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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some partners to help me develop nice plotlines!


    - I am looking for advanced roleplayers.

    - I want quality over quantity.

    - My norm is usually 2+ paragraphs. Novella replies are not preferred.

    - I prefer to play the female lead. I don't mind playing male NPCs.

    - Romance is required, but not as the main focus.

    - I am a selective person. I want to see a writing sample before we brainstorm.

    - Let me know if you have any triggers.

    - I only do male x female. I don't double up.

    - Be willing to finish the story with me.

    - Collaboration is expected during plot discussion and within the roleplay.

    - I wish for a friendly person who is able to chat in general.

    - Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is expected.

    That's all for my expectations!

    Onto the fun part...


    Speaking generally, I favor fantasy, horror, fandoms, historical, and science fiction above all else. However, there are limits within each of these genres. I will list my subgenres beneath each of these main fictional genres.

    *denotes wanting to try out
    **denotes a craving
    ***I'd love you forever if we did this

      - High Fantasy
      - Dark Fantasy**
      - Fairy Tale
      - Medieval Fantasy
      - Historical Fantasy
      - Otherworld Fantasy**
      - Mythic**
      - Science Fantasy**
      - Sword & Sorcery**
      - Supernatural**
      - Weird West
    • HORROR
      - Dark Fantasy***
      - Survival Horror
      - Body Horror**
      - Devil-Lore*
      - Occult**
      - Gothic***
      - Paranormal**
      - Grimdark*
      - Supernatural***
      - Weird fiction*
      - Zombie
      - World of Warcraft*
      - Dragon Age*
      - EverQuest 2*
      - Doctor Who***
      - Reign**
      - The Walking Dead
      - Vampire Diaries***
      - Lost**
      - Supernatural***
      - The Tudors***
      - Lost Girl**
      - Three Musketeers***
      - Psycho-Pass**
      - Guilty Crown**
      - Vampire Knight**
      - Victorian Era**
      - Feudal Japan
      - 1920s
      - Medieval Europe/Asia***
      - Regency Era
      - 1950s
      - Edo Era
      - Georgian Era
      - 1800s**
      - Age of the Buccaneers***
      - Civil War**
      - Heian Era***
      - Elizabethan
      - Renaissance
      - Vietnam
      - Time Travel
      - Space Saga*
      - Aliens
      - Science Fantasy***
      - Cyberpunk*
      - Space Western*
      - Dystopia
      - Apocalyptic
      - Steampunk***
      - Mutants**
      - Wuxia**
      - Alternate Universe
      - Western***

    That is all. I'd like me and my partner to start the process of our plot discussion from scratch and build something together. Pretty creative, right?

  2. Hello, I would like to try a supernatural RP with you if you don't mind someone who has never done horror.

    Another genre I am interested in doing is Science Fantasy, which I feel more confident in.
  3. @Volvante I actually don't have a whole lot of experience in horror, so it'd be better to stick to the science fantasy since I have more knowledge there. Any writing samples for me?
  4. Thanks for the quick response! Please enjoy the following free sample:


    Volvante the Magma Familiar:

    At least ten centuries ago, a man suffered three unfortunate events in quick succession. He was betrayed by his loved one, his daughter was burned at stake for a crime she did not commit, and he was exiled to the mountains nearby. A few years passed, and while his grief and shock wore off, his anger and hatred only continued to build up. As if symbolizing a breaking point, the mountain he was exiled to erupted and lava started pouring down the sides. He knew his life was about to end and could only yell out curses while being consumed.

    However, while his body was completely disintegrated from the sheer heat, his soul found a compatibility with his killer. Clinging onto the molten rock, the man drove the lava towards the town he used to live in. The town that collectively burned his daughter to death for crimes she did not commit.

    His name was Vante as a human, but with his new found existence, he renamed himself as Volvante.

    As a familiar, Volvante wandered around the world, wreaking havoc whenever he saw any kind of conflict. Wars were ended when he joined, but ironically, neither side won since Volvante did not distinguish friend from foe. He simply did not care who he consumed in his endless fury. Decades and centuries passed with Volvante's appearances becoming less and less frequent. Eventually, he completely disappeared and soon became a fading memory as generations grew up without that bit of history in their education. Among the very few scholars who still know about him, it is rumored that a mysterious witch had somehow tamed and befriended him.


    This is essentially a background excerpt for one of my characters in another RP. If you would like another sample with the focus on some kind of character interaction I would be glad to provide that as well.
  5. @Volvante I was leaning towards a character interaction of some sort but that background says it all on how your writing style is. I approve. Shall we head over to PM?
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  6. I'm looking for one more partner! Grab the spot while you still can! Anyone who is interested in developing something with me, let me know here! :)
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