Knowing What It's Like

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  1. Yeah, so I'm pretty bored, and don't have anything going on right now, but, I saw this little section and figured I'd post something in the hopes that it might possibly help someone out.

    I guess I should start with my story right? My parents both abused drugs and alcohol, and I was a mistake. I wasn't supposed to be conceived but I was, and my mother decided to keep me, so my dad decided to marry her. Both of my parents cleaned up when I was born, and my father hasn't looked at a drink since.. My mom on the other hand has relapsed multiple times, and it affected my younger brother and I.

    When I was about 13 I started smoking and drinking, and eventually over the years this developed into a drug addiction that centered mainly around mdma and hallucinogenic drugs. At 14, I was beaten and raped, and pretty much told I was worthless by the guy who did it to me. When I was 15, I nearly lost my father to a stroke, and when I was 16 my mother was in the hospital for 6 months when her body started pretty much rejecting itself.

    Now, at almost 18, I can honestly say, I've had some pretty fucked up shit happen to me. And I get it. I understand all those feelings of self-doubt, of hating yourself, of not being good enough or not being right. And I get that sometimes we just really really need someone to hold us and let us cry and not say anything because there isn't anything to say. There's no magic word or phrase that's going to make us all better, and there's no magic pill either. Trust me, if there was one, I would know about it, I've been on enough different medications.

    But, I guess what I wanted you to know, is that, your not the only one going through it. And don't EVER feel like your problems aren't important enough to share with someone, or feel like your going to be a burden. If you are genuinely upset about something, then you are entitled to be upset about it. No problem is too small to be important. If its your math test, if its your annoying siblings, your boyfriend/girlfriend, the kids at your school, your bitchy teacher, or your sucky parents. Even if your upset about nothing and just want some loving comfort, you are entitled to that. You deserve to be heard and know that someone cares.

    I do care about you, and I know that's corny and I don't know you, but I promise I know your pain and your suffering because I've been there and I get it. It does get better, it wont get easier, but it does get better. Wounds heal, and if you let them heal the right way, the scars wont be to bad. Its when you pull off your bandages and claw at them that they become bad.
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    I have had most of that happen to me too, with an exchange of a different event here and there. .__.

    I am going to be 32 next month and I am now in a very good place. There were years where things were really, really bad. BUT YOU CAN GET PAST ALL OF IT AND BE IN A GOOD PLACE TOO! <3 Just work really hard and never give up on the dream of being happy.
  3. I haven't had things nearly as bad as this and count myself fortunate, but I too have been in a very dark place.

    I agree wholeheartedly with this post. Take heart if you are feeling down, things WILL get better, There's a sun hiding behind the rainclouds.