP two styles, just tell me which you prefer:
    1. Our OC's are paired together.
    2. I play my OC and your crush and you play your OC and my crush.

    o I usually RP through e-mail, but we can RP on this site or where ever else~

    o I like becoming friends with those I RP with, so I hope we can have fun RPing and become great friends too!

    ♡ What I Roleplay:

    Hunter x Mythical Creature
    Human x Mythical Creature
    Demon x Angel
    Guardian Angel x Human
    The Spy x The Spied
    Kidnapper x Hostage
    Assassin x Target
    Boarding School

    Final Fantasy
    Kingdom Hearts
    Black Butler
    Naruto Shippuden
    Harvest Moon
    Vampire Knight
    Ao no Exorcist

    I'm open to your ideas, and if you'd like to do a crossover/mix-over that's perfectly fine with me too!
    Don't hesitate to post below or send me a PM!
  2. I'd love to roleplay with you. I've (slightly) narrowed down your list, into those that I'm fairly keen to do. So, hopefully we can bounce off that.

    Hunter x Mythical Creature
    Human x Mythical Creature
    Demon x Angel
    Guardian Angel x Human

    Final Fantasy
    Black Butler
    Naruto Shippuden
    Vampire Knight
  3. Hey! That's so great to hear! :D
    Okay, so we can definitely try a crossover, since all ideas are pretty related (in my opinion anyways)
    Is there one that you have been dying to RP? If so, we can RP that!
  4. Nah, I don't think I'm particularly craving any of 'em. So we can certainly do crossovers. And I will quickly warn you that I very rarely do canon characters, so if we do aany of those - I may suck. xD
  5. Alright! Don't worry about that!
    So I'll send you a message and we can come up with something there :D
  6. Okie dokie.
  7. Eek! Never mind I don't have the PMing privilege yet...
    My personal favourites would be these:

    Hunter x Mythical Creature
    Demon x Angel

    Black Butler
    Vampire Knight

    The idea that comes to mind right now is...
    We could do Vampire Knight mixed with the Hunter x Mythical Creature. We'll cut out the canon character and still keep the Night class and Day class system. There could be a student who is hunter and goes to the Academy. Once this student finds out that there are vampires in the school he/she tries to get rid of them?

    Do you have any ideas? o 3o
  8. Honestly, that sounds like fun. So we should go with that. Would you prefer playing the vampire or hunter? I've got old characters I could use for both, so I'm fine either way.
  9. Alright! Glad you like it!
    Hmm... I'd rather play the hunter. Would that be okay with you?
  10. No problemo. Do you want to do some planning of the plot, or just wing it?
  11. I'm down to join your RP draft. I'm pretty open to just about any scenario and universe so long as I know my limitations for that world. I usually enjoy playing female characters, but have no problem in the slightest with playing within my own gender.

    Out of your lists the only thing i wouldn't do in the "Originals" group is the kidnapper/hostage since to me that's more of a starting scenario and not really a lot of grounds for a long term rp. In the "Other" group the worlds I'm REALLY proficient in are Kingdom Hearts (love the games, love the idea behind it, and have created LOADS of rp's based in the universe.) And Final Fantasy (Obsessed with most of the games, and love the creative inspiration provided by the worlds SE create for them. Haven't had the opportunity to make a really good RP for it though sadly)

    Aside from those the only other universe I know is Naruto: Ship. But as I said, I'm able to adapt very easily.

    As a side note however, I will let you know I don't use characters from original series. As in I will never use the copyrighted cast and plot for any rp's i get involved in. (As in if we were to rp KH, we wouldn't play Sora and Riku looking for Kairi across the worlds) You would be more than welcome to include them, but it's sort of a moral issue with me.

    That being said, similar scenarios and plot lines are negotiable and I'm open for pretty much anything.
  12. Hunter x Mythical Creature
    Human x Mythical Creature
    O.O can we do one of these? please?