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  1. For every princess, there was a knight at her side, guarding her. For every knight, there was a lady who tended to his needs. This role was set up for generations upon generations. Always a defenseless princess and a strong man. However, Nanao Thorkinsard was a princess who wanted adventure. She didn't want to be tied down to the castle, waiting to be pawned off to the highest bidder. She wanted to set off on a journey, however her father would not allow it without a knight. So, the princess was assigned a young, scrawnier knight, Felix. He seemed to be withdrawn, not willing to take off his armor around the princess. Being the curious person she was, Nanao caught Felix while he was bathing only to find out that the knight was none other than a she. Now caught with the traditional roles being broken, the two must travel across the land to gain supporters so the king will change the laws and they may be freed from their boundaries.

    King Leonus Thorkinsard III tapped the arm of his chair. He huffed, glaring blankly at the wall. His council droned on and on. They seemed to be more than content talking about the necessary taxes and alliances with nearby kingdoms. The king fidgeted, switching witch side he was leaning on. He ran a hand through his hair as best as he could with his crown sitting heavily atop his head. In any normal day, Leonus would have been completely and totally involved in whatever discussion the council was trying to discuss. However, that day his mind was occupied by his only child, the princess.

    The girl had been becoming more and more restless those days. It seemed no matter what the king did he could not pacify the girl. It had gotten to the point that she was asking to leave the castle. Leave the castle for heaven's sake! Did she not understand that she had to learn how to lead the kingdom if a husband could not be found for her? Or the previously mentioned search for said husband? Leonus had already set up a good line of suitors waiting to woo his daughter and strengthen ties between their kingdom and nearby others. How could the girl want to leave when she had so many opportunities and duties in the castle?

    Sighing, the drow king focused his thoughts back to the current meeting. He leaned back in his chair, voicing his consent to the tax increase and the increased exports to the nearby kingdom to the west. Distraction clouded his mind, until the council started to mention his daughter. "I have lined up suitors." Leonus chimed in as the council mentioned potential treaties formed through marriage.

    The girl's tutor stood up. "Your highness, I fear the princess will not receive the suitors lightly." Leonus raised an eyebrow, waiting for the man to explain further. "Forgive any impudence, sire, but your daughter has been expressing her distaste for being tied down. She wishes to explore, experience the land. As knowledgeable as you are, my liege, I fear that her stubbornness may exceed any plans we try to set. I suggest we allow her a year's time to view the kingdom, under a guard's strict supervision of course, and let her get it out of her system before we present her to a suitor."

    Another councilman stood up. "My liege, while Sir Markzen has a point in the girl's stubbornness, we simply cannot leave her potential suitors waiting for a year. That could ruin ties with those allying kingdoms. I say we only give her half a year, then she must choose a suitor after she has had her fun."

    Shouts and agreements erupted throughout the room, the different scholars and men all trying to get their ideas heard. King Leonus, grabbed his staff and slammed into the ground one, two, three times. "Quiet! We will allow my daughter half a year's time to view the kingdom, if only to learn its layout better, then she must choose a suitor and settle down without complaint! Now, go fetch her and a knight to supervise her on this trip!"

    Quickly, servants scrambled about, searching for the princess and a knight, respectively. They found one of their strongest, a rather effeminate man who often wore his full set of armor around the castle. The knight was shorter than most, but skilled with the sword. Quickly, the male servant explained his duty and helped him start to pack before dragging him up to meet the princess.

    Another servant was already there, finally finding the princess and explaining the king's degree. "Your highness, your father, the King, has decided you will go on a journey around the kingdom with a knight to supervise you on your journey. After your journey you must choose a suitor and settle down so you may support the future king and your husband. I was told by the king to tell you that you must leave on your journey immediately." The female servant looked back to see the knight and the other servant approaching the two. "There is your knight, your highness."
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  2. Princess Nanao Thorkinsard, daughter to the king as well as his biggest pain in the rear, and boy did she know it too. At five feet tall this darkling, much cuter then Drow she did always say, was rather spunky, full of a fire that drove her erattic and mildly psychotic escapades around the castle.

    Stretched out rather indecently across her comfortor, body twisted umong the mangled mess of her bed is where the spot fire royal would be found.

    When the servent had entered the girl had bent ans twisted her body in the most unsual prostion, just to peek at her chambers intruder. Eyes slitted to peek through her lashes, the princess scrunched her nose up and sneered,

    "What do you want now? I didn't do it whatever it was."

    A grand lie, for it was clear from her past record, the princess had most likely been the one to do whatever it was, but by the gods Nanao wouldn't be caught for riding the serving carts down the stairs that easily.

    With a queer look sent her way the servant proceeded with the instructions her father had provided, as the person spoke the dark elfs face relaxed from a neutral state, to a glimmer of delight, a dull blown grin, all before dropping down to a nasty scowl. Nanao was perfectly capable of handling herself, or so she said, it had yet to be proven in real combat but none the less.

    "Six months? A knight? I wish to see my father this is an outrage, I am not some caged animal! "

    Voice proud and high she chirped her anger rather swiftly, Nanao wanted out of the castle to see and explore herself without appearing suspicious to all the villagers, however there was progress being made.

    "Tell me father I need to spesk with him now."!

    Climbing slowly from her bed she lazily rose to a stand before the knight and servants.

    "And if not now, it must be before I leave on this journey, "

    Nanao wouldn't squander the chance to escape these walls, but she hoed to be a big enough pain to kick the guard from her travels or at least squeeze more time from the man.
  3. The servant had expected the outburst. Their princess had never taken anything lying down. It was impossible to properly douse the floame that aws Nanao Thorkinsard. The servant bowed, leaving to go and get the king's permission for his daughter to approach him. That left the knight and the princess alone while the other servants rushed to pack up the girl's necessary belongings. The short knight seemed to fidget, unsure what to do. This was his first meeting with royalty after all. He had never stood face to face with anyone as important as the princess. For a few tense moments, the knight forgot the rules and routines the knights had practice.

    Then with a start he knelt in front of the princess, bowing his head low. "Y-your highness..." He cleared his throat, his voice dropping a slight octave in the stutter. He seemed to be forcing a more masculine voice. His helmet created a metallic echo that resounded with each word he said. "I am honored to accompany you on this journey. I am Sir Felix. Your father requested I accompany you on your journey." After finishing his introduction, the man stood back up. His armor clanked with each movement, metal rubbing against metal.

    A sense of awkwardness seemed to fill the air as Felix was unsure how to react or respond to the feisty princess. He shrunk back when she had declared that she was not a caged animal. He couldn't understand why the woman would think she was being treated as caged. She was going on a journey, wasn't she? This was most likely a privilege that many did not get. Despite his confusion, the knight could understand how the girl wanted to rebel against the forces that tried to limit her. Being a princess did not allow for many freedoms. Despite that, Felix couldn't see how being allowed on a journey was one of them.

    The servant came back, bowing to the princess. "Your father will see you now, my princess." With that the man led Nanao to the throne room. Felix trailed behind, giving a respectable distance.

    Once in the room, the king looked quite irritated. "What is it you want now, Daughter? I gave you a journey, a chance to leave the castle, what has upset you this time?"
  4. Oh I will tell you what has upset me this time old man.

    Never would Nanao dream of being so disrespectful, out loud, keeping her thoughts to herself as she stormed along the grand throne room, kicking away the other heel she had only vaguely remembered she still wore. The elegent show sitters across the patterned flooring before rebounding off a table somewhere to her right.

    A quick curtsy, a sharp shake of her carmel colores curls and she was gone into her argument, very outspoken for a princess clearly.

    "Ever am I great full dear father for the blessing of travel, yet you send me along with some knight, and six months time, Father from the silly geography studies that much time would barely allow me to cross into new teritory, not to mention leave little time to get to-"

    Pausing mid step, becoming aware she was frantically pacing, hands waving at her sides she spun on her father with an accusing glare.

    "You're only allowing me free enough to touch the edges of the kingdom! "

    Pointing harshly her face twisted into one of irritation, yes the joys of being a teenager, or young adult, depending on whom you spoke to.

    "This is rediculious, I can very well handle my own, you know this! Mother would have let me roam farther, to learn and grow, "

    Now Nanao wasn't really making sense as her voice rose in volume and pitch, turning on her heels she began to pace back and forth once more wailing about the injustice of this all.

    Sometimes the green eyed Drow could be quiet the hadfuo, but her father had to know she loved him, but to Nanao this journey should mean more, should be more then just a skirt round the kindgom... it should have a true purpose.

    Pain written in her eyes, but anger on her expression the princess turned on her father, trying to plead with him.

    "If you insist on the night, I beg for more time, please fathee, didn't you ever want to be free..."

    Nanao doubted it, she knew her father enjoyed his place as king.
  5. King Leonus simply listened to his daughter rant and rave, while Felix watched in a mixture of awe and embarrassment. How could she be so forward for a woman? Didn't she know that her father's word was law? The knight almost wanted to apologize to the king for the young woman's outburst. He almost felt offended at her calling him some knight, he had worked hard and long to become as great of a knight as he currently was. However he didn't dare speak against the princess. Especially when she seemed so worked up as she realized how her father had planned the trip.

    The king sighed as his daughter referenced his late wife. He knew, oh he knew that her mother would have given her as much time as she wanted to go out and explore the world. The young girl had taken after her mother a bit too much for Leonus's taste. However, he also had to keep with agreements. He couldn't keep her suitors waiting for too long, and leaving his young girl to explore the other kingdoms with more than just one knight was simply preposterous! It was insane that he was only giving her one knight to begin with, one of their best but still! "I understand the need to branch out, but you must understand, Nanao that you have responsibilities and duties you must attend to. You are old enough that you must choose a husband within a year's time. I can't give you more than what I allowed for fear of angering your potential suitors." The king sagged slightly, seeming much older than he actually was.

    Felix watched as the king explained why he couldn't give more time. "Your mother was just like you at your age, but she knew she had to settle down eventually." The man nearly winced at the pain in Nanao's eyes. It was enough to make him cave. "However... Since I know how important it is for you to know the kingdom... I will try and find a way to placate the suitors so you can have a month more to travel. But only a month! Now, go and start your journey. I am not going to argue with you about taking a knight. Be glad I only sent you with one. I could have sent a whole platoon with you, but that would only give you more reason to argue. So please, take this and go." With that, the servants tried to lead the princess to her horse and her packed bags.
  6. Shrugging off her servants and their pleading grasps and eyes the girl rushed forward, not many were allowed such a privilege as she, but even as a royal he was still her father...her last parent. Before him she knelt to one knee and lowered her head, "Thank you father,"

    Nanao understood her father's concern, she understood she had responsibilities, but sometimes she just wanted to be free to herself...not to mention he was gracious enough to allow her more time, even if it was a month only.

    "Thank you father, you have no idea how much this means to me."

    Still even as she began to rise and turn away his words rattled in her brain, her mother, her duties, everything.

    This would be her last freedom, worry corded through her body as she glided from the throne room, following her servents rather obediently now, lost in thought.

    A husband....

    Shaking her head the wild eyed girl refused to let that trouble her now, drawing near her horse she gave a devious half smile, and lifted her gaze toward the knight, "Boy this is going to be spectacular, will your survive in thay armor?"

    Sarcasm rolled off her tongue like it was a first language as she patted the neck of her horse. "You ready Damon?"

    Chuckling at the snort she received from the black coated Stallion, Nanao gave him a other gentle pat.
  7. The king nodded and gently reached a hand out to ruffle his only child's hair. "You're welcome, daughter." With that he let the girl go, sighing as he leaned back in his chair. Oh what was he going to do with that child.

    Felix rushed to keep up with the princess. He would have to be on his guard to keep her safe. Surely there would be many, many others who would love to take her hostage or even for their own. Felix knew if he had the chance to court her, he would in a heartbeat. However, that was unacceptable and unnatural. He shook his head, trying to clear the horrid thoughts from his head. He was just supposed to protect the princess. Besides, if he was ever found out he wouldn't be even let near the girl ever again.

    The knight rounded up his own horse, a gray percheron gelding. With a surprising amount of grace, he mounted the steed. Blinking and not quite recognizing the sarcasm, Felix answered the princess. "I will be fine, princess. I-I'm just here to make sure no unwanted harm comes to you." He seemed quite shy, yet convicted as he stated his purpose. The man took the reins of his horse and nodded to the princess. "We ride whenever you are ready, my lady." Their things had been packed for what they might need, so they should be ready to leave and start their journey.
  8. Withdrawing her hand from the horse she glanced one final time around, this may be the last time she may ever see her home. An understanding of the dangers of her journey dawned upon the princess as her eyes fell on the knight.

    Would he really be enough? Could she trust this knight to really hold her life I'm his hands, pink lips pursed as her green orbs darkened, eyes narrowing.

    Nanao shifted her weight, one foot to the other, gliding her left hand up her right arm, turning her face to the sky as her expression relaxed. Locating the sleeve she gently ran her fingers along the fabric, as if to admire it, but that was not the case.

    Taking a loose piece between her fingers the princess gave a rather fierce yank, and to the horror of all who watched she destroyed the beautiful fabric of her dress shreading away the sleeve.

    Several on looking servents expressions held horror, the ones who worked with the princess more..well theirs held amusement. Taking the ringed fabric she began the messy process of pulling all her carmel curls up into a disaster of a pony tail.

    "Alright then, we shall begin. Marry! Lou!"

    A small girl with soft ash blonde hair rushed forward in her hands the strangest thing, they looked like a pair of pants, strong but warn and made from a leathery hide of sorts.

    "Here you are Princess, Lou has your boots."

    Timid of the woman a small boy, most likely the brother to the young Marry, stepped forward from the servants holding a box, dirty and torn in one corner it must have contained the shoes.

    Without a hint of modesty the princess began to finger the waist of the skirt, pulling sharply on a piece of fabric the skirt gives way and drops to the ground.


    Proud of herself she snatches up her pants and begins the process of shimming them up and over her hips, humming rather amusingly, honestly it was alarming how easy this was for her.

    Then with easy motioned Nanao snagged up the box and foot by foot popped the sturdy black boots on.

    Now standing before them all, the princess wore a rather simple shirt and pants with boots, certainly not apearing very royal any more.

    "Now I'm ready,"

    Nanao turned her gaze to the knight, "Do try to keep up, hm?"

    Laughter echoed from her lips as she mounted her steed, giving a sharp whistle the stallion jolted forward, shooting past the knight.
  9. Oh how lucky Felix was that his armor covered his blushing face. He swung his head to the side, not daring to look at the princess as she had shimmied on the pants. Had she no shame? She should have at least waited until she was in a private place to undress! If she had been a lesser woman then the others would not have taken such acts so kindly. The knight gripped his sword at the thought of someone daring to do such things, whether to his lady or to another woman. However, the girl seemed to work quickly as soon she was ready.

    Felix turned his head to see his lady dressed closer to few commoner women than to what a princess should have been wearing. It suited her, the knight thought. However he was stumbled out of his thoughts as Nanao burst past him. Wasting no time, Felix kicked his horse into gear. "Come on, Benji!" With that he was off, following the princess and quickly catching up to her.

    After they rode for a few minutes, the knight finally dared to speak. "Do you have a destination in mind, princess?" He knew the lands very well, and could help lead his lady if she had a destination specifically in her mind. However, the more the knight thought about the trip, the more nervous he grew. He was going to be alone with the princess... He would have to wear his armor at all times. He had heard how curious the woman was. If she saw him without his armor his secret would be blown right out of the water. The man sighed. He would have no respite from his armor. Squaring his shoulders in resignation, the knight continued to ride next to the princess.
  10. Grinning broadly, Nanao slowed her steed plenty to allow a good pace for conversation, her green orbs lit with an insatiable fire, meschevious was she. Impressed as well, not many could ride with the winds like she could and she knew her steed was one of the finest, as well as fastest.

    Gripping the reigns in her right hand she leaned back in her saddle, resting her left hand on the bare back of the horse just behind her seat, eyes turning to the sky.

    "Aye, I do."

    Princess, princess, princess... Sometimes she got sick of the formalities, sometimes they drove her nuts, why couldn't people see her for who she was, insted of what she was.

    "But I refuse to tell you, knight, "

    Stressing his title harshly her gaze lickered to his armored body without really turning her head. Giving the gentleman a side long glance Nanao stared rather rudely at his form.

    "You're really small for a man, you sure you're a male? "

    Nanao was only teasing, she knew better, only men could be knights in their kingdom, something she also thought was rediculious. Women could be just as strong if not stronger, her mother had been living proof of that.

    Tilting her head she straightened her body back up, then leaned forward to 'whisper' in her horses ear.

    "I bet he's really a troll, don't you think, he smells like one,"

    Speaking loudly enough it was clearly apparent she wasn't really Whispering at all, but in fact openly mocking the man. A devious smile on her expression as she peeked at the knight.
  11. Felix nodded as the princess told him she had a destination in mind. Good. He could figure out what they needed to avoid if he knew where she wanted to go. He leaned a bit in anticipation when she refused. Sighing, Felix shook his head. "Ma'am, I need to know where we'll be going so I know how best to avoid potential threats." He couldn't help but blush as the woman seemed to look him up and down. He was about to ask what she needed when she noted that he was rather small. Felix sat ramrod straight, tense. No, she couldn't know... could she? The princess was often known to be in places where she wasn't meant to be. Could she have seen him without his armor? Did she know his secret?

    He finally managed to stammer out, "O-of course I'm male! I-I wouldn't even be a knight if I wasn't a male!" His voice warbled in nervousness. No, he had to play it cool. If she didn't know then he might have just made her suspicious. Oh, this whole journey was starting off on a bad foot. If he continued to act so nervously then the princess would surely start to suspect something.

    The knight was broken out of this thoughts as he heard the princess call him a troll. He did not smell like a troll! ...Did he? No, no, he did not smell like a troll. He glared at her, moving to turn his head away. "I think with your attitude, you would be the troll." The worlds fell from his lips like molten lava. Oh. Oh, he was doomed. He was absolutely doomed. If his captain had ever found out that he dared say such a thing to a royal family member, the princess no less, he would be out of the knights faster than he could blink. "I-I am so sorry, your highness!" Felix almost immediately apologized, flustered and unsure how to make up for his horrid act. "I-I was not thinking. I did not mean such things."
  12. Nanao sat up straight at his remark, the one on her being more troll like, her eyes wide, jaw slightly slacked. That was the first time anyone had ever said something back to her, honestly Nanao didn't know how to feel about the Knights wit.

    Sitting there as her horse walked along, the princess simply stared as the knight blundered about to fix his horrible mistake. The more he tried the more Nanao smiled, and her smile grew to a broad grin which adventuallt turned to laughter.

    Giggling she had to pull her steed to a stop and clitch at her sides as her laughter grew stronger and stronger. Honestly Nanao was surprised he had it in him to give her some lip, but truthfully it was a relief, she hated when people sucked up to her because she was royal.

    "Oh jeeze! I wish I could see your fave right now, "

    Snorting she jostled her saddle, tipping a little far to one side

    "Oh! Omph!"

    Thudding against the earth the princess stared winded toward the sky, a dazed look in her eyes.
  13. Felix could only blush as the princess laughed at him. She didn't seem to be angry at him for calling her a troll, which was a relief. He tensed again when she said she wanted to see his face. He wasn't sure what he should reply with when the girl fell off of her horse. The stallion was stopped next to the girl, while the knight stopped his horse as soon as he saw the girl fall.

    "Are you alright?" The knight asked, hopping off of his horse and extending an armored hand toward the girl. They had barely left the kingdom and already he had let the princess possibly get hurt. The knight nearly wanted to sigh. If earlier he thought it was going to be a long journey, this only confirmed it. They hadn't even come across any threats or monsters.

    The knight wondered if maybe the princess would tell him where they were going now. Surely if she told him then he could plan an effective strategy on protecting his princess. However, she was a stubborn one. He'd have to try and weedle it out of her later in the day... if she didn't fall off of her horse again, that is.
  14. "Yes, I'm quiet all right, that is sadly not the first, and most certainly won't be the last, time I've fallen from my steed."

    Laughing with a rather grand am out of mirth to her tone she eyes his armored hand, an offer to help her to her feet.

    "Isn't that armor hot? I really couldn't imagine being like that for long periods of time."

    Making a face, she lifted her hand to grasp his, her grip wasn't what one would expect, fairly strong and steady, she held tight to his hand. Then with a pull of her own, she began to lift herself, hopefully he was ready, for if he wasn't she may very well pull him to the ground as well.
  15. The knight nearly stumbled down onto the ground from how the princess pulled, but managed to get her standing on her feet. "It is hot, your highness. However, I'm used to wearing it for long periods. As a guard, I must always have my guard up and be ready to protect others from any danger we may face." Though many other knights would have simply recited the words as if they were from a textbook, Felix said them with a passion that showed just how much he loved his job, despite the fact that he was sweating extremely under the armor. Maybe later they could find a lake or a stream for them to wash in. Then he could remove his armor, and the princess wouldn't find out his secret. It seemed to be the perfect plan.

    Moving to take the reins of his horse, Felix swung himself onto the gelding, waiting patiently for the girl to get back on her own steed. Maybe she would tell him now where they were going.
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