Knocking on Heaven's Door

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Sam and Dean have been to Hell and back, literally and metaphorically. Taking down demons and angels along there way. They have gone through love, loss, hate, pain, anger, jealousy, and more. Came close to ending the world in an apocalypse of enormous magnitude. And have even escaped Death on numerous occasions. The boys have been through so much not even the prophet Chucks novels could all tell of. However, there future is still as always a mystery. It seems there legacy of Winchester blazing never ends.

Sam has his soul back. Dean struggles still with love. And Castiel is left in ruins with a heaven reeking chaos. In all the mess Sam finds himself wanting to get rid of the barrier placed in his mind and day after day it seems to be disappearing. Dean can't seem to bring himself to going back and fixing things with Lisa, feeling she is better off without him as well as Ben. While Cas is struggling to hold back the powers of some of the still rebelling angels. One of which that seems to be still at the forefront, Raphael. If Cas cannot stop Raphael the apocalypse may still very well be a possibility.

What will become of Sam's mind? What will become of Deans life? Will Castiel be able to stop the onslaught of Raphael? There's only one way to find out....

ALL Characters needed. Please come check us out!


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