Knights of the New Republic: Ep. 1 - Of Light and Dark

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[fieldbox= Ahto City - Capital of Manaan, silver, solid]

[drop]M[/drop]anaan. The only planet in the remaining systems under Republic rule that wasn't controlled by the Republic. This was due to the highly defensive species that inhabited the planet. The Rakata and the Shelkath. Well, the Rakata more than the other. Once one of the least visited planets in the Republic, Manaan now seemed to be the place to be - this was because the Jedi on Dantooine said something stupid. Apparently, and according to the elders in a temple on the opposite side of the Galaxy of the war, said the key to winning the war was on this water-hole. Well, under this water-hole.

The city of Ahto was bustling, and the native species didn't like it. You could tell, Nii'ah realized, because the authorities where - and quite literally - picking people off the streets. Nii'ah's viridian eyes watched from under the bark-brown hood of her traditional Jedi robe; traditional. Not classic. The Jedi Alliance robes were typical covered in armor, and even shoulder pads. Seemed a couple centuries without combat training had made them nervous, despite their supposed complete belief in the Force.

Nii'ah had been moving at a brisk pace, but began to slow as those behind her caught the attention of the Rakata authorities. Their crime? Well, as Nii'ah wasn't certain - the language was... rough - but it seemed it was their canteen. Which had been filled with water. Off-world. Nii'ah hand suddenly found itself pulling up on the canteen of her own that was located on her utility belt. By the time she'd stopped trying to hide her already hidden beverage, the zap of the Rakata shock prod's cut through the banter of the street. Everyone fell silent as the 'suspects' - Republic Soldiers, by their looks - dropped to the white street, clearly in pain before being dragged away. Then every continued. Like someone had paused a holo-tape, and then resumed it.

Nii'ah continued her own brisk pace as well. Where was she going? She wasn't sure yet. Back on Dantooine, the masters had told her to have the utmost belief in the force. Then they bolted armor on her robes and told her to stay nice and safe in the inner-rim. Well, she wasn't alright with that. She was going to do what they were afraid to. Trust the Force. The nervous Jedi, as far as she knew the only Jedi NOT on Dantooine, lowered her head and shut her eyes and did as she had been taught. Withdrew into herself. It wasn't perfect, but she did feel something. She could feel those passing, and around, her on the busy street. She could feel the Rakata security that basically lined the buildings that were built along same street - just looking for someone to do something they could say was illegal.

Nii'ah needed to go deeper though.

Despite her mistrust for her Master's on Dantooine she did believe their teachings. The key to the War had to be here, but the Jedi were too scared to come find it, and would instead run the risk of those filthy Mandolorian's find it. She couldn't let that happen. She was a Jedi, but the Republic was her home, and she was going to keep it safe.

Then she felt it. Something where she had retreated. It sucked her down, spiritually, and Nii'ah felt herself under the planets massive oceans. Something... nearby. Though she felt it, she was only beginning to see things. Back in the real world, Nii'ah had stopped in the street, and the Rakata had put their sights on her almost instantly. The feeling began to make a picture as Nii'ah focused, having the most intimate experience with the Force she'd ever had. The vision that began to come together. a lab... the Selkath. They'd already found whatever it was? That mea-

All of Nii'ah's thoughts came screeching to a halt and her connection with the force was suddenly cut as the sound of a shock prod brought her back. Only when her chest hit the street did she feel the pain of the shock and impact. She came to to the shouting of the Rakata in their bizarre language. She'd only caught half of what the security Rakata was saying but, she was pretty sure she was being arrested for 'holding up street traffic'. Awesome.

Nii'ah's head was still spinning. A lab. A lab occupied by the Selkath under the ocean. Should be easy to find, on a planet that was literally a huge ocean. Now she was being arrested, and she felt she couldn't really argue. Or maybe that had been the pain/ burn from the shock-prod. Should she make a scene? No. They'd see her lightsaber eventually, and she made a scene it'd only tarnish the name of the Jedi more. When the, in her opinion, disgusting amphibian pulled her to her feet, she did not fight back. Just kept her mouth shut as they screamed at her -the only word she could catch this time being, 'offworlder'- and shut her eyes. Again, she attempted to retreat to fall into the Force and this time, she felt a connection instantly. Like the connection between power coupling on a star cruiser. The feeling was intoxicating and it forced the girl's eyes open and for the first time in her life, Nii'ah saw the world through the power she'd learned about all her life.

"Help me..."

She mouthed, feeling out of instinct. Nii'ah had not been talking to the Rakata, but to the Republican Trooper who'd stopped, and turned to look at the next unfortunate victim. Her words were layered with the force and the man suddenly felt VERY inclined to help her. The man did this by taking the shock-prod from the unsuspecting Rakata and then swung it over the amphibian's head. Suddenly, Nii'ah wasn't the center of attraction, and the Rakata dropped her, as the Rakata's numbers tripled and the man was... well, overwhelmed and taken down. Almost instantly.

Nii'ah stood, astounded by what had just happened, and corrected the mistake she'd made before and began to walk before turning out of sight and into an alley before the Rakata could remember their first 'criminal'.
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