Kitty vs. Puppy?

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    Oh yes! We love them! We feed them! And we cuddle with them! But what are the props of having a kitty or a dog? What makes one better than the other one? Low maintenance? Less work? Allergies? MORE LOVE?!

    Are you a kitty or a puppy person? Why?
    Is it cause one is cutter than the other one?
    No? Then tell us why!

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  2. I'm a cat person. I'm less allergic to them, they annoy me less, I like that they're independent, they're gorgeous deadly predators... The list could go on. (And yes, I do find them cuter than doggies.) Dogs trigger my anxiety attacks, too. They're so hyper when people come over, so is stresses me out and I get really uncomfortable.

    I love that they purr, too. It relaxes me and it's just adorable.

    Edit: Also, cats bring you dead animals as presents. I for some reason love that.
  3. >w< Yay another kitty person! XD

    "The list"
    1) They are clean (ex. litter box)
    2)They don't bark D<
    3)Dahhhh Puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr >W< ADORABLE
    4) They are fun to watch ^^ and play with

    And much more! But yes, those are the main four :D

    (Mah kitty! <3 Puma)

  4. I grew up around cats. I understand them. While a family friend's dog bit me and the woman got mad at ME for being too close to it when. Was seven. I am still phobic of dogs and hate dog owners that don't know how to have their dogs heel. With patients I can warm up to a dog, but I'm still very unfamiliar with their body language, so I'm always a bit leery.
  5. CATS.

    But that's too obvious xD

    The reasons why I like them better than dogs!:

    a) They clean themselves and don't stink when wet
    b) They don't drool (and if they do it's like a little dribble, not a flood of gross icky mess! D:<)
    c) They like to cuddle and are always small enough to do so <3
    d) They do that cute kitty thing where they stick their claws into your skin! <3
    e) Their whiskers are adorable.
    f) I'm not always in the mood for human interaction, so I can take them into my room and be with them and they won't get bored
    g) They don't need the extra take-me-outside-to-play/go to the bathroom! I don't have time to do that! D:

    And I could list the whole alphabet of reasons why I like cats better, but here is the most important reason:

    Snapshot_20121026_1.JPG They love snuggles <3

    Double Kitty-Snuggles! >:3

  6. I like both puppies and kittens! 8D

    Now, if it were between cats and dogs? When they're adults?

    Cats. Cats win any day.

    I've been chased and attacked by too many dogs, and cats just seem to like me.
  7. Neither.

    I used to be a cat person. Creatures of all species tend to hold a place in my heart, but I've always had a special affinity for the feline species. I've had cats all my childhood, and without them I felt that my life was lacking when I was without my eliptical eyed, furry companions. The last cat I owned had contracted Leukemia, and my life was in complete disarray around me, but still he had brought me joy. He was brutally killed by the people I was unfortunate to be living with, and ever since there became a void within my heart. I cannot feel affection for neither cats or dogs, and feel that if I did it would somehow forsake the great love I felt for my cat. I just cannot look at either species in the same way.
  8. ^ Oh my freaking god I'm going to murder those people you lived with! D': Not even kidding!
  9. Both, but if you are going to make me choose: Dogs.

    A) I'm slightly allergic to cats, it sucks. I want to snuggle them, but it would just end up in a bad few hours of sneezing for me.
    B) Over all, in my experience I find that dogs are more affectionate, and that's just the type of pet I'd want, one that interacts with me. Not saying that cat's don't, or there aren't equally douchey dogs, but i'd be less worried about the chance of having a "what are you doing in my house" look on my puppys face, than i would if it were a cat.
    C) It follows that general trend of "each has it's exceptions" but the dog fits me more. and I've had the best and worst of each. Had a german shepard chew on my arm for a bit when I was like 5. Had a phobia of dogs until I was like, 15? 16? and just went up to my best friends HUGE golden retriever, who was a lovable bastard. Good thing too, few years later the wonderful pup was so old he became bitter with diabetic blind rage. Sad way to go, but i'll miss that dog for being such a good reminder of their individuality. Same for a cat, scratched the hell out of me, have always seen more bitchy cats than I have dogs. I've heard of dogs making a noise if you pick them up, but damn cats will just claw, give a "fuck you" look and walk away. Like damn. Then to counter that, I've seen a cat which was friendly, licked my hand, cuddled, and played fetch. When i asked my friend what her name was, he said "Lucy, but we call her dog-cat." Dog-cat. Associated with a dog for having those friendly traits? That's probably what settled it in my mind.
  10. Cats

    Dogs have owners, cats have servants. Nah, I just love cats, my granny had 13 when I was a little kid >w>
  12. Dogs are stupid.

  13. I am a cat person, and as such, I vote for kitties. I can understand the appeal of puppies too, but I think kittens are so much more adorable than puppies. They are also ridiculously fun to watch as they make all sorts of strange things, run around the house and want to play with everything and everyone. Their purring is also just ridiculously adorable in my opinion, and if you manage to somehow exhaust them they may even curl up in your lap. The best thing about them, though, has to be the way they get your attention. If you pay attention to anything else other than them, then they will turn the house, or your room upside down. They do not let themselves to be overlooked and are just that much cuter for it.
  14. I love cats. And so, i pick kitties. I prefer cats because they are generally quieter than dogs, less hyper and look so very beautiful. (i dont have anything against dogs though)
  15. Kitty.

    Hands down.