Kissed by another (lit)

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  1. His lips pressed against hers, her heart beat raised so fast she felt dizzy, her pale delicate cheeks heated to the point that they burned, she felt as though she was going to fall any moment, the young girls head spun she had never felt this way. A slight moan escaped her pink lips, the kiss seemed to last for several moments. She held her eyes closed though she was still in shock.

    Finally realizing this male was not the one she called her love she retreated, she looked at the male he was definately not her boyfriend.
    He was the opposite, he had slightly long black hair, deep green eyes and had two small stretched earings. He smirked at the blond beauty as he had just stolen a kiss from tge taken girl she tried to speak but her lips could not move. He winked at her, took her cheek in his hand rubbing it gentlely, tenderly.

    He had made her feel the electricty that her boyfriend never her heart beat still raced, he tried to kiss her again but the music from inside the house came through the double slide doors.
    "Rose? You out here?"
    Her green eyes turned to the male at the door she felt her heart stopped as she turned her head to the other male who winked at her and tucked his hands into his jean pockets as he shrugged with a toothy grin on his face turning away.

    The girl wiped her green eyes that had been teary from a agruement earlier her heart felt heavy, her brain confused also slightly conflicted. The voice called out to her again but she kept her eyes on the male that had kissed her. She had never seen him before she sat alone till he had excaped from the party raging on. A few words of comfort and he pulled her into a kiss.

    A hand touched her soft bare shoulder making her jump to the new unexpected feeling. She turned to see her boyfriend standing with sorry held in his eyes. She faked a smile at him and followed him back inside turning to see the mysterious boy gone.

    She didn't know who he was or where he came from but he had made her feel things that she hadn't in awhile. Though the feeling of guilt now nawd at her.

    Who was he?


    The party was over, the guests had left
    and the clean up was something she was not looking forward to. She refused to clean his mess, the male was her boyfriend yet he had no care towards her possecions. She was tired, he had promised he'd clean up.

    He was no longer living with her as he lost his job but that was another waste of time they both were in college yet he still refused to mature even in the slightest.

    He came from the bedroom shirtless and kissed her cheek. She rolled her eyes and handed him the bag with a growl.
    "Sorry babe got to go project work due in."
    He explained walking towards the dryer removing a shirt throwing it over his head and dashed out the door before she could protest. She rolled her angry filled eyes.
    She mumbled he had let her down again it was getting old. She was tired and hungover and had interviews for new roomates soon. She didn't want to clean up.


    After finishing she took a beer from the fridge to celabrate. The place looked good as new, shining even. Her smile finally resting on her lips as she plonked her butt on the black leathair couch. She put her feet up on the coffe table as she took a few moments to relax.

    Hearing a knock on the door she sighed as she figured her new roomate had arrived early. Getting off the couch she heard another knock.
    "I'm coming just a sec."
    The girl called out as she walked to the door she held a bright smile on her pink lips as she pulled the door open.

    Suddenly the smile fell from her face as she saw who was standing in the door frame her
    mouth opened in shock she raaised her hand to her lips.

    Was he really her new roomie?
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