Knight of the Living Dead (Fantasy/Zombie Survival)

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    The Undead Armies stirred while the nations of Sarok fought each other. As armies fell in battle, they added their bodies and souls to the ranks of the undead, the soldiers rising to fight again.
    Smaller, weaker nations fell to the first wave of zombies and skeletons. Stronger, more organized countries held them at bay, their fortresses being able to hold off the scourges.
    The second wave came in force. The mythical creatures of the land were not spared from the undead, and they too turned to the ranks of the dead. Skeletal dragons and zombified Gryphons flew over the walls of fortresses, the dragons plaguing the town with its necrotic breath.
    Empires were the last to fall, to the third wave of Undead. Liches and wraiths introduced a new threat, using black magic against the strongest of the nations. Not even the strongest Dwarven mountain fortresses were able to stand against the might of the Zombie Ogres. The very mountain crushing the city underneath.

    The major cities are gone, and the majority of villages and towns were as well. Those that survived now find themselves hiding in the wilds. Many decided to become Bandits, hunting other survivors for their food and gear to survive better against the Undead. As the days go by, the Undead only grow stronger. How will you survive?

    Hello! Thanks for reading! As stated, its a Undead Survival, with a Fantasy/Medieval theme. There are going to be a few races (The classic Human, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs) and the possibility of a few others.
    Looking for a Co-Gm :)​
  2. This sounds interesting.
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  3. Yea I'm kinda interested
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  4. So, it's a typical survival apocalypse except with magic instead of guns/modern tools, basically? Or do you have some kind of objective or plotline planned?
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  5. Interesting might be worth joining
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  6. This looks like an interesting plot to be involved in.​
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  7. Yes! Instead of being set in London or US, it'll be a fictional realm where magic grew instead of technology. There may be a minor plot we can expand upon if everyone likes it, but the main concept will be telling the stories of survivors from different kingdoms, walks of life, and views.
    Once I get the OOC up, I'll go into more detail with lore and such!
  8. I could go for this; as a side-note hit me up if you still in need a co-gm.
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  9. I'll send a PM over tomorrow
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  10. Hmm, I'll probably pass then. An apocalypse RP is already at risk of becoming repetitive, but even more so when it's ultimately directionless.
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  11. *dumps interest into a pile*
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  12. working on a OOC now!
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  13. Sooooo... like how badass can we be...?

    Like this? "hi. I'm badass."

    Or like this? "~KA (insert badass saying here) BOOOOOOM~" ;33~

    Or is it like just a bunch of 'regular struggling survivor type peoples doing post apoc zombie-ing... ya know?' ...buuuuuut just Medieval flavoured?
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  14. Excellent Question xD
    I'd like to say a medium between the two. Like so "Hi I'm sorta badass. (Sorta cool catch phrase)"
    But I don't want any of us to have God like characters, none of us are going to be able to take on a Dragon alone, get out of every battle without a scratch, or take on an army of zombies. If anyone tries to be TO bad ass, I'll take it upon myself to knock them down a few notches with my GM skills. :)
    Im really flexible on backstories, and you can have your characters be anything from a hermit, to a Lord, or even a lucky foot solider that survived the battles against the undead.

    For example; My three characters will be.
    A Human Knight/Paladin type character that was a Royal Guard to a king.
    A Dwarf Trader that was once rich.
    A Elven Princess trying to find her family.

    The Human would probably be more badass in the since of combat, him having the skills to be a royal guard. He may lack in the charismatic department.
    The Dwarf would be a mixture of the two.
    The Elf would no less of combat since she is royalty, but enough to get by. She would be accustomed to talking however.

    I trust all of us will be good roleplayers and not all our characters will be good at everything. (There will be a section in the CS to stop yourself from being too bad ass, including weaknesses and things they are bad at.)
  15. Kay and soooooo is this like a 'wander around solo adventure till we meet up with random stranger RPer X?'

    Or can we actually be part of a group that actually knows each other and trusts each other and will defend each other cuz they know existence of life as they know it will cease to exist if they try to play survive-me-only-bitches! by climbing over other people to get what they want? Cuz I like that idea of familiarity and trust for once right at the beginning. ;DD

    Actually if I can play multi charries too, theyd be in that group! Cuz yeah-yeah! that's how the Boo Girlie would loooooooo♥♥♥♥♥♥ooove to start!!^^!!
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  16. We would all be in the same group, multiple groups, or hell, I'd be fine with one or two people being alone!
    I also LOVE when characters have backgrounds with each other, and I'd also like to encourage it :)
  17. I'll... have to take back my interest, sorry. Nothing's wrong with the roleplay, I just have this bad habit of signing up for more roleplays than my schedule can hold.
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  18. I totally understand :)

    Announcement: I AM SO CLOSE TO FINISHING! Though my forum is being weird with the BB codes and messing it up some, and I'm working on a solution.
  19. Ughs... I kinda failed my "INTEREST CHECK Knight of the Living Dead (Fantasy/Zombie Survival)" reading comprehension test! U,u!!

    Boo didn't see the selection of races listed there...

    And sooooooo.... it doesn't look like theres anyway I can still play... a pixie, a plant doggie and a unicorn eh? :/
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